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  • 3D Printers Flashing Top Warning

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In February, I wrote that 3D printing stocks looked to have resumed rally mode again after a sizable correction. But now with the appearance of bearish topping patterns, that rally looks to be in jeopardy.

  • A Fibonacci Fan Warning

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Fibonacci fans can be powerful tools to identify potential resistance points, and one looms on the DJ30.

  • A Warning About Divergencies

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders often use momentum indicators like the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) to spot negative and positive divergences with price. This article will discuss why divergences do not always work.

  • A Warning On American Express

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...American Express stands at a critical Fibonacci retracement level, but will it hold?

  • ADS: Major Reversal Warning?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up by more than 1,050% since March 2009, shares of ADS are now at risk of a large-scale reversal.

  • AOL Early Warning Signs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...AOL has enjoyed a good rise the past few months but is now looking a little tired.

  • Allstate : Early Warning of Cycle High?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bearish divergences have begun to appear on Allstate Corp's daily chart; is the ten-month old rally nearing completion?

  • An Early Warning From the Broadening Formation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Last Thursday when Compuware Corporation (CPWR) tumbled from $11.10 on Wednesday's close to a low of $7.51 on Thursday many were wondering what happened. This 32% loss in one day demonstrates the fragility of today's markets.

  • An Early Warning System, Part 1

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Irrational human behavior influences stock prices, and this behavior can lead to predictable outcomes. Here's a trading system that takes advantage of overreactions in the market, which could give you a trading edge

  • An Early Warning System, Part 2

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some trading signals are better than others. In this second part of a three-part series, we'll describe a filter that'll help identify optimal swing trading buy/sell points

  • An Early Warning System, Part 3

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this final part of a three-part series, we'll describe a swing trading system that provides traders with a simple, straightforward set of rules to help anticipate price trends based on significant volume increases

  • Another Fibonacci Warning?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here is another significant warning of a potential market top indicated by Fibonacci numbers.

  • BIIB: Warning Signs, False Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Biogen Idec Inc. (BIIB) has a lot of things working for it to be a potential homerun, but here is why you should avoid this stock.

  • Bud's Early Warning Signs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This beer powerhouse may have gotten ahead of itself as several warning signs have emerged.

  • CLDX: Plenty Of Warning Before The Plunge

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up by nearly 450% in 17 months - prior to today's plunge -shares of Celldex Therapeutics had given prior warning that its latest parabolic rise was unsustainable.

  • Can Financials Provide Warning Of A Market Top?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In past market tops, the financial sector has turned down first. It happened in the October 1987 meltdown and again at the 2000 top. So how has the financial sector been doing lately?

  • Candlestick Warning For The NASDAQ Composite

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The high-tech index looks vulnerable here. A downturn would not be a surprise, but what are the targets?

  • Code REC - False Alarm Or Early Warning?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There have been a number of recession calls made of late. But does the recent reverting of the yield curve mean that our worries were overblown or could there be more clouds on the horizon?

  • Commodity Market Trend Change Warning

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis is used to show that a warning has been given of primary change in the trend of the direction of the commodity market.

  • Early Warning System Dynamic Model

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When can you confidently enter or exit a trade? It's never easy, but there are dynamics between adoption models and supply & demand that, if understood, can provide the trader with valuable insights in the form of advanced warning signals

  • Euro Index Hits A Milestone, Warning Of A Possible US Market Turn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A Euro Index bounce could reflect the US Dollar Index and the major US indexes topping.

  • For Allergan, Another New High, But With A Warning

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many times, buying a stock with a new 52-week high can be a nice, conservative way for traders and investors to make some money. But sometimes a different course of action may be warranted.

  • For Silver, A Keltner Warning

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Imagine: less than eight years ago, you could have bought silver at less than $5 an ounce. These days, silver is not only priced six times higher, it may also be giving advance warning of an impending reversal -- this time on its monthly chart.

  • GM Giving Early Market Warning?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The four-month rule relies on the premise that what is good for GM is good for America. It also says that GM leads the market down at market tops. Are we at one now?

  • Is Dow Theory Sending Us A Warning? by Michael D. Sheimo

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is Dow Theory Sending Us A Warning? by Michael D. Sheimo Michael Sheimo, best known for books such as Dow Theory Redux and Stock Market Rules, tackles the age-old question of whether the Dow theory is still valid and if it is, is it really sending us a

  • LUV: Warning Of Decline Ahead?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Southwest Airlines suddenly reverse after hitting a major supply zone.

  • Methanex Corp. Shows Early Warning Signs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Several negative developments shown on this chart hint at the liklihood of a downside test coming soon.

  • Negative Divergences In Stocks - Another Warning Sign?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's been one heck of a year so far. But there are signs that stocks are due for a rest at the very least. But could a more serious correction be just around the corner?

  • Oracle Chart Flashes Warning

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On Friday, September 19 investors learned that Larry Ellison would be stepping down as the long-time CEO but the chart is warning us that this news may be just the tip of the bearish iceberg.

  • Recession Warning From Technical Analysis

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Technicians usually analyze price moves to trade stocks and other securities. However, they can also apply their skills to economic analysis.

  • Stern Warning

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A bearish engulfing candlestick puts an emphatic cap on gains in Sirius Satellite.

  • The Blue Sky Index - Another Market Top Warning Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If you suspected that markets might be getting frothy a few months ago, this should interest you.

  • Three Warning Signs Of Buying IPOs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Facebook is the most anticipated initial public offering in recent years, yet IPOs are often losing trades unless you know the three warning signs to protect you from these trades.

  • Tokyo Nikkei Warning

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Yesterday's Shanghai Composite Index meltdown caused major short-term dives on many major indexes around the world.

  • Treasury Yield Curve Warning. Should We Pay Attention?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the yield curve, defined by short-term rates dropping below long term, inverts, it generally indicates economic weakness. It has now been inverted for the most part since May.

  • Warning: Bear Activity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a market revisits its upper price boundaries, should traders be wary of another breakdown?

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