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  • A Buying Opportunity For Marathon Oil

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Overly pessimistic market sentiment could indicate an upcoming bottom reversal for Marathon Oil.

  • A PNRA Buying Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Most consumers are avoiding big-ticket items these days but are still willing to buy a good meal, and Panera is more than willing to provide that.

  • A Possible Buying Opportunity For Meridian Resource

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Meridian Resource Corp. is starting to pull back after running up nearly 900 percent over the last eight months. With key support coming into play below the $4.00 level, speculative investors should look to buy on a further pullback.

  • ATAC Creates New Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Aftermarket Technology is ready to move toward its previous high with a bullish engulfing pattern on its chart.

  • Bombardier Gives Another Shorting Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Canada's builder of planes, trains and recreational products is in the throes of completing a classic pattern - a head and shoulders top.

  • Brightpoint Inc.: Opportunity To Buy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do you look at a weekly chart or a daily chart?

  • Bullish Divergences, Daily Swing Trading Opportunity For USO

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Has crude oil finally bottomed? The technical and fundamental evidence says "Definitely maybe." Bottom or not, here's a low-risk swing trading setup in USO.

  • CELG New Buying Opportunity Soon?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Having already risen by nearly 56% in less than eight months, is the current decline in Celgene Corp. setting up a new buying opportunity?

  • Cisco Offers A Low Risk Buying Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Cisco moved down sharply in the initial part of the recent correction and has been moving sideways since. As the indicators start showing divergence with price, it is likely that the bears are getting exhausted.

  • Cisco Systems Retraces To A Buying Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This networking leader soared with the markets off October lows only to be stopped by a double top. Now it has made a retracement to a likely key support area.

  • Citigroup Is A Buy Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock has been hit by bad news underperforming the sector. Buying supports could be a profitable strategy.

  • Confluence of Technical Indicators = Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Confluence of non-correlated indicators suggest high-probability, low-risk trading opportunities. With CNET, there is bullish confluence of volume, price action, and MACD divergence.

  • Covered Call Opportunity In Freeport-McMoran

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Covered call strategies aren't glamorous, but if you're patient and choose your strikes wisely, a low-risk methodology can be within reach of the average trader.

  • Even In A Bear Market, Opportunity Abounds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Think it's difficult to make money in a bear market? Turn that frown upside down -- use the dips like rallies with put options.

  • GPC - A Low Risk Trading Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Genuine Parts Co. is going through a trend reversal rally.

  • Going After Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Jay Sekelsky Of Mosaic Funds

  • Google: Buying Opportunity?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Google's 17% decline since late February 2014 may be about over - with a buying opportunity soon to appear.

  • Great Selling Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Investors were knocked down on day two of a summation week for Wall Street. It is do or die time. Is it time to get busy buying or start that selling spree?

  • Is Facebook Disaster Or Opportunity?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Facebook (FB) initial public offering (IPO) was launched with a broad range of opinions. Some (mostly the underwriters and promoters) loved it and analysts for the most part hated it. After a disastrous two weeks, where is the stock headed from here?

  • Is Timing A Perfect Entry Really A Missed Opportunity?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Have you ever missed a great winning trade, simply because you were waiting for the perfect entry price? If not, learn from my mistake and save yourself some traders remorse.

  • Moving Averages And Opportunity Costs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Deciding on the use of particular moving averages (MA) depend on several factors, but there is definitely a trade-off between choosing a short-term over a longer-term MA, and vice versa.

  • Northern Energy Boom: An Unlikely Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Lots of companies are trying to profit in energy but one company is servicing them all and breaking higher right now.

  • Opportunity In The Networking Sector

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Networking sector is undergoing a correction after a huge rally to the upside. This correction is happening on a bullish falling wedge pattern.

  • Opportunity in Yahoo's Multiple Chart Formations

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Yahoo has recovered, but there is an opportunity on the short side temporarily.

  • Selective Opportunity Is A Trader's Weapon

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Chasing every opportunity in the market only leads to losses. Sometimes, the best trading tool a pro can use is simply being selective.

  • Short Term Opportunity in Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The $XAU gold index collapsed with a triple failure and this has set up a possible trading opportunity.

  • Shrinking From Opportunity by Adrienne Laris Toghraie

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shrinking From Opportunity by Adrienne Laris Toghraie Stretch your comfort zone of predictable patterns and look for your shot at the gold ring. Opportunity is all around us. True, occasionally it is a challenge to locate it, when conditions have chang

  • Southern Copper: High Implied Volatility Offers Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite a 75% drop since October 2008, industrious traders can still find potential for gains in Southern Copper.

  • Summer Solstice Buying Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See why June 20, 2016 could be a great time to buy stocks.

  • Technically Challenged Cameco Yields Option Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After an 80% plunge in five months, Cameco's inflated option premiums may offer creative profit opportunities for traders and investors.

  • The Biotech Index: A Long-Term Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The growth strategy provided very good returns to investors in the long term.

  • The Pernicious Effect Of The Loss Of Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Oh, the money you could have made if you had stayed in the trade longer! We all know that feeling, and here are some steps you can take to overcome that pain

  • Why Rowan's Breakdown Could Create The Ultimate Buying Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Rowan recently breached key support around the $23.00 level but the long-term technicals still point to higher prices.

  • Windows of opportunity by Douglas Arend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Windows of opportunity by Douglas Arend Entering a commodities position typically is a two-step process. First, a decision must be made on the expected direction of the market. This is the set-up. Next, some method for timing the entry is required. I'll

  • With Motorola, Sloppy Topping Presents Trading Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In a down market, short trades offer profits to offset the losing long trades.

Working Money: Even In A Bear Market, Opportunity Abounds by Austin Passamonte

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