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  • A Pitchfork Breakout For Best Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Best Buy looks like a good buy after a break above the upper trendline of a falling pitchfork.

  • Arkansas Best Hits Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Arkansas Best has been a top performer in 2008 so far, but resistance is at hand and a bearish candlestick reversal could spell lower prices ahead.

  • Bear's Best Friend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a market outlook for the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

  • Best Buy Becomes Big Sell as Key Support Shattered

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Best Buy plunged nearly nine percent, setting the stage for yet more downside.

  • Best Buy Co. May Be Best Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This huge specialty retailer of consumer electronics may be poised for another large move.

  • Best Buy Co. May Be Best Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This huge specialty retailer of consumer electronics may be poised for another large move.

  • Best Buy Co. Testing A Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the markets bounce, many stocks will try to follow, including Best Buy Co.

  • Best Buy Leading Retail Lower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Best Buy (BBY), an important retailer and cyclical stock, led the market higher in 2003, but the early signals in 2004 point to weakness that could extend into the industry and sector.

  • Best Buy Making a Break For It

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Best Buy is tracing out an ascending triangle on the daily chart, but the weekly chart suggests that this could just be a reaction rally within a larger downtrend.

  • Best Buy Tests Key Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Best Buy has a large double top working on the weekly chart, but support has yet to be broken and there is a small double bottom working on the daily chart.

  • Best Buy: The Bid Is A Lonely Hunter

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While some may have longed for a head and shoulders bottom, the July breakdowns in Best Buy add to the saga of retail's woes.

  • Best Of Funds, Worst Of Funds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Not much has changed in the world of sector fund relative strength over the past few months; transportation stocks are still outperforming even as energy-related shares continue to languish.

  • Decker Outdoor On Track For Its Best Annual Performance Ever

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The year 2012 was the toughest year ever for DECK, even worse than 2008. But lately, the chart is looking downright bullish. Could this be the company's best year ever?

  • Diamonds Are A Trader's Best Friend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The diamond pattern is a classic chart formation yet it is often misunderstood and underestimated. Here's a deep dive into diamonds

  • February Not The Best Time To Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Over the past 20 years, February has been a down month. While seasonals are just one indicator, they add to the bearish case in a down market.

  • In Search Of The Best Trend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There are so many ways to measure trends that it becomes difficult to identify which one to use. Here we compare five systems that each use a different method of determining trend, and we analyze the results to see which ones top the list

  • Is Buy-and-Hold The Best Strategy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is buy-and-hold really the best strategy to follow?

  • Is There A Best Time To Begin Systems Trading?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Once you've identified a promising trading system, you'll still be faced with a very basic question: When is the preferred time to begin trading it?

  • Looking For The Best

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the American political agenda creating so much uncertainty in the stock market, what is the best indicator to watch?

  • Missing The 10 Best Days by Richard Ahrens

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Missing The 10 Best Days by Richard Ahrens Would missing the 10 best days in the last 20 years have a negative impact on your portfolio? One of the standard arguments against attempting to time the market says that if you missed the 10 best days in the

Product Review: Best Choice Software by Barbara Star, PhD.

Quick Scan: Best Test Simulated Trading by John Sweeney

  • Selecting The Best Futures Price Series For Computer Testing by Jack Schwager

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Selecting The Best Futures Price Series For Computer Testing by Jack Schwager One problem that traders studying commodity markets face is the fact that individual futures contracts have price characteristics that are not continuous with other contracts

  • Selecting the best individual stocks Wyckoff method of trading stocks part 9 by Jack K. Hutson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Selecting the best individual stocks Wyckoff method of trading stocks part 9 by Jack K. Hutson Our discussion of Wyckoff's analytical methods have so far concentrated on deductive reasoning to reach investment or trading conclusions. We first determined

  • Silver's Going Up But What's The Best Way To Play It?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Following its $48 high in April 2011, silver got hammered, dropping to a low of $18.51 in June 2013. Now that it's rising again, where is the best place to be?

  • Sometimes It's Best To Stand Aside And Wait

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With Whole Foods Market (WFM) set to announce quarterly earnings on Wednesday May 4th, 2016, what does the chart say about the performance of its stock?

  • The Best And The Brightest Go To Washington

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Technicians and traders from around the world met in Washington, DC, during the first week of November 2003 to discuss the latest techniques and markets. For those serious about the practice and application of technical analysis, it was an event not to

  • The Best And The Brightest Of Technical Analysis

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders are a lonely breed. Most of their days are spent alone, their eyes glued to an array of computer screens, fingers poised over the keyboard and "Do not disturb" signs hanging over their desks. Continually enhancing your trading

  • The Best Chart Pattern Entry

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can traders better time the entry?

  • The Best Indicator

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Today there are many indicators out there that suggest when to buy or sell a share.

  • The best trading indicator- the media by Grant Noble

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The best trading indicator- the media by Grant Noble Anyone who has studied technical analysis knows that what has been written about it stems from a limited number of approaches. Most of the books, systems and seminars on the market boil down to 12

  • The seven best brokers in America by Norm Zadeh, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The seven best brokers in America by Norm Zadeh, Ph.D. The vast majority of brokers do not make their own investment decisions. When they phone a client with a recommendation, it is that of the firm, not their own. Out of roughly 65,000 brokers, perhaps

  • Volatility: What's The Best Measure?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Volatility has often been measured by standard deviation but there are other ways to look at volatility. Here we look at how true range can be used as a reliable volatility measure

  • Volume And Momentum Turn Sour On Best Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Best Buy spearheaded the retail group, rising from mid-August to early November, but waning momentum and increasing volume on the downside may spell trouble ahead.

WM: The Best And The Brightest Of Technical Analysis by Matt Blackman

  • Warren's Best Valuation Measure

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the Oracle of Omaha speaks, people listen, especially when it's about stock values.

  • Warren's Best Valuation Measure And Other Charts Updated

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As markets continue higher some historic market indicators, including one of Mr. Buffett's favorites, get even more stretched.

  • What Is The Best Purchase Price?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Have you analyzed your trading setup to determine what the best price is for buying a security? Here we explore some ways to do that

  • What's The Best Way To Play The Gold Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since hitting bottom in late June, gold and precious metal prices have posted impressive gains. But the best way to play this rally may be to not buy the metals themselves.

  • Which Is The Best Trading System For You?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some trading systems appear to be almost a tailor-made fit for a given stock's trading characteristics.

  • Which Strike Is Best? by Ihor Vysotskyy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Which Strike Is Best? by Ihor Vysotskyy Here's a method for selecting advantageous options. Purchasing call options is often considered to be the simplest strategy when it comes to trading options. The method is based on the assumption that when the pr

Working Money: "The Best And The Brightest" Go To Washington by Matt Blackman

  • Your Last Best Hope For Sunnier Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There is plenty to be anxious about in today's markets, but while others hope for sunnier days, you can become your last best hope right now by understanding these key principles.

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