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Article Archive For Keyword: Netflix

  • Is It Time For Netflix?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On June 25, I wrote that we should look at Netflix as a possible buy. Now may be that time.

  • Is It Time to Sell Netflix?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...At the beginning of 2013, Netflix was selling for $92/share. By September it had surged through $300. But the stock has generated a bearish pattern. Is it time to sell?

  • Is The Worst Finally Over For Netflix?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Netflix has been pummeled in the last few months but as 2011 ended and 2012 began, the stock began to show some signs of life.

  • Learning From Netflix

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Former high-flier Netflix fell sharply. Looking at the chart in hindsight, troubling signs were evident, and there are lessons we can apply in the future.

  • NetFlix Has Broken Through Major Resistance... Again

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's been a volatile journey for this stock but traders who have been able to hang on have been generously rewarded as it hits a new all-time high.

  • NetFlix Outlook Looking More Negative

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After putting in what looked like a strong base, Netflix has broken trend. But how far will it drop from here?

  • NetFlix Sell Reversal - Is It Time to Buy Again?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In early May, NFLX was looking like it was about to put in a bearish reversal. Now, not so much.

  • Netflix

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Netflix Inc.'s stock plunged after reporting results on July 19th.

  • Netflix - Negative Reaction To Positive Earnings A Bad Sign

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Dark clouds are gathering. My last article about the stock entitled a href="""What's Next For Netflix?"/a, marked the beginning of some bearish action.

  • Netflix And Bottom Fishing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Netflix has collapsed, but does that mean it is a buy?

  • Netflix Demonstrates Value Of Technical Analysis

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock plummeted after the company changed its business model, but technicians could have avoided the worst of the decline.

  • Netflix Off The Cliff?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Netflix have taken a real beating since peaking last July. Will the new RMO sell signal bring even more sellers into this particular market?

  • Netflix Signals A Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Netflix has been a volatile stock over the past year. Is it worth investing in?

  • Netflix Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...More often than not, the refusal of price to do what the technicals suggests leads to significant moves in the opposite direction. So is Netflix's refusal to go down a sign of strength, and thus an early indication of an eventual bullish breakout?

  • Netflix: Hourly Consolidation Pattern Before Breakout?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Now in a consolidation pattern after a sharp six week rally, shares of Netflix (NFLX) look to be setting up for a bullish continuation move.

  • Netflix: Minor Pause In Strong Bullish Swing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Netflix have paused slightly, but the bullish swing that commenced two weeks ago is still looking strong.

  • Netflix: Powerful Rally Stretching Limits?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Netflix, Inc. shares are surging in the wake of a one for seven stock split — but for how much longer?

  • Netflix: Red Hot And Still Rising

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up by more than 350% since August 2012, shares of Netflix may soon make it back up to their 2011 pre-crash highs.

  • Stay Home, Watch Netflix

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...During this coronavirus pandemic, the single most important action you can take is to stay at home. Not only are you saving lives, but also helping to support services like Netflix.

  • Time For A NetFlix Pit Stop?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In my January 10th article when the stock was trading around $86 ("Is The Worst Finally Over For Netflix?"), I presented an argument about why it might be time to buy the stock. Now with the stock and market looking a little toppy, it may be ti

  • To Netflix Or ...

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...... Not to Netflix. That is the question.

  • Watching Netflix

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...So, are you a Netflix fan? If yes, would you buy the share?

  • What's Next For Netflix?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In my article a href="""Is It Time To Sell Netflix?"/a I made the case for selling Netflix. The trade didn't work out as the stock defied a sky-high valuation, fallin

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