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Article Archive For Keyword: China

  • China Continues To Lead The Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How the Shanghai Composite could signal a global stock market bottom.

  • China Large Caps Set For A Rebound

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The major selling panic seen in large-cap Chinese stocks since April 2015 is over — for the next few weeks, anyway.

  • China Leads The Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Shanghai Composite can be a guide to trading US and international stock indexes. Here's how.

  • China Life Insurance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the movie "The Graduate," Dustin Hoffman's youthful character is given the advice of "Buy plastic." In contrast, in today's world, that advice might well be "Buy China."

  • Does China Lead The Way?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many analysts claim that Chinese stocks lead the world markets at major turning points. The chart says that's true -- at least one time.

  • FXI Surges As China Axes A Tax

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Chinese stocks have been under enormous pressure since October, declining by almost 50% as represented on the Shanghai Composite Index ($SSEC). But could tax relief on equity trading stop the Chinese stock market from bleeding? The answer may be found on

  • Is China Set To Bounce?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...China and India still enjoy respectable growth rates even as their industrialized counterparts in the US and Europe enter recession. Is now the time to jump across the bamboo curtain?

  • Is China Unicom Breaking Out?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Symmetrical triangles are indecisive and difficult patterns to trade. China Unicom seems to have broken out of one, but keep the caveat in mind.

  • Limiting Risk In China

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Chinese stock market is among the most volatile in the world. Yet an Internet stock may offer a conservative way to gain exposure to this market.

  • More Gains Possible For China Automotive Systems?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up about 360% since making a bear market low last November, China Automotive Systems has been racking up impressive gains, despite noticeable volatility at times. Does this stock have what it takes to move even higher?

  • Say Baidu Of China

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do you want to invest in China? Here is a company worth looking at.

  • TAO, China Real Estate ETF, Powers Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...TAO, the exchange traded fund that tracks the performance of real-estate sector equities in China, continues to perform well.

  • Taking A Chance With Another Company Based In China

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's one company that could take the US markets by storm.

  • The Copper Road To China And Impact On Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Copper, a powerful indicator of global manufacturing demand, has been falling and not by just a little. Why and what does it mean for markets?

  • The Hot Market in 2007 -- China

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...China delivered incredible returns in 2007, but what about next year?

  • Trade War - USA Vs. China

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Technical analysis of stocks provides clues as to which nation could lose the least.

  • Trade War - USA Vs. China - Part Two

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Two stock indices to watch during the economic struggle.

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