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  • A Simple Approach To Gap Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Anyone who has looked at a price chart knows that gaps occur. But all gaps aren't the same. Here's a look at the characteristics of four and how you can trade them

  • A Simple Hedge Strategy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the market turns bearish, either close out your portfolio or hedge it in the options or futures market. These strategies are normally for players who know what they are doing, are experienced and have been able to open an options or futures account

  • A Simple Option Strategy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading options has always been a mystery to many, but with all the new weeklys and binary options that are hitting the market, they are now a strategy that should be looked at.

  • A Simple Pattern Forecasts A Reversal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Learn how a simple, yet effective price pattern can help you forecast likely turning points in the markets you follow.

  • A Simple Positive Expectancy Strategy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do you want your trading results to improve? Incorporating positive expectancy into your trading strategy may just be the ticket

  • A Simple Range-Trading System by Xavier Maria Raj

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 23:12 (50-52): A Simple Range-Trading System by Xavier Maria Raj Creating a trading system is always a good idea, and keeping it simple is even better. Here's a look at one strategy that could make all the difference. It is alwa

  • A Simple Short-Term Entry Strategy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Legendary trader Marty Schwarz swore by the 10-day EMA. Here's an application of his "red light/green light" approach on an intraday basis.

  • A Simple Trend Filter For Trend-Followers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some moving averages do a better job than others when it comes to determining various degrees of trend. Here's a look at how to combine two simple technical tactics in order to stay on the right side of a given market.

  • A Simple Way To Trade Seasonality

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You can locate patterns to perform seasonal trades--although they won't necessarily be where you expect. Here's a way to uncover consistent patterns you can use to trade, not just on futures but also on some seasonal stocks

  • A Simple Way To Use Money Flow

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Money flow for XTO Energy has been negative recently but the trend may be ready to reverse.

  • A simple analogue of auto- and cross-correlation by Clifford J. Sherry

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A simple analogue of auto- and cross-correlation by Clifford J. Sherry If you trade commodities or stocks and if you expect to make a profit, you are making the tacit assumption that you can predict the future price of your commodity or stock. Traders

  • A simple cycle finder by Curtis McKallip Jr.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A simple cycle finder by Curtis McKallip Jr. Cycle signatures are patterns created by cycles. If you're familiar with Fourier analysis and maximum entropy methods of cycle analysis you know they produce a pattern called amplitude spectra which requires

  • A simple variation of the moving average by Peter Aan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A simple variation of the moving average by Peter Aan General description: The Moving Average Direction System is trend-following; always in the market. Originator: Peter Aan Advantages: Profits from most significant trends; entry technique eliminates

  • FCG's Simple Covered Call Play

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sometimes, traders are blessed with a major trend-following move. At other times, they need to settle for slow but steady gains, as the outcome of this trade demonstrates.

  • Improving The 50/200 SMA With A Simple Crossover System

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You shouldn't always assume that the default settings for your indicators are necessarily the best ones to use for all timeframes. With a little careful modification, your indicators could be greatly improved. Here is some guidance (and inspiration) to t

  • Is Trading That Simple?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Like many traders, I first learned of Dan Zanger in a December 2000 Forbes article entitled "My stocks are up 10,000 percent!" that described how the former swimming pool contractor made stock market history by parlaying $10,775 into $1

  • Keep It Simple And Make Up Your Losses

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In so many ways, the simpler the system, the easier it is to work with --provided it is based on a sound principle.

  • Keep It Simple With Long-Term Moving Averages

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Need a basic, no-brainer means of determining the intermediate- to long-term trends of your favorite markets? Here's a handy tool you can start using today.

  • Looking At The NASDAQ In A Simple Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sometimes we are inclined to overlook what charts are telling us because we need to be convinced by complexity. Here is a chart staring us in the face and shouting, "Watch me!"

  • Momentum and Simple Moving Averages

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sometimes a stock's price will move so far away from its simple moving average (SMA) that the temptation is to trade in the opposite direction. The idea underlying these trades is that stock prices will always revert to their mean. Right? Maybe.

  • Moving averages made simple by Heidi Schmidt

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Moving averages made simple by Heidi Schmidt Once a beginning chartist successfully learns trend identification and channel drawing (Stocks & Commodities, January 1988), moving averages are often the next technical tool to master. Moving averages may be

  • SIDEBAR: SIMPLE RISK CONTROL by Technical Analysis, Inc.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...SIDEBAR: SIMPLE RISK CONTROL by Technical Analysis, Inc. Evaluating your tolerance for risk and determining the size of a purchase. Assume you have $200,000 for your trading portfolio and a trading strategy that generates buy and sell signals. You have

  • SIDEBAR: Simple moving average

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A quick definition of the Iterative and noninteractive forms of the simple moving average.

  • Simple Coffee Trading System Beats The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Returns are never enough to determine whether a system idea is actually tradable.

  • Simple Indicators For Spotting Emerging Trends

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Breakout moves can be explosive opportunities for the skilled trader but also can be difficult to determine which moves are real breakouts. Now, two simple indicators can help you filter good breakout trades from bad ones.

  • Simple Moving Average Trading System

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here, the simple crossing of the closing price above or below a moving average is tested as a viable trading system.

  • Simple Strategy For IWM

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...System trading can be just plain boring, but compared to the nonstop emotional ups and downs of discretionary trading, trading with a simple and steady mechanical method might be the best choice.

  • Simple Strategy Says To Buy The Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While the direction of a trend can be dictated by difficult-to-understand economic concepts, there is a simple trend-following strategy that works and doesn't require any complex knowledge of economics.

  • Simple Strategy With 80% Winners

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders often look for complex strategies but simple could be profitable, and this simple idea points to further gains in stocks.

  • Simple Techniques In A Volatile Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...DuPont is an example to highlight a few simple but reliable techniques that can save traders from huge uncertainty.

  • Simple Trendlines Say "Pay Attention"

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stock indexes are testing trendlines, and the result of that test is likely to be significant.

  • Simple moving average crossover by Peter Aan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Simple moving average crossover by Peter Aan Editor's note:In this issue, Peter Aan reports on the first of his tests of different trading systems. He begins with probably the most widely known trading system. General Description: Trend following, alw

  • The Mighty 200-Period Simple Moving Average

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's an example of why the 200-period simple moving average is so powerful.

  • The Simple ABC Correction by Thomas N. Bulkowski

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 23:1 (52-55): The Simple ABC Correction by Thomas N. Bulkowski This chart pattern reliably signals an extended move up. Take a look. An old joke says that if an investor buys land in an earthquake zone, it will be his own fault.

  • Using The Simple Moving Average by Martin J.Pring

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using The Simple Moving Average by Martin J.Pring Moving averages are the mainstay of technical analysis, and at the heart of moving averages is the perennially useful simple moving average. It can help smooth out random fluctuations in the financial ma

  • Whipsaws, Linear Trends and Simple Moving Averages by Robert Wayman

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...TRADING TECHNIQUES Whipsaws, Linear Trends And Simple Moving Averages by Robert Wayman How does whipsaw magnitude affect a simple moving average system? Here's a common solution for the problems of the SMA. Previously, we looked at cycles and found

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