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Article Archive For Keyword: Cup

  • A Cup Of Security With Vasco Data

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A cup is in the making.

  • A Cup With A Dividend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When times are tough, look to buy a stock that pays a dividend.

  • A Cup With Handle Breakout For Fairchild

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Fairchild Semiconductor is showing good relative strength, and a recent breakout points to higher prices in the coming weeks.

  • A Cup With Handle Consolidation In Networking Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does an October-December consolidation in the Amex Networking Index suggest more upside once a January pullback runs its course?

  • A Cup With Handle For Treasury Notes

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A classic chart pattern suggests bullish times for bonds.

  • A Cup With Handle In Hogs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are hogs headed higher? This cup with handle patterns seems to suggest so.

  • A Cup With Handle In Transports

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As crude oil breaks down, the consolidation in the Dow Jones transports hints at a move higher.

  • A Future Cup & Handle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Patterns can be reliable, so keeping your eyes open for a probable pattern is always necessary.

  • A Potential Cup With Handle Pattern For Brigham Exploration?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Brigham Exploration looks to be forming a cup with handle pattern but there are factors to consider when trying to confirm this.

  • Advanced Neuromodulation System, Inc. (ANSI) Tries Another Cup & Handle Formation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Cup with handle formations (originated by William O'Neil) are considered bullish continuation patterns.

  • An Intraday Cup With Handle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A test of the successful breakout from this intraday cup with handle bottom in the e-mini S&P 500 sets the stage for continued gains.

  • Apple Cup & Handle Update

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple has made an enviable recovery since its breakdown in September 2012. But what impact has January weakness had on the stock?

  • Cimarex Energy's Cup And Handle Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The recent consolidation pattern confirms the long-term uptrend for Cimarex Energy and the likelihood for higher prices.

  • Colgate's Cup With Handle Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A deep MACDH trough and a gap up above the 50-day EMA suggest higher prices ahead for the stock of this consumer noncyclical goods company.

  • Consolidated Ecoprogress Forming A Cup Without A Handle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the world faces a growing landfill crisis, there is increased public awareness that if life on this planet is to be enjoyed for years to come, we need to conserve and preserve our limited resources.

  • Cup (Of Sugar) With Handle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The year-to-date consolidation in sugar futures could be hinting at more historic highs to come.

  • Cup With Handle Becomes Diamond

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A failed breakout sets up a diamond consolidation in the Dow transports.

  • Cup With Handle Bottoms

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Both the Gold Bugs Index and Philly Gold and Silver suggest that gold stocks are on their way up.

  • Cup With Handle On Grant Prideco

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The formation of a cup with handle pattern indicates that the price of this oil-drilling pipes manufacturer will probably continue to rise.

  • Daytrading Cup Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Entering and exiting intraday trades using precision technical trading signals has been popular with both retail and institutional traders, since it limits overnight risk exposure. The primary elements of professional daytrading include scanning

  • Digene's Cup With Handle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A correction from Digene's April rally looks to have helped complete a bullish cup with handle in DIGE.

  • Double Bottoms Plus a Cup & Handle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It looks like Goodyear Tire & Rubber has finally established a bottom via an intriguing looking pattern.

  • Downey Financial's Cup and Handle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Another small cap financial company looks to ride the bull.

  • For Feeder Cattle Futures Who Have Considered Cup With Handle Patterns When The Rally Wasn't Enuf

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Has the bull market in cattle futures run out of steam? A look at the hourly chart of October feeder cattle suggests not.

  • Gaps & Bullish Cup Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This monthly column written by a professional daytrader and educator covers the general topic of breakout trading techniques. This month, he explains how you can improve your chances for success in gap trading by combining gap trades with easy-to-see cup

  • Gold Anyone? Cup and Handle Formations Say No

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In a previous article (Anyone For Gold?" Oct. 29, 2002), I looked at the Amex Gold Bugs Index ($HUI) and argued that the index is forming a triangle that could break out upwards by about 91%. In spite of this analysis, I still cannot become enthusi

  • Golden Cross & Cup Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using multiple entry points to scale into winning trades can increase your odds for a successful outcome. Here's an example of one way you can do that by combining signals from a golden cross and a bullish cup breakout

  • Head & Shoulders or Cup & Saucer?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Often a pattern will start developing a left shoulder and a head. Then there will be the inevitable wait for the right shoulder to develop in order to form a true head and shoulder pattern. If the right shoulder does not develop, could it be a cup and s

  • Identifying Cup Formations Early by Giorgos Siligardos

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a simple mechanical recognition method for identifying possible emerging cup formations. In my article "Identifying The Cup (With Or Without The Handle)," which appeared in the February 2006 Stocks & Commodities, I introduced a simple mechanica

  • Identifying The Cup (With Or Without The Handle) by Giorgos Siligardos, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:2 (36-42): Identifying The Cup (With Or Without The Handle) by Giorgos Siligardos, Ph.D. Here's a mechanical identification formula for the rounding bottom, one of the most rewarding formations for traders. The rounding botto

  • Live Cattle's Cup with Handle Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Rebounding from a seven-month downtrend, livestock futures finally start moving up.

  • Meridian Golden Cup With Handle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold has been moving higher and along with it most of the gold producers. While the price of the metal frolics around $400/oz., Meridian Gold is forming an interesting cup with handle pattern.

  • NEC: Cup With Handle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The recent depreciation in the yen has provided welcome relief for some Japanese stocks; NEC appears to have benefited following a decline since April.

  • Nike Forms Cup With Handle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After one sideways move, the stock waits for a further bullish breakout to carry the rally ahead.

  • Rowan's Triangle Breakout with a Developing Cup and Handle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Rowan Cos. recently broke out of a bullish triangle formation and now looks to be forming a cup with handle.

  • Sears Holdings' Super Sized Cup With Handle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Measuring more than 55 points, the cup with handle patterns in Sears Holdings projects upside to more than 200.

  • Silver's Cup With Handle Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a perilous drop in April from over $8 to under $6, is silver ready to rally?

  • Silver's King-Sized Cup With Handle Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A note on silver's rally above $12 and how it got there.

  • The Emini S&P's Cup With Handle Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Blood on the streets in Tokyo leads to a short-term buying opportunity in New York.

  • The Euro's Cup With Handle Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An intraday breakout in the EUR/USD sets the stage for an important test of the October highs.

  • The Euro's Cup with Handle Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The greenback's loss has been the euro's gain.

  • The S&P 500's Cup With Handle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A classic chart pattern suggests more upside for the S&P 500 as the holiday season begins.

  • Traders' Tips - Identifying Cup Formations Early

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For this month's Traders' Tips, the focus is Giorgos Siligardos' article in this issue, "Identifying Cup Formations Early." One additional Traders' Tip is contributed for Peter Konner's article in the January 2011 issue of S&C, "Combining Rsi with R

  • Trading The Cup & Handle by Larry Swing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading The Cup & Handle by Larry Swing Guidelines For A New Classic...Cup & handle patterns may be tricky to identify. But if you follow these guidelines you will be able to identify them more easily and accurately. Although it didn't come from the tr

  • Trading Within The Cup by Rick Martinelli and Barry Hyman

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading Within The Cup by Rick Martinelli and Barry Hyman The classic approach to trading the cup-with-handle pattern is buying on a pullback during an uptrend before price breaks out. But what about traders who prefer to begin taking a position in a st

  • Two-Day-High Cup Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bullish cup patterns often continue upward. Here are two technical entry signals to look for

  • Use Different Time Frames To Spot Cup & Handle Patterns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Learn how cup & handle patterns reveal explosive trade setups on a variety of time periods.

  • WIRE Weekly Cup And Handle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Encore Wire Corp. common shares appear to have formed a weekly cup & handle pattern. Is this a setup worth a further examination?

  • Xilinx: Cup Is Half Full For Now

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite a little hesitation, the recent breakout in Xilinx (XLNX) remains bullish and further strength should be expected as long as...

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