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Article Archive For Keyword: Bull Market

  • A Bull Market in Gold?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The spring of 2002 should feature a battle between a year-old bull and a six-year old bear.

  • AAPL Bull Market Topping

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis shows Apple Inc. in a long-term topping process, whereas the shorter-term analysis shows that Apple has already reversed downward.

  • Alcoa Bull Market Is Ending

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Long-term statistical analysis shows that the bull market in Alcoa is coming to an end.

  • Birth of a Crude Oil Bull Market?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Evidence from all four market dimensions imply a bull market has begun for Crude Oil.

  • Bond Bull Market Begins

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis shows that Treasury Bonds have now entered into a newly established long-term bull market trend.

  • Death of a Bull Market?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How to trade US stocks at the beginning of 2019.

  • Energy Stock Bull Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the five-year energy stock bear market finished?

  • Final Countdown for the Stock Bull Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See why the bottom made on September 14, 2016 could signal the end of the bull market.

  • Ghost Of Bull Market Past

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Analogy with 1987 bull market implies US stocks could rally until August 2019. The S&P 500 (SPX) rally from December 26, 2018 to May 1, 2019 resembles the SPX December 31, 1986 to April 7, 1987 ascent. If the analogy continues, the SPX could reach 3

  • Is the Bond Bull Market Over?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One intermarket analysis of the relationship between gold, commodities and interest rates suggests that bonds may be loaded for bear.

  • Key Factor In A Bull Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Studies show there is one key factor in stocks leading the next bull market as well earning the highest returns.

  • Leading Indices At Bull Market Peaks by Tim Hayes

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Leading Indices At Bull Market Peaks by Tim Hayes So which indices do you think most reliably lead the market? To find out, STOCKS & COMMODITIES contributor Tim Hayes, who was also interviewed in the August 1991 issue, examined 14 indicators for their m

  • Mexico, the Secret Bull Market Indicator

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Learn how the Mexican stock market is giving clues to a multi-month rally for crude oil and stock markets of other nations.

  • NYT: Classic Pullback In A Bull Market?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of New York Times 'A' stock (NTY)are up by 38% since making a major multicycle low on May 1, 2013 and are now sitting at an important support level; if this level holds off further selling, the odds are good for a tradable bullish swing

  • Natural Gas Bull Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See why a Natural Gas bull market could affect Crude Oil and the US stock market.

  • New Bull Market. . . Or?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The market, as shown by the S&P 500 index, appears to be entering a new Bull market - or is this a sucker play? You decide. Here are the clues.

  • New Bull Market. . . Or?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The market, as shown by the S&P 500 index, appears to be entering a new Bull market - or is this a sucker play? You decide. Here are the clues.

  • On The Bull Market Of the Century: Louise Yamada by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bull market of the end of the 20th century has been going on for some time now. How did this happen, and how much longer is it going to last? To get some answers, we turned to Louise Yamada of Salomon Smith Barney, whose recent book, Market Magic: Ri

  • Primary Bull Market Remains Intact

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis is used to show that the primary bull market of the Dow Jones Industrial Average remains intact. However, this analysis also shows that a market top lies ahead.

  • Primary Bull Market Secondary Reaction

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis is used to help clarify the difference between a secondary reaction within an ongoing bull market or the establishment of a new bear market.

  • Procter And Gamble Bull Market Ends

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Long-term statistical analysis shows that the bull market for Procter and Gamble has come to an end.

  • Putting Paid To The Bull Market?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bears continue to have a hard time writing the obituary for the bull market that began in 2003. Will it die? Not yet -- the weekly charts show that the market is on life support.

  • Stock Bull Market Enters Twilight Zone

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks have bottomed at a bulls-eye target date, see when the next turn could come.

  • The Bull Market Is Not Over

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Taking a long-term view of the markets, I came to a surprising conclusion: The bull market that began more than two decades ago is not over, even though the sting of the year 2000 "meltdown" is still painfully etched in the minds of many trader

  • The Composite Man's Bull Market Campaign

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will the principles of 20th-century chartist Richard D. Wyckoff still work in today's markets? You might be surprised. Here's a reenactment of Wyckoff's original campaign as applied to the 2008-14 stock market.

  • The New Gold Bull Market?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are gold bugs mis-reading EWT in order to arrive at a bullish outlook for gold?

  • Three Lessons For Trading In The New Bull Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It has been 14 years since we've had a full-fledged bull market and to maximize your opportunity there are three lessons to keep in mind.

  • When Did The Bull Market Officially Begin?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The market rally off the March low began as a market correction in an ongoing bear market. Later it started to be called a bull market. When did the bear market officially end and the bull market begin?

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