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  • A Trend Is A Trend Until It Isn't

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The trendline is the fulcrum of power, and the longer it lingers on a chart, the stronger it becomes. The current intermediate downtrend has proved to be a stumbling block to the bulls time and again over the last couple of months, but a reversal pattern

  • Best Buy: The Bid Is A Lonely Hunter

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While some may have longed for a head and shoulders bottom, the July breakdowns in Best Buy add to the saga of retail's woes.

  • Bullish Percent is a Good Barometer of the Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bullish percent is the percentage of stocks that are on buy signals at any given point in time. By watching for certain patterns, investors can interpret what type of market - bull or bear - we are in before it is too late.

  • Citigroup Is A Buy Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock has been hit by bad news underperforming the sector. Buying supports could be a profitable strategy.

  • For GDX, Is A Major Bottom At Hand?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When an area of support holds after three widely spaced tests, it may be time to start looking for signs of a bullish breakout.

  • Honeywell Is A Diamond In The Rough!

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Honeywell (HON) is definitely on the move higher, but the question is when to jump into a long position while the general market conditions are short. Examining the monthly, weekly and daily charts will help you make a better decision.

  • How Important Is A Turning Point? by Arthur A. Merrill, C.M.T.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How Important Is A Turning Point? by Arthur A. Merrill, C.M.T. So, naturalists observe a flea Hath smaller fleas that on him prey And these have smaller still to bite 'em; And so proceed ad infinitum. --Jonathan Swift So goes the market. Waves withi

  • How Much is a Star Performer Worth?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With Tesla (TSLA) in the news because its shareholders are set to vote on a massive $2.6 billion compensation package to be paid to the company's part time Chief Executive Officer, Elon Musk, over the next decade, now seems like an opportune time to

  • Is A Breakout For The US Dollar Index In The Cards?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US Dollar Index is consolidating after an extensive advance rally.

  • Is A Correction On The Horizon?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Why is it that the bears hug the TV networks and the newspaper reporters? Is the fear of losing money the reason?

  • Is A Google Reversal At Hand?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's been a great run for GOOG since it went public nearly ten years ago. In November 2013, it officially became a 10-bagger. Is there a big correction in the cards for the stock?

  • Is A Morgan Stanley Pullback Due?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since putting in a double bottom this summer, Morgan Stanley shares have rebounded nicely; is a pullback due now that Fibonacci resistance has manifested?

  • Is A Recession Looming?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If the US economy continues to slow, it looks pretty likely.

  • Is A Sherwin Williams Breakout Looming From Consolidation?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Sherwin Williams appear to be in prime position to rally along with the rest of the broad market after Thursday, October 20's notable intraday reversal.

  • June Is A Bad Month For Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders fear September and October, months known for crashes, but June should also be feared.

  • Lululemon Is A Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the price of a stock traces a saucer bottom, you better put it on your watchlist.


  • SIDEBAR: WHAT IS A FAST FOURIER TRANSFORM? by Technical Analysis, Inc.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...WHAT IS A FAST FOURIER TRANSFORM? by Technical Analysis, Inc. There is an intuitive appeal in the concept that cycles are apparent in price data. The cycles do not appear to be consistent, but more of a combination that are longer- and shorter-term cycl

  • Selective Opportunity Is A Trader's Weapon

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Chasing every opportunity in the market only leads to losses. Sometimes, the best trading tool a pro can use is simply being selective.

  • The DJIA Is A Fata Morgana

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Complexity Of It All - Here's an interesting perspective on the oldest stock index in the US.

  • The US Dollar Index: Is A Breakout Or Reversal At Hand?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After an impressive three-month bull rally, the US Dollar Index is approaching an important resistance barrier: the upper Keltner band on its weekly chart.

  • This Penny is a Nickel Play

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Technical analysis on penny stocks can be futile mainly because of liquidity problems. Thinly traded stocks are easily manipulated and their track records can be dubious. Other problems also occur when there are too many outstanding shares (in the hundre

  • What Is A Trend, Anyway? by John Sweeney

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What Is A Trend, Anyway? by John Sweeney A reader reacting to the Settlement article in January on trading basics (Settlement, ""Trading simply: Minimizing losses,"" Stocks & COMMODITIES, January 1991) asked a key question: What is a trend? How do I ide

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