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Article Archive For Keyword: Falling

  • 10-Year Note Falling Wedge

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Following the FOMC's recent decision to raise interest rates by 25 basis points, it appears that 10-year note yields are also set for a move up in the near term.

  • An FX Strategy For Catching Falling Knives

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When there's a considerable decline in a relatively short period of time, can that become a trading opportunity? It's all about timing, and you can't rush it. Here's how to go about it

  • Apple Falling Farther From The Tree?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There has been much ado, primarily fundamentally driven, that the drop in Apple from its September 2012 highs is overdone. Technically speaking, however, here is a case that the correction still has a way to go.

  • BID Bubble Meter Says Animal Spirits Are Falling

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When auctioneer Sotheby's stock is rising, it means the auction business is growing and folks are feeling bullish about the future. When it falls, it usually signals that a risk-off trade should be considered.

  • Bears Falling on Cotton

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since breaking down in the spring of 2004, cotton futures have lost a third of their value in four months.

  • Builders, Lenders: Next In The Falling Knife Saga

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Previously, we looked at home builders to see if calls that the industry had bottomed might have some merit. We concluded that the worst was not over. This time, we take another look at the industry but include lenders to see what the charts are saying.

  • Coca-Cola Breaks Falling Wedge Trendline

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Coca-Cola (KO) sports a long-long term falling wedge breakout confirmed by MACD.

  • Comstock Resources' Falling Wedge And Trading Range Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Comstock Resources broke out of a falling wedge formation earlier this month and has now broken to the upside from its recent trading range.

  • Eaton Corp. And The Falling Three Methods Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The formation of a bearish candle pattern in Eaton Corp. suggests that the current short-term downtrend will probably resume its course.

  • FEIC Gives Gap Breakout Of Falling Wedge

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A breakaway gap from a particular pattern reinforces the gap and the continuation of trend. FEI Co. is heading toward the target of $41.

  • Falling Channel For Valero Energy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Valero Energy has been stuck in a falling channel since mid August but things are starting to look up for this refiner.

  • Falling In Love, With Trends

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Regardless of what type of trader you are, trends are always a great find. When you find them, you want to hold on to them forever, but they can run away from you very quickly and easily. Don't get too attached to them. Find strong ones, take advantage o

  • Falling Off A Cliff

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Spot a disaster stock before disaster strikes.

  • Falling Pharmaceuticals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking for a bear market? Try the companies stocking your medicine cabinet.

  • Falling Wedge Approaches Target

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The NASDAQ has broken out of a falling wedge pattern, signaling a trend reversal from down to up and moved higher for almost two months. Will the market continue higher from here, or will a market correction set in? The falling wedge provides the answer.

  • Falling Wedge Formation for the AMEX Oil Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The AMEX Oil Index looks to be completing a falling wedge formation, which would indicate a potential upside breakout in the near-term.

  • Falling Wedge Signals NASDAQ Reversal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The NASDAQ has been in a downward trend since October 2007, but now, this market has broken out of a falling wedge pattern. This breakout is signaling a reversal in trend from down to up.

  • Forex Focus: Is Gold A Hedge Against A Falling Dollar? by John L. Momsen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 25:2 (14-18): Forex Focus: Is Gold A Hedge Against A Falling Dollar? by John L. Momsen Access to foreign exchange trading has opened up exciting trading options for the retail trader. You can now trade alongside corporations and

  • Gold Falling Like A Ton Of Lead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite a modest relief rally, gold has resumed its major monthly cyclical downtrend. At what support level might this metal finally bottom out?

  • Hain Celestial Comes Out Of Falling Wedge, Heads Up?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Hain Celestial Group breaks out of a falling wedge formation. Is it heading up?

  • Land Of The Falling Yen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even though the big trend remains up, a recent rising flag support break points to further weakness for the yen/US dollar.

  • Natural Gas Falling Out

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Natural gas has just shot through major support and is quickly headed south. In its wake, it is leaving some interesting intermonth relationships.

  • QQQQ's Falling Three Methods Candle Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bulls recently got a rude awakening as the bears revolted, sending QQQQ into a tailspin. But a bearish falling three methods candle pattern suggests that the selling may not quite be over yet.

  • Research In Motion and the Falling Wedge

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Research In Motion (RIMM) is ready to leap forward out of falling wedge patterns that appear on both its daily and monthly charts.

  • Rising And Falling Overnight Sessions by Anthony Trongone, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 23:7 (26-32): Rising And Falling Overnight Sessions by Anthony Trongone, Ph.D. Don't overlook how the performance of an individual stock affects the direction of an index-tracking stock or commodity. Here's an example using the N

  • Taser Forms Falling Flag Correction

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Taser formed a nice falling flag that returned to broken resistance, and the stock is showing early signs of buying pressure.

  • That's One Way To Bet On A Falling Market Without Having To Sell Short!

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Borrowing stock to sell short has limited upside if you get it right but unlimited downside if you're wrong. Here is a way to bet on a correction while limiting risk.

  • The Falling Three Method

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This candlestick pattern, which is quite rare and usually reliable, has provided some wrong signals lately.

  • The Falling US Dollar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The darkest scenario of the past few years for the world has been a falling US dollar. How much farther?

  • To Catch A Falling Knife

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are homebuilders a buy yet?

  • Transocean's Falling Channel Formation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Transocean has been stuck in a downtrend the last three months but there are signs of a forthcoming reversal.

Working Money: Builders, Lenders: Next In The Falling Knife Saga by Matt Blackman

Working Money: To Catch A Falling Knife... by Matt Blackman

  • XLE Diffusion Index Is Falling

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the individual stocks within XLE, we can see that internally, XLE's health is deteriorating.

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