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  • Are there patterns in financial ratios? by Clifford J. Sherry, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are there patterns in financial ratios? by Clifford J. Sherry, Ph.D. Technical analysts strive to find patterns in the past history of the prices of stocks and commodities (using charts, moving averages, etc.) that will allow them to predict future pric

  • BlackRock - New Financial Sector Leader?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's been a tough year for financial stocks, especially banks — the sector dropped 48% between January and the third week in March.

  • Capital One Financial Pullback Just Ahead?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Capital One Financial have enjoyed a steady, yet choppy uptrend since early June 2012, but a significant pullback may be imminent.

  • Could MB Financial Undergo A Pullback?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A bullish flag & pennant pattern failed as MBFI dropped toward its low pivot. If a double bottom is formed, could the stock witness a relief rally?

  • Does The Financial Sector Have The Strength To Recover?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a long time, the Financials Select Sector SPDR is showing signs of recovery. Will it carry the rally ahead?

  • E-Trade Financial : More Fifth Wave Rally Due?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up by nearly 110% since mid-summer 2012, shares of E-Trade Financial have pulled back to a minor support area. Is a new rally to be expected?

  • E-Trade Financial Uptrend Strengthening?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Now that E-Trade Financial shares have made a higher swing high and higher swing low, is this new buy signal the spark to ignite a new round of buying in the stock?

Financial Futures

  • Financial Futures by John Sweeney

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Financial Futures by John Sweeney When you're on top, don't believe it. There's nothing like winning to upset your equilibrium. You can win--and still lose. This article is a blow-by-blow account of two trades that were unrelated but, through me, manage

  • Financial Market To Lead Broader Market Up

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The financial market looks as if it is ready to turn higher, indicating that the broader stock market could turn higher as well within the next few months, if not sooner.

  • Financial Sector Fuels The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The S&P 500 has now run up against key resistance and cannot seem to break through to continue its advance. The financial market sector is the fuel for the S&P 500. Has the S&P 500 run out of fuel?

  • Financial Sector Leads Broader Stock Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There are many ways to determine if the stock market is at or near a major market bottom. One way is by looking at the financial sector. Turns in the financial sector normally lead turns in the broader stock market.

  • Financial Sector Reversal In Trouble

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis is used here to show that the financial sector is close to reversing its weak downward trend to a new uptrend. However, this analysis also shows that this reversal may be diverted.

  • Financial Sector Stocks Correction?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Financial sector stocks enjoyed a major rally from October 2011 into May 2013 but a correction and/or trend reversal of the entire run higher appears to be in the works.

  • Financial Select SPDR Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...XLF is close to completing an ABC zigzag market correction. Will it mark the bottom for the financial sector or if it is simply a part of a much larger market correction?

  • Financial Select SPDR Correction Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...XLF made a market top in May 2007 and has been trading lower ever since. Now it looks as if XLF is close to a market correction that could retrace from 38% to 62% of the ground lost in the decline.

  • Financial Select SPDR In Downtrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...By using a simple momentum indicator, it is possible to determine the trend and momentum of XLF.

  • Financial Select Sector Completing Final Leg Down

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...XLF has now completed all the Elliott wave rules and guidelines for the completion of the ABC zigzag market correction. The financial market could be on the cusp of a new bull market.

Financial Toolbox

  • Financial Volume Index And Volume Analysis by Patrick Cifaldi, C.M.T.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Financial Volume Index And Volume Analysis by Patrick Cifaldi, C.M.T. In technical analysis, the study of volume is one of the most overlooked and underrated disciplines. In the general study of the supply and demand of markets, only two pieces of data

  • Financial Volume Index by Patrick Cifaldi

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Financial Volume Index by Patrick Cifaldi In 1979, the analysis of trading volume was done mainly by hand. Joseph Granville was the foremost researcher and his books and friendship gave me the tools to start my work. The basic work was tedious and long,

  • First Commonwealth Financial

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Whenever I see a double bottom followed by a triple top on a weekly chart, I always examine the stock more closely.

  • First Niagara Financial Group: Sell Or Not?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What happened to the year-end rally, anyway? No one knows, but here's an interesting-looking short sell trade setup in shares of First Niagara Financial Group.

  • Forecasting The Financial Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Wouldn't it be nice to be able to accurately forecast stock price activity? Realistically, if that were possible, financial markets wouldn't exist.

  • Genworth Financial Sinking Fast?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The entire commodity and stock market complex appears to be initiating a full-blown descent toward more supportive price levels, with the financial sector stocks also joining in.

  • Hartford Financial Services Enjoys Steady Upward Momentum

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One of the highest relative strength component stocks in the S&P 500, Hartford Financial Services appears to be offering a high-yield, low-risk covered call opportunity.

  • How Does The Canadian Financial System Stack Up?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Canadian banks have taken less risk than those in the United States, and so do not need the massive bailout that US banks have received, but how are they doing?

  • Hurricaneomics: Weathering Today's Financial Storms

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will a disaster thousands of miles away have an effect on your wallet?

  • Is The Financial Sector Ready To Break Out?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The pullback rally of the Financial Sector SPDR has moved closer to the moving average resistance. The technical check is necessary for the direction of the breakout.

  • Launching Your Financial Plan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What should you look for when you're evaluating a financial service provider? Use these guidelines to separate the gold from the iron pyrite.

  • Look For Income With Hatteras Financial?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In times of uncertainty, look for income on your investment.

  • Manulife Financial As A Ray Of Light In The Darkness?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How good is Manulife Financial?

  • Manulife Financial Corp.'s Outlook

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The chart has established a large symmetrical pattern affording trading opportunities as this pattern tries to build and resolve.

  • Merryle Stanley Rukeyser, Pioneer Financial Commentator

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There's a lot you have to think about before putting money at risk.

  • Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Forms Bullish Continuation Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a big run in 2004, Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial consolidated for several months and looks poised to continue higher.

  • Neural Network Development For Financial Forecasting by Lou Mendelsohn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Neural Network Development For Financial Forecasting by Lou Mendelsohn Extensive research has been conducted about the application of neural networks to financial forecasting in today's globalized trading environment. What makes this particular use of a

  • One Of My 10 Biggest Financial Mistakes

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...I did not systematically invest in mutual funds.

  • Oriental Financial Group Has Multiple Bullish Signs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A small bank shines bright amid the ruins of financial stocks.

  • Power Financial Corp. Makes a Triangle Break

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This Canadian financial stock has made a break past triangle resistance, which follows the strength of the financials in general the past week.

Product Review: Financial Data Calculator 3.0 by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan

Product Review: PC Financial Network©s Maximizer for Window

Quick Scan: Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets

Quick-Scans: Financial Futures

Quick-Scans: Trading Financial Futures, Investment Shareware, Elliott Waves in Motion, and More

Septor Financial Information Service

  • Setting Financial Goals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Your financial destination may seem distant, but you'll get there if you stick to your goals.

  • Spectral Forecasting And The Financial Markets by Denis Ridley, Ph.D..

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Spectral Forecasting And The Financial Markets by Denis Ridley, PhD. Ever considered spectral wave analysis to determine cycles in the stock market? Denis Ridley tells you how. As a rule, the financial markets are not easy to forecast. While forecast

  • The Financial Volume Index Expanded For The l990s by Patrick Cifaldi, C.M.T.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Financial Volume Index Expanded For The l990s by Patrick Cifaldi, C.M.T. The financial volume index, which was first introduced by Patrick Cifaldi in the pages of STOCKS & COMMODITIES in 1989, takes on and uses the study of volume, surprisingly unde

  • The Future Of The Financial Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders and market technicians tend to assume that the financial markets will always be available to them. After all, trading markets have existed during much of history, and today's traders have experienced open-access free trading markets of many kinds

  • The Neural Network Financial Wizards by Steve Ward and Marge Sherald

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Neural Network Financial Wizards by Steve Ward and Marge Sherald What techniques do some of today's money managers using neural nets use? Here's a glimpse. In these days of more and more ways of applying neural networks, financial experts using neu

  • The electronic bulletin board comes of financial age by Marshall Rens and Federico L. Brown

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The electronic bulletin board comes of financial age by Marshall Rens and Federico L. Brown If you've never explored one, computer bulletin boards must seem b-o-r-i-n-g -- a bunch of hacker nerds earnestly arguing via their personal computers the merits

  • Using Financial Message-Boards by Clem Chambers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:13 (46-48): Using Financial Message-Boards by Clem Chambers Extract information and trends from the pools of information available on message boards. Market pricing is all about information flow. One of the tenets of efficien

  • Using Neural Networks For Financial Forecasting by Lou Mendelsohn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using Neural Networks For Financial Forecasting by Lou Mendelsohn With this offering, STOCKS & COMMODITIES contributor Lou Mendelsohn concludes his examination of neural networks for financial forecasting in today's globalized trading environment. Here,

  • VIX: Managing Financial Armageddon!

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If the VIX breaks out of its normal 20-30 range, how can you manage the spike in volatility and still make money? Here are some options to consider

  • Will MB Financial Correct?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After every dip MBFI has rested on the support of its moving average. How likely is it to behave at this support?

  • With Financial Select Sector SPDR ETF, The Downtrend Continues

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There are no indications of a reversal; bad news and the generally negative sentiment could bring prices excessively lower.

Working Money: Hurricaneomics: Weathering Today's Financial Storm by Darrell Jobman

Working Money: One Of My 10 Biggest Financial Mistakes by Brad Burch

Working Money: Setting Financial Goals by Bruce R. Faber

  • iShares Financial Services ETF Holding Big Gap

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even though a consolidation formed over the last few weeks, high volume shows that a battle is raging and the next break is crucial for the iShares Financial Services ETF (IYG).

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