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Article Archive For Keyword: Gaps

  • Agilent Technologies Gaps Into Resistance Zone

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Fanline breakouts and a gap spell higher prices for Agilent Technologies (A).

  • Another Chance With Breakaway Gaps by John Crane

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Another Chance With Breakaway Gaps by John Crane Suppose you've been monitoring the market for weeks, faithfully updating your daily charts and studying your favorite indicators. The criteria for your trade are met and, at long last, a buy signal is gen

  • Are there gaps in your thinking? by Richard W. Arms Jr.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are there gaps in your thinking? by Richard W. Arms Jr. Usually in the use of technical analysis we are concerned with what happened and how it happened in order to predict what will happen. But there are times when what didn't happen can be as importan

  • Aussie Dollar Gaps Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Australian Dollar Index ended a picture-perfect correction with a gap that opens the door to higher prices in July.

  • Avnet's Telling Gaps And Tricky Bottom Hammers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Once the real bottom hammer came into play, a nice trend reversal occurred for Avnet (AVT). Gaps on this chart add fuel to direction.

  • Breakaway Gaps At The Top: Selling Plays

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using candlestick patterns and indicator divergences can help traders reinforce their assessment when trying to identify breakaway gaps.

  • Breakaway Gaps by Kenneth Gillilan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A gap up in a stock's price is an exciting event. Usually, such moves will be covered by the financial media, creating hysteria and resulting in some people frantically buying the stock "before it's too late." Rarely do the pundits provide a reason

  • Chevron Gaps Off Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A gap off support and an advance on high volume increase the odds of a flag breakout for Chevron.

  • Copart Gaps Up

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Copart Inc. was under strong resistance, suggesting a descending rally. But the gap-up opening on Thursday has surprised market watchers.

  • Corning Filling Gaps

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gaps have offered strong support-resistances to Corning Inc. The stock is likely to fill a big gap up.

  • Cutera Gaps In Bullish Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bullish rally was struck by a gap down, whipsawing many long trades.

  • Daytrading Gaps & Cups

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Learn to combine intraday gap and cup continuation patterns for strong entries. This professional daytrader shows you how

  • Dojis And Gaps

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Power up your profits by combining these formations.

  • FCX Gaps Below Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Freeport McMoran Copper and Gold are selling off hard, gapping below a key support level.

  • Four Gaps And Their Technical Significance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gaps can help or wreak havoc on your trading. Here we show you how you can recognize four different types of gaps, the sentiments associated with them, and how to employ them

  • Gaps

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some are commonplace and mean little, while others are less frequent but meaningful.

  • Gaps & Bullish Cup Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This monthly column written by a professional daytrader and educator covers the general topic of breakout trading techniques. This month, he explains how you can improve your chances for success in gap trading by combining gap trades with easy-to-see cup

  • Gaps by Thom Hartle and Melanie F. Bowman

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gaps by Thom Hartle and Melanie F. Bowman Occasionally, trading leaps over a range of prices to reach a new level, leaving a blank space in the price chart. If these spaces are wider than the usual 1/8- to 1/2-point difference in bids, they imply that s

  • Gaps: A Common Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This short-term pattern provides good trading opportunities.

  • Gauging Gaps by Thomas Bulkowski

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gauging Gaps by Thomas Bulkowski Should you trade the gap? Here are some gap performance numbers to help you decide. Suppose you've been following a chart pattern. Say prices gap upward, piercing the trendline in a breakout. Do you buy the stock, expec

  • How To Enter Trades With Gaps And Laps

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the unexpected happens, you need a backup plan so you don't miss a runaway move.

  • Laps And Gaps To Get Your Edge by Larry Connors and Ashton Dorkins

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Laps And Gaps To Get Your Edge by Larry Connors and Ashton Dorkins When a stock gaps higher at the open on bullish news, will that lead to even higher prices? When a stock gaps higher at the open on bullish news, will that lead to even higher prices? T

  • Mind The Gaps In Centex

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Centex, a leading home building stock, recently gapped higher on big volume, and this gap is close to becoming an exhaustion gap.

  • Multiple Gaps In Amazon

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Amazon has witnessed many gaps in the past few months. The gaps down have induced bearish pressure in the stock.

  • Nokia Gaps Out Of A Basing Formation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The telecom sector has been moving up recently, thanks to companies like Nokia. Ahead of the pack, Nokia broke out of a 2-year consolidationon on an upward gap. Here's how you can trade that gap.

  • On Oil: Reversals, Candlesticks, And Gaps

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Recent developments in the light crude oil price charts may give us a hint of what's to come.

  • Persistent Trends And Runaway Gaps

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Strong trends produce runaway gaps that can be difficult to trade unless you have the right approach.

  • QCOM Reverses With Gaps

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Qualcomm appeared to break down with a gap in early November, but the stock countered with a gap up and follow-through above resistance would be bullish.

  • RadioShack Gaps Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A gap and breakout on big volume point to higher prices for RadioShack.

  • The Three Major Price Gaps For Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Price gaps don't just reflect changes in demand for a stock but can indicate whether a stock will break away, gather momentum, or signal a trend reversal, which is why you need to know these three types of gaps.

  • Those Google Gaps

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...We all know what a gap is. However, are you aware that there are three types of gaps?

  • Three Months And Three Gaps For Nucor

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Two gaps validate resistance for Nucor and a big double top is evolving over the last few months.

  • Tollgrade Gaps Up

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A gap up and MACD crossover point to higher prices for Tollgrade Communications.

  • Trading Breakaway Gaps

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many traders like to trade breakaway gaps. How effective are they? Here, we look at backtesting results of trading different breakaway gaps to determine if they can be profitable

  • Trading Earnings Gaps

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gaps are areas on a price chart where no trading has taken place during a certain trading period. There could be any number of reasons for the presence of gaps, but one of the most common is a quarterly earnings surprise.

  • Trading The Deutschemark's Gaps by John Sweeney

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading The Deutschemark's Gaps by John Sweeney Talk about humiliation! Looking at a Deutschemark chart, I figured I'd trade with the direction of any gap for short small gains. The evidence showed I was 180 degrees wrong! I asked my computer to look at

  • Two Gaps To Fill In Amazon

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It is customary for a share price to fill a gap when one is made.

  • USAP Gaps Up

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...USAP breaks out of long range-bound period, offers gap-up buying opportunities for traders and investors.

  • What You Need To Know About Gaps by Joe Luisi and Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What You Need To Know About Gaps by Joe Luisi and Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan Have you ever wondered what gaps are and why they occur? Here are the various types, examples - and an answer. Ever had an open position at the close one day, only to find that a

  • Working Money: Dojis And Gaps by Stephen Bigalow

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Working Money: Dojis And Gaps by Stephen Bigalow Power up your profits by combining these formations. Traders who use the candlestick technique say to take notice when a doji appears. The doji is one of the most revealing signals in candlestick analysi

Working Money: On Oil: Reversals, Candlesticks, And Gaps by Chris Manuell

  • Yahoo Gaps Up

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will the trend reversal breakout pull Yahoo higher?

  • Yahoo! Gaps Off Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Yahoo! had a rough summer, but the stock found support from last year's low and a gap-up kick started a breakout on good volume.

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