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Article Archive For Keyword: The Dollar

  • A Method Of Statistical Analysis For The Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Long-term statistical analysis shows the downward trend of the dollar weakening but may continue to move lower at a slower rate.

  • Are The Dollar Bears Done?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Positive divergences in the MACD histogram and the stochastic suggest limited downside for the US dollar.

  • Belt Holds Bolster The Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A pair of bullish belt hold patterns in the greenback suggest near-term strength.

  • Channeling The Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A pair of trend channels guides the greenback higher.

  • Correction Time For The Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Negative divergences signal a slowdown in the greenback's six-week ascent.

  • Dancin' Days For The Dollar?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bouncing off the lows as gold suffers through a major correction, how much upside does the greenback have left?

  • Death To The Death Of The Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A massive, two-year head & shoulders bottom suggests an upside surprise for dollar bears.

  • Divergences Drive The Dollar Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Positive divergences in the MACD histogram and stochastic bring about a badly needed bounce in the greenback.

  • Divergences In The Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Negative divergences in the US Dollar Index suggest a pullback and potential test of the May lows.

  • Down Goes The Dollar?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A breakout from an ascending triangle in January retreats before reaching its price target.

  • Forex EUR/USD: What's Next For The Dollar?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Katrina's potential impact on the economy could affect investors' attitude.

Forex Focus: New President, New Trend For The Dollar? by Brent Donnelly

  • How The Dollar Gets Its Groove Back

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Near-term rallies in the euro and aussie may presage a rally in the US dollar.

  • Is The Dollar And Gold Decoupling?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Normally, the US dollar and gold move in opposite directions. However, in recent days they moved in the same direction. Is this a sign that the dollar and gold are decoupling, or is this just an anomaly?

  • More on the Dollar and Commodities

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How strong is the secondary correction in the commodity bear market?

  • Moving the dollar by Eric Sharp

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Moving the dollar by Eric Sharp There's no doubt about it. The U.S. dollar isn't just an important trading vehicle in itself, but its price changes have major effects that ripple into many other markets. In essence, it's a ""dog"" with a tail that wags

  • Pimping The Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Debasing the dollar and other dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

  • Sense On The Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's the near-term price direction for the US Dollar Index.

  • Should You Buy The Dollar?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Positive divergences, bullish moving average alignments, and overbought conditions combine to make the greenback attractive.

  • Simple Strategy Says To Buy The Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While the direction of a trend can be dictated by difficult-to-understand economic concepts, there is a simple trend-following strategy that works and doesn't require any complex knowledge of economics.

  • The Dollar Also Rises

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What do debt and the short squeeze have to do with the possibility of an advancing greenback? Over the next several months, the answer might be: everything.

  • The Dollar And Deflation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the dollar moves toward a test of long-term lows, fears of inflation have completely eclipsed the possibility of a reversal in the greenback.

  • The Dollar And The Risk

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As usual, we want to look at things with different tools. The dollar will be the subject of our analysis today as we look at the volatility of its volatility.

  • The Dollar Conundrum

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US dollar looks poised to continue its ascent — or does it?

  • The Dollar Divergence

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US Dollar Index is forming a divergence with the relative strength index. Is this a warning?

  • The Dollar Firms Up And Gold Melts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The U.S. interest rate scenario has a profound effect on the U.S. dollar as well as gold. As the Fed changed a couple of words in its policy statement, the effect on the charts is clearly visible. While the U.S. dollar has started to firm up, gold has

  • The Dollar Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The dollar is still hanging in the balance without a clear direction.

  • The Dollar Is At A Critical Juncture

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While the US dollar has been undeniably strong recently, it is now at a critical juncture that may temporarily halt its uptrend.

  • The Dollar Points To Cheaper Gas

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Over the long term, the US dollar has shown a tendency to peak several months ahead of peaks in the price of unleaded gas futures.

  • The Dollar To Move Higher Still

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis is used to show that the dollar is in an uptrend with an expected price target of 25.

  • The Dollar and the Deep Blue Sea

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Relative strength and moving averages suggest that the mighty U.S. dollar may be on the verge of sinking.

  • The Euro And The Dollar, Midterm

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a midterm outlook for the euro and the US dollar index futures.

  • The Return Of How The Dollar Gets Its Groove Back

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will a positive stochastic divergence in September result in a rally in U.S. dollar futures?

  • Will The Rally Resume In The Dollar Index?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US Dollar Index staged a remarkable turnaround from early November to early December 2010, but since then it has been trapped in a trading range. Time for the rally to resume -- or not?

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