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  • 2Bs And Negative Divergences: Silver Stalls At The Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Failure to follow through on the move above $14 creates potential for reversal or consolidation.

  • A Head & Shoulders Negative For The DJIA?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The pattern is there, a very obvious head & shoulder pattern.

  • A Peak In Wheat? Negative Divergences Suggest A Turn In Early October

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a year and a half of soaring wheat prices, is the MACD histogram hinting at reversal?

  • Another Negative For The US Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On February 15, I argued that the US dollar has further to fall. Here is another chart and another argument that suggests just how low.

  • Changing Your Negative Trading Beliefs by Ruth Roosevelt

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Changing Your Negative Trading Beliefs by Ruth Roosevelt Negative thinking gives you negative results and that holds true for your trading beliefs. Ruth Roosevelt, director of the Wall Street Hypnosis Center, explains how to take your negative and limit

  • December Crude Crosses The Line: New Highs And Negative Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A strong bull market in 2007 took December crude to levels not seen since August 2006. Is it time for crude to come in?

  • LOW Negative Money Flow Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Lowe's Cos. are up by nearly 60% since August 2012, but negative price money flow divergences are warning that a significant correction may soon take the stock lower.

  • Motorola Shows Negative Bias

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Motorola Inc. faces many hurdles before a pullback, keeping the stock underperforming.

  • Nasdaq Nears Confirmation Of Its Negative Divergence--Again

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Divergence + Confirmation = Reversal. Is the Nasdaq ready to roll?

  • Negative Divergence Hangs Over Sandisk

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sandisk bounced over the last few weeks, but the current advance looks corrective and a negative divergence in the commodity channel index should be watched carefully.

  • Negative Divergences And The Bond Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Lower peaks in the MACD histogram accompany the advance in the September Treasury note.

  • Negative Divergences And The USD/JPY Breakdown

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After two months of appreciation against the yen, the USD/JPY took a hard hit in February going into March.

  • Negative Divergences Enjoin The Gold Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While more upside is still likely, the easy money might already have been made in gold stocks.

  • Negative Divergences In Stocks - Another Warning Sign?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's been one heck of a year so far. But there are signs that stocks are due for a rest at the very least. But could a more serious correction be just around the corner?

  • Negative Volume Divergence Index by Arthur A. Merrill, C.M.T.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Negative Volume Divergence Index by Arthur A. Merrill, C.M.T. The Market Technicians Association has selected the late Paul Dysart for their 1990 annual award ""for outstanding contribution to the field for technical analysis."" Analyst Jim Alphier, in

  • Negative Volume Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Negative volume index (NVI) claims to be an index that reflects what smart money is doing. Whether it's smart money or not might be debatable, what isn't debatable is whether it can work.

  • NetFlix Outlook Looking More Negative

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After putting in what looked like a strong base, Netflix has broken trend. But how far will it drop from here?

  • Netflix - Negative Reaction To Positive Earnings A Bad Sign

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Dark clouds are gathering. My last article about the stock entitled a href="""What's Next For Netflix?"/a, marked the beginning of some bearish action.

  • Positive Volume Index Or Negative Volume Index?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Which one should you use? Why not both! Determining market direction by using only half the data doesn't make any sense. Use all of it to ensure the highest probability of success.

  • Texas Instruments Shows An MACD Negative Divergence

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Goldman Sachs has downgraded Texas Instruments to underperform, assuming margins are at their cyclical peak.

  • The Cisco Kid's Gap Down Negative Divergence Special

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is it time to empty the chamber on Cisco?

  • The Power of Multiple Negative Divergences

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When stocks or indexes make or challenge new highs they can possibly foretell coming failure by way of diverging or conflicting signals.Traders can do well following these indications that all is not well with the current rise.

  • V.14:6(265-270) Enhancing On-Balance And Negative Volume - by Phillip C. Holt

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a new technique that can be used to identify when on-balance volume or negative volume is indicating something notable about the direction of the New York Stock Exchange Composite Index. If your objective is to keep the bear away from the door, th

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