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  • A Rectangle & Fan Lines Show Alcoa Running Out of Steam

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Over the past two years most publicly traded companies have seen their equity price drop substantially. On the other hand Alcoa (AA) has survived and even thrived in hard times.

  • Allstate: Downtrend Out Of Control Or In Good Hands?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Down by 11% over the past 11 weeks, are shares of Allstate Corp. (ALL) preparing for an all-out rout or will key support levels soon contain its slide?

  • American Semiconductor Comes Out Of Consolidation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...American Superconductor Corp. has finally emerged from long consolidation.

  • Biotechs Ready To Break Out Of Consolidation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Biotechs are a key part of the Nasdaq index. The Nasdaq has broken out of its consolidation and its strength will naturally rub off on those constituent sectors that were also consolidating. The biotech index is one such sector and new 52 week highs ar

  • Breaking Out Of Price Channels by Gerald Marisch

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Breaking Out Of Price Channels by Gerald Marisch Here's a technique based on Tushar Chande's variable-length moving average. The indicator is more responsive to market price movements than a conventional simple or exponential moving average and can be u

  • Breaking Out Of The Trading Range by John Sweeney

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Breaking Out Of The Trading Range by John Sweeney Some blessed day, after being mired in a trading range for two years, your market is going to finally go into a trend. You must be there when it does, not trading something else or, worse, ignoring it fr

  • Cabela's Inc. Breaks Out Of Symmetrical Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...CAB reached its previous high by moving out of the symmetrical triangle it had been in.

  • Cisco Systems Running Out Of Fuel?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Cisco Systems have enjoyed a solid rally for the past five weeks, but the rally appears to be treading on thin ice.

  • Citigroup Maintains Uptrend, Breaks Out Of Consolidation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Markets are actually in sharp up or downtrends only 30% of the time. Seventy percent of the time, they are either in weak trends or "choppy," moving in a sideways consolidation. The US market seems to be going through a weak trending phase and

  • CompuDyne Corporation Breaks Out Of An Ascending Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ascending triangles are different from other triangles. They give an indication of the direction of their breakout before the event. An ascending triangle breakout on heavy volume is a good reason to be long on a stock and CompuDyne Corporation's c

  • EchoStar Breaks Out Of An Ascending Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A breakout of an ascending triangle on good volume gives good reason to be long this stock.

  • Exelixis, Inc. Breaking Out Of Ascending Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Exelixis, Inc. (EXEL) has been rising in an ascending triangle since October 2002, and is just beginning its breakout on strong volume.

  • Exxon Running Out Of Gas?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ever since 2002, Exxon's share price has been consistently moving higher and higher. Does Exxon have the energy to continue higher, or is it running out of gas?

  • ExxonMobil Runs Out Of Gas

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis shows that the bull market in ExxonMobil has run its course and a new bear market has begun.

  • Hain Celestial Comes Out Of Falling Wedge, Heads Up?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Hain Celestial Group breaks out of a falling wedge formation. Is it heading up?

  • Is Harley Running Out of Gas?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Harley Davidson has had quite a ride but now the charts are suggesting share prices may be headed "down the highway."

  • Is HongKong iShares Coming Out Of Bearish Phase?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Certain patterns and rallies indicate declining bearish force. Will the EWH really break through the resistance to begin a fresh bullish run?

  • Is It Worth Taking A Bite Out Of Apple?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What does the future hold for Apple, now that cofounder Steve Jobs has passed away?

  • Janus Breaks Out Of Short-Term Reversal Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here is a good example of an inverse head & shoulders formation on the chart for Janus Capital Group (JNS).

  • Kicked out of the DOW

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Getting kicked out of the DOW is the most recent in a long line of ignominies for this iconic multinational conglomerate which has been in business since 1892. But bad news for a stock can be a contrarian indicator. Has GE bottomed at last or is there mo

  • Market Taking A Bite Out Of Apple?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In a mammoth runup, how much higher does Apple really have left to run?

  • NIKE Making A Run For It, But Could Be Out Of Gas

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...NIKE deteriorated in the spring as it came off a head and shoulders top and recently has found its second wind.

  • Nokia Gaps Out Of A Basing Formation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The telecom sector has been moving up recently, thanks to companies like Nokia. Ahead of the pack, Nokia broke out of a 2-year consolidationon on an upward gap. Here's how you can trade that gap.

  • Rotation Out Of Tech For QQQQ

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In recent days, we have started to see the tech sector struggle. In early May the Powershares QQQ Trust broke its rising trendline and started to display some weakness. If we follow the money, we can find where new interest is. While the techonology sect

  • Scott's Miracle-Gro Out Of Pep?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Scott's Miracle-Gro stock is facing a number of technical hurdles and may be in a good place to sell or short.

  • Stop worrying yourself out of profits By Van K. Tharp, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stop worrying yourself out of profits By Van K. Tharp, Ph.D. Every time Michael thought about entering the market, he said to himself ""But what if I lose?"" Those thoughts often paralyzed him from action or delayed his entry so long that many opportuni

  • Taking Another Bite Out Of AAPL

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If you do not own an iPad, then you are showing your age.

  • The CAC Breaks Out Of A Consolidation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The CAC (French index) broke out of the 3720 level to target the next level of 3840. Most European indexes entered a consolidation before the Dow and are breaking out before the Dow completes its consolidation. Looking for such intermarket relationship

The Out Of The Money Butterfly Spread by Jay Kaeppel

  • Tiffany Moves Out Of Consolidation Range

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Tiffany is likely to open fresh buying opportunities with the current breakout.

  • Top Spotting: Knowing What You Need To Stay Out Of Trouble

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since April 2013, the S&P 500 index has put in a series of higher highs. So how high is too high? The end of the rally may be closer than you think.

  • Trading Out Of A Slump by Adrienne Laris Toghraie

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading Out Of A Slump by Adrienne Laris Toghraie Anyone who's traded a while can tell you that finding yourself in a slump from time to time is inevitable. But a slump shouldn't be a crippling hurdle; here, Toghraie explains how to climb out of that pi

  • URI: Bullish Channel Running Out Of Gas?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Still trading within a bullish channel and with gains of 100% since July 2013, shares of United Rentals, Inc. may be running out of gas.

  • US Dollar Index: Running Out Of Gas In The Fast Lane?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US Dollar Index has suffered a decline of 33% from the highs of 2002 to 2005. A reversal attempt is under way.

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