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  • A Look At Ballard Power

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a share price rises to "king of the heap" and then crashes, is there a time of recovery?

  • AD Power


  • Balance Of Market Power by Igor Livshin

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Balance Of Market Power by Igor Livshin Who's in charge, bulls or bears? It doesn't take higher-order math to get a good reading. The balance of market power (BMP) indicator measures the strength of the bulls vs. the bears by assessing the ability of e

  • Balance of Market Power (Part I of III)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What is this indicator? Does it work? Something new or just a different look at what you might have already observed?

  • Balance of Market Power (Part II of III)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What is this indicator? Does it work? Something new or just a different look at what you might have already observed?

  • Balance of Market Power (Part III of III)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What is this indicator? Does it work? Something new or just a different look at what you might have already observed?

  • Ballard Power Systems

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the dramatic increase in the price of oil over the past few years, the only way investors could capitalize on the energy boom was to buy energy stocks. Here's one.

  • Ballard Power Systems Back In A Trading Range

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is Ballard Power up for another break past its trading range?

  • Ballard Power Systems Struggles With Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Over the last four months this alternative energy play has tested a bottom three times. Is this third time charmed?

  • DMI Says Lack of Power to Stall Golds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...My favorite trend strength indicator, DMI (directional movement indicator), says gold price and the gold index do not have enough power in the short-term so expect a move down.

  • Don't Underestimate The Power Of The VIX

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The recent runup in the stock market since the March lows still has the bulls giddy. But their bearish cohorts can make a pretty persuasive argument for a summer selloff in the stock market. Over the past couple of months, the S&P 500 has been busy c

  • Energy Stocks Power Up

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the DJU testing post-WTC attack lows, a number of energy stocks are working their way upward.

  • Gold Equities Power To The Forefront

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An update of the Fidelity Select Sector funds reveals a significant changing of the guard. Gold equities are now the top dog, with other stocks from the materials and natural resources groups also vying for the top rankings.

  • More Power To The Subordinates

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There are primary indicators and there are subordinate indicators. Often we get caught up in the primary indicators and fail to see certain patterns within them. Here's how applying the subordinates can help you see something that could give you

  • Oil, Power, Destiny

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Oil companies are literally going to the ends of the Earth to find new oil deposits and one company is helping them get more oil for their investment.

  • Pivot Levels And The Power Of Commonality

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Understanding how to use pivot levels will help you determine when to enter or exit a trade.

Pivot Levels And The Power of Commonality

  • Power Financial Corp. Makes a Triangle Break

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This Canadian financial stock has made a break past triangle resistance, which follows the strength of the financials in general the past week.

  • Power Outage?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...George Soros' fund is dumping energy stocks. Should you?

  • Power Up Your Indicators With Jean Folger

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Jean Folger is a technical analyst and system researcher with PowerZone Trading, a company she cofounded. She is author of Make Money Trading: How To Build A Winning Trading Business, and a private trader specializing in the emini markets. PowerZone Trad

  • Power to the Paper

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the S&P Paper/Forest Products sector index coming off of a three-year low, more than a few paper products companies are having excellent years.

Product Review Power Ratings by David Penn

Product Review: Bollinger Group Power

Product Review: Group Power by Dennis D. Peterson

Product Review: Power Analyzer by John Sweeney

Product Review: Power Investor

  • Product review: Group Power

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Technical analysis website providing relative strength-based analysis

Quick-Scans: Master Chartist, The Power of Quattro, Quote Butler, and More

  • Reversal Formations: Predictive Power? by Alex Saitta

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do classic chart formations such as the head-and-shoulders or the double-bottom/double-top hold up to close scrutiny? Here's a look. A few years ago, I read a Federal Reserve Bank report entitled "Head-and-shoulders: Not just a flaky pattern." The auth

  • S&P 500 Fails on the Third Fan Line (The Power of Three)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The power of three is pervasive throughout many forms of technical analysis. Triple tops and bottoms, head and shoulder formations, fibonacci retracements (occurring in one third increments), three white soldiers and three black crows in candlestick term

  • SIDEBAR: CYCLES, POWER AND PHASE by Technical Analysis, Inc.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...CYCLES, POWER AND PHASE by Technical Analysis, Inc. Cycle length is the term most traders use when they refer to cycles. For example, two cycles are plotted, each with two different cycle lengths in sidebar Figure 1. The first cycle has a length of 64 p

  • Seeking Long-Term Growth With The Power Zone/Dead Zone Approach

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's an investing approach that seeks to take advantage of seasonality in the stock market

  • TerraForm Power - A Short-Term Trade Or One For The Long Haul?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This new economy stock is rallying. But can it keep up this performance?

  • The Power Of Drawing Tools

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Used long before computers, these simple tools can be key in enhancing your understanding of how price action works.

  • The Power Of Fusion Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Applying a trading system can be simple or complex but you have to start somewhere. Here's how one trader combines elements of different types of trading styles to create a trading strategy that outperforms his previous trading strategies

  • The Power Of Growth Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How can you measure the strength of a growth stock? Can this be quantified? Here's a way to help measure it using concepts from digital signal processing

The Power Of Implied Volatility by Sam Bhugaloo

  • The Power Of Price And Volume Trends

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...To get a better sense of where the security's price is headed, you should consider volume along with price changes. Price changes are viewed with more significance when the volume accompanying the change is high, and conversely with less significanc

  • The Power of Knowledge: James O'Shaughessy by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Money manager and author James O'Shaughnessy is best known for the astute research presented in his books. We spoke to him about what the individual investor should focus on. So how did you start out, anyway? I started out like everyone else, wanting t

  • The Power of Multiple Negative Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When stocks or indexes make or challenge new highs they can possibly foretell coming failure by way of diverging or conflicting signals.Traders can do well following these indications that all is not well with the current rise.

  • The Power of the Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The double top formation can be an early warning of ID (impending doom) to come. A few recent examples of this formation can be seen on the charts of Cisco (CSCO) and Broadcom (BRCM).

  • The Yen's Power Move

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The recent surge in the yen reversed a 14-month downtrend to signal a continuation of the multiyear uptrend.

  • Trading System Logic: Considering The Power Of A Long-Term Trend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even a garden-variety trading system can outperform, if you know how or when to deploy it in a strongly trending market. Here are a few ideas that might help improve the performance of the trading systems you use.

Using Volume To Detect Shifts In Power by Vadim Gimelfarb

  • Utilities Power Down

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Rising long-term interest rates add to the pressure on utilities stocks.

  • Utility ETFs: Power Up With Dividend Payers?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Investing in our infrastructure power is critical to our daily lives. Without adequate energy, our country would grind to a halt. Conservative investors may want to invest a portion of their funds in this defensive sector for capital appreciation and div

Working Money: The Power Of Drawing Tools by Larry Swing

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