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  • 2B Daily And Weekly

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A 2B test of bottom in the daily chart is confirmed by a 2B test of bottom in the weekly chart.

  • 30-Year Treasury Bond - Daily Bullish Rising Channel

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US 30-year bond has enjoyed an orderly summer rally, which can be demonstrated with the bullish rising channel on the daily chart. Short-term traders could use candlestick analysis in conjunction with the boundary lines of the channel to locate poten

  • A Daily Chart Of The S&P 100 Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On April 22nd I presented an article "Gann, Elliott and the Dow Revisited." In it I argued that for the long-term, the trend is bearish, but for the short-term it could be bullish. Here is a chart of the S&P 100 Index that looks bullish for

  • Applying MIDAS To Daily And Weekly Charts by A. Coles and D. Hawkins

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Applying MIDAS To Daily And Weekly Charts by A. Coles and D. Hawkins In this second part of this series we go one step further by adding deeper insight into price action. SO far, we have explored what technical analyst Paul Levine called the scientifi

  • Back Testing The Daily Sentiment Index by Lee Ang

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...V13:06: (255-259): Back Testing The Daily Sentiment Index by Lee Ang Market traders and advisors use sentiment surveys as a tool to identify extreme bullishness or bearishness. Here, then, is one trader's research into identifying what the best levels o

  • Bullish Divergences, Daily Swing Trading Opportunity For USO

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Has crude oil finally bottomed? The technical and fundamental evidence says "Definitely maybe." Bottom or not, here's a low-risk swing trading setup in USO.

  • CRY Daily Breakout Within A Major Monthly Trend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A price channel breakout isn't all than uncommon, but when one occurs in the midst of an ongoing, major monthly based cyclical move, it deserves a close look.

  • Common Themes in Trading Systems -- Daily Ranges and Short Sequences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using Cole and Weinberg as a basis for a trading system isn't the only place you'll find the use of daily ranges and short sequences.

  • Consol Energy Intraday Play Based On A Daily Swing Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the wake of Consol Energy's 84% plunge, the stock of one of the US's largest coal miners is setting up for a low-risk intraday move.

  • Daily price and volume study: trading windows by Frank Tarkany

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Daily price and volume study: trading windows by Frank Tarkany This article investigates day-to-day price changes of the Dow Jones Industrial Averages (DJIA) and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) total volume over a 85 year period to see whether the change

  • Daily stock technician by Thomas K. Lloyd

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Daily stock technician by Thomas K. Lloyd For several years, I marketed a proprietary chart service, called Flow of Capital, to major money managers in the country who generally had at least a billion dollars in equities under management. Each chart pl

  • Daily stock tendencies by L. R. James

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Daily stock tendencies by L. R. James Most of us who have done a substantial amount of stock trading would agree that the broad market does a lot of funny things. In theory, the stock market is a vast, highly efficient mechanism that takes in informatio

  • Developing Discipline With Daily Debriefing by Van K. Tharp, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 25:1 (50-53): Developing Discipline With Daily Debriefing by Van K. Tharp, Ph.D. It is easy to design a system that will produce annual returns of 100% or more. Trading the system so you will get those returns is not so easy. Her

  • Exponentially Smoothing The Daily Number of Declines

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Exponentially Smoothing The Daily Number of Declines This article presents an indicator that is the one-day rate of change of a triple exponential smoothing of the daily number of declines, an oscillator similar to TRIX (covered by Jack Hutson in the e

  • FCX: Hourly, Daily, And Weekly Bearish Momentum

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Growing ever more bearish on multiple time frames, shares of Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold look set for a trip back down into the mid-$20 range soon.

  • Gamestop Has A Daily Buy Signal Amid Bullish Weekly Backdrop

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A daily based system buy signal is nice, but when it occurs in union with a bullish weekly chart breakout setup, serious traders will want to take note.

  • He Knows Investors' Business, Daily: William J. O'Neil

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The name rings a bell, but you're not sure why. You may only be vaguely familiar with the name, but you've certainly heard of, if not actually read, the product for which he is perhaps best known. William O'Neil, the founder of Investor&ap

  • IBM: Bullish On Daily, Bearish On Weekly?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of IBM are down by 20% since March 2014 and are now near a major make or break point.

  • Infosys Shows Conflicting Head-And-Shoulders Pattern On Daily And Weekly Charts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Infosys bottomed out on the daily chart, breaking out of a bullish head-and-shoulders pattern. On the weekly chart, it seems to be forming a bearish head and shoulders, unconfirmed as of yet. The weekly chart is defining a $60-80 range for the stock.

  • Is The Wilshire 5000 Daily Index Giving Us Good News?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A look at the divergence of the commodity channel index on the Wilshire 5000 is telling us something important.

  • Leo Fasciocco: Investor's Business Daily by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Leo Fasciocco: Investor's Business, Daily by Thom Hartle Investor' s Business Daily columnist Leo Fasciocco came by his expertise in the market the way STOCK & COMMODITIES has always emphasized -- research, research, research. As a financial journalist f

  • Modeling With Daily Implied Volatility

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this first part of a two-part series, find out how incorporating daily implied volatility into your system can give you the edge you've been looking for.

  • RIG: Bearish Daily And Weekly Momentum

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Down by more than 16% since making a significant swing high in November 2013, shares of Trans Ocean Ltd. once again have heavy bearish momentum working against them.

  • SHLD's Strong Daily Momentum

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The retail industry stocks have been very strong lately; here's a look at one of the stronger stocks from this group.


    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...FLDJ: ANALYSIS OF DAILY WSJ STATISTICS Data available from the Wall St. Journal that can be used in a fuzzy logic system, page 164.

  • SLV Bullish On Both Daily And Weekly Charts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's been a wild ride for the silver market since 2003, but the charts now appear to point toward the possibility of further gains this year.

  • Swiss Franc Futures Give Contrary Daily And Weekly Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the weekly and daily charts show contradictory signals, weekly patterns generally prevail. The Swiss Franc futures shows a bearish daily chart and an upward channel on the weekly chart. The first step to trading such patterns is to reduce your tra

  • Sysco Corp. Marks A Bottom On Its Daily Chart

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sysco Corp. has been on a downtrend since slipping below its 200-day exponential moving average last August.

  • The FX Daily Conundrum by Kristian Kerr

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The FX Daily Conundrum by Kristian Kerr Hours And Days - The FX Daily Conundrum In a 24-hour market, what is the best time frame to use when looking at charts? The rising popularity of foreign exchange trading over the past few years has been impressi

  • The V-Trade Part 3: Technical Analysis - Fibonacci Projections And Daily Pivots

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this third part of a multipart series, we look at passive support & resistance with Fibonacci projections and daily pivots

  • Time Of Daily High And Low by Arthur A. Merrill, C.M.T.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Time Of Daily High And Low by Arthur A. Merill, C.M.T. Does the time of the high for the day and the time of the low give a clue to the performance of the market on the next day? For example, suppose that the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) high po

  • UNG Major Daily Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A significant daily divergence/double bottom pattern may finally be in place for natural gas.

  • USO Daily Breakout Needs Follow-Through

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Compared to the record-breaking selloff in the oil markets in 2008, the 2009 rebound in crude oil might very well earn it the title of the comeback kid. Could crude be setting up for still more upside?

  • V.15:1 (11-19) A Daily A-D New High-New Low Market System by Dennis Meyers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A Daily A-D New High-New Low Market System by Dennis Meyers Here's a new system using daily statistics to issue buy and sell signals for the stock market. In the February 1996 STOCKS & COMMODITIES, I presented a stock market timing system called the A

  • WTI Daily December 17

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A look at recent price action for West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil (WTI).

  • Weekly & Daily MACD

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The moving average convergence/divergence oscillator (MACD), developed by Gerald Appel, is one of the more popular technical analysis indicators. The MACD is typically used on a single timeframe, but what if we looked at two timeframes on one chart

  • Weekly & Daily Percentage Price Oscillator

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Modifying a traditional indicator can make you look at a chart differently. You can compare indexes, look at price movements during extended periods of time, and make trading decisions based on your observations

  • Weekly & Daily Stochastics

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Indicators play a big role in a technical trader's life. They act as a GPS to help you navigate around price movements. But there's no one way to use them. Here's how you can combine two stochastic oscillators and use them with moving averages and suppor

  • With DE, Daily Buy Signal Within Large Weekly Wedge

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Deere & Co. has just flashed a short-term buy signal, even as a major wedge pattern appears to be close to resolution.

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