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  • Competing Patterns In The S&P Small Cap Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The S&P Small Cap Index ($SML) remains in a clear uptrend, but a reversal pattern could be taking shape.

  • Have US Small Cap Stocks Topped?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Russell 2000 hits significant resistance, a major decline may have begun.

  • How The Small Survive - Laura Granger Of Oppenheimer Emerging Growth Fund

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the going gets tough, do the small get growing? That's how Laura Granger, portfolio manager of OppenheimerFunds' new Emerging Growth Fund, sees it. At the helm of the fund since October 2000, Granger has parlayed her success in turning aro

  • IWM: Could US Small Caps Join The Large Cap Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The iShares Russell 2000 (IWM), which is an exchange traded fund (ETF) seeking to track the investment results of an index composed of small-cap US equities, looks poised for a bullish breakout. But will it be successful?

  • In A Topping Market, Small Caps Have Diverged From Industrials

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In my last article, "Another Sign Of A Market Top?," we saw how the transports had diverged from the industrials, which is a Dow theory warning sign that a reversal may be in the offing. A falling Russell 2000 small-cap index adds more weight t

  • Liquidity Data Bank: Big promises, small deliveries by Thomas K Bonen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Liquidity Data Bank: Big promises, small deliveries by Thomas K. Bonen In 1984, the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) introduced the revolutionary Liquidity Data Bank (LDB) to the general public. It was a truly unique venture intended to open up the exchang

  • Powershares Dynamic Small Cap Value Calling For Major Correction?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The ETF is suggesting a head & shoulder formation developing. Is this a forecast of a major correction?

  • S&P 600 Small Cap Index Approaching Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bullish rally of the S&P 600 Small Cap Index is likely to slow down near the previous high resistance.


  • Small And Medium, Too

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One of the many misconceptions about trading is this: the vast majority of aspiring traders fail, while a relatively small percentage succeed in wild fashion. In other words, the message board warriors and twitter addicts lead themselves to believe that

  • Small Cap And Large Cap Stocks Diverging

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Over the past three weeks, small-cap stocks have struggled even as their large-cap brethren have been marching higher toward an all-time high.

  • Small Cap Index Forms Broadening Formation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Although relatively rare, the S&P SmallCap Index (SML) formed its second broadening formation in the last four years.

  • Small Cap Index Turns Down

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis is used here to show that the S&P 600 Small Cap Index has reversed from an uptrend to a downtrend.

  • Small Capped?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Near-term price action for the Russell 2000 index.

  • Small Caps Are Riskier Than Large Caps

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The current decline in stocks has hit smaller stocks more than larger ones.

  • Small Caps Lagging Large Caps

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The small-cap dominated Russell 2000 index, which started underperforming the S&P 500 in December, looks ripe for further downside.

  • Small Caps Show Relative Weakness

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The S&P Small-Cap iShares has been underperforming the S&P 500 this month, and a bearish candlestick reversal points to more weakness.

  • Small Caps Still Bullish

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite a bearish divergence in MACD, the S&P SmallCap Index remains in a strong uptrend that has yet to be proven otherwise. What would it take to prove otherwise?

  • Small Caps Testing Important Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Small cap stocks, which led the market higher in 2003, are testing an important support level that could hold the key to the overall market.

  • Small Caps Topping

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Russell 2000 Small Capitalization exchange traded fund has gained over 80% this year and now looks to be topping out.

  • Small Caps: Growing Value And Valuing Growth

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the Nasdaq reeling and the economy teetering on the edge of a recession, why would anyone be interested in small-cap stocks and mutual funds? Growth, for one thing. Value, for another.

  • Small Range, Big Profits

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Small-range bars are your friends. They're talking to you. Listen to them.

  • Start Small And Win Big

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bulls are trying to find their legs but don't jump in completely. Start with small positions and you could win big.

  • Stock Analysis And Investing For The Small Investor

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's some advice and wisdom for small investors seeking to invest in the stock market for the first time.

  • Tech And Small Cap Point Toward Lower Stock Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bull markets are usually led higher by stocks in the NASDAQ and small-cap stocks. But not right now.

  • The S&P 600 Small Cap Index Hits Target

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The S&P 600 Small Cap Index has reached the target on a head & shoulders top reversal pattern. After the prolonged fall, the index shows bullish signs for the rally.

  • The Secret To Success? Small Losses

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Taking small steps, being patient, and following a well-thought-out plan makes all the difference.

  • The Small Cap Index Likely To Outperform

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After breaching the resistance, the S&P 600 Small Cap Index entered a healthy uptrend.

  • Three Myths About Trading A Small Commodity Account by K.D. Angle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Three Myths About Trading A Small Commodity Account by K.D. Angle The New Timing Device editor Kelly Angle disputes some common notions about trading commodities if you have a small commodity account. What are they? In talking with thousands of clients

  • US Small Cap Stocks Lead the Way

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Russell 2000 small cap stock index has been leading the way up. See why it may soon lead the way down.

  • Value At Risk For The Small Investor

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Protecting your capital and limiting losses is fundamental to trading. But how can you estimate your possible losses for better risk management? Here's a method you can use

  • With IWM, Small Caps Ready To Tumble Again?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A very reliable MetaStock expert advisor is suggesting that the Russell 2000 index has the potential to face more downside in the next week or two, at the very least.

Working Money: Stock Analysis And Investing For The Small Investor by Daniel Subach

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