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  • A Peak In Wheat? Negative Divergences Suggest A Turn In Early October

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a year and a half of soaring wheat prices, is the MACD histogram hinting at reversal?

  • AOL Early Warning Signs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...AOL has enjoyed a good rise the past few months but is now looking a little tired.

  • Allstate : Early Warning of Cycle High?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bearish divergences have begun to appear on Allstate Corp's daily chart; is the ten-month old rally nearing completion?

  • An Early Trend Failure For Gold Or A Bounce Setting Up?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders who anticipated the likelihood of a possible double top move towards the troughline test were rewarded.

  • An Early Warning From the Broadening Formation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Last Thursday when Compuware Corporation (CPWR) tumbled from $11.10 on Wednesday's close to a low of $7.51 on Thursday many were wondering what happened. This 32% loss in one day demonstrates the fragility of today's markets.

  • An Early Warning System, Part 1

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Irrational human behavior influences stock prices, and this behavior can lead to predictable outcomes. Here's a trading system that takes advantage of overreactions in the market, which could give you a trading edge

  • An Early Warning System, Part 2

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some trading signals are better than others. In this second part of a three-part series, we'll describe a filter that'll help identify optimal swing trading buy/sell points

  • An Early Warning System, Part 3

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this final part of a three-part series, we'll describe a swing trading system that provides traders with a simple, straightforward set of rules to help anticipate price trends based on significant volume increases

  • Boston Scientific: Early Hint Of Distribution?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up by 150% since November 2012, shares of Boston Scientific may now be giving advance warning of "smart money" distribution.

  • Bud's Early Warning Signs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This beer powerhouse may have gotten ahead of itself as several warning signs have emerged.

  • Catching An Early Bullish Trend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Nothing is more prized than catching the beginning of an emerging bullish trend, but you have to know what to look for and have a game plan to succeed.

Christmas Comes Early With The DJIA by John L. Momsen

Detecting New Trends Early by David R. Steckler


    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A Young Adult's Guide To Investing And Financial Decisions That Can Shape Your Life.

  • Early Entry Patterns In Breakaway Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Chart patterns reveal strong breakaway moves by scanning different time periods, but if you follow a few simple steps, you can enter early for more profits.

  • Early Hints at General Motors' Weakness

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Multiple negative divergences are often an early sign of trouble ahead. Some are starting to appear for GM and traders should watch for additional confirming weakness via price action and pattern violation.The indicators and volume show that despite the

  • Early Morning Activity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can an analysis of early morning trading acticity offer you a forecasting advantage in the opening hour of the equities market? Find out here.

  • Early Sign Of Lower Oil Prices?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A company supporting offshore drilling is breaking down, possibly signaling that lower oil prices lie ahead.

  • Early Trend Identification by John F. Ehlers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Early Trend Identification by John F. Ehlers Impressive profits can be accumulated just by staying with a position during a trend. We would all be millionaires if only we could identify the trend early in its onset. While the trends are obvious in retro

  • Early Warning System Dynamic Model

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When can you confidently enter or exit a trade? It's never easy, but there are dynamics between adoption models and supply & demand that, if understood, can provide the trader with valuable insights in the form of advanced warning signals

  • GM Giving Early Market Warning?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The four-month rule relies on the premise that what is good for GM is good for America. It also says that GM leads the market down at market tops. Are we at one now?

  • How To Detect Early Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...False breakouts are common, but not if you learn how to detect them early with a simple indicator.

  • How To Use Pocket Pivots To Catch Early Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Breakout trading can turn into "fakeout trading" as floor traders manipulate the market, but if you know this effective entry method developed by two trading legends, you can beat them to the punch for large gains.

  • Identifying Cup Formations Early by Giorgos Siligardos

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a simple mechanical recognition method for identifying possible emerging cup formations. In my article "Identifying The Cup (With Or Without The Handle)," which appeared in the February 2006 Stocks & Commodities, I introduced a simple mechanica

  • Identifying Powerful Breakouts Early by Tushar S. Chande

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...TRADING TECHNIQUES Identifying Powerful Breakouts Early by Tushar S. Chande High-powered breakouts occur with a strong surge of momentum in the direction of the price change. Such breakouts may be short-lived, however, occurring toward the latter stages

  • Methanex Corp. Shows Early Warning Signs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Several negative developments shown on this chart hint at the liklihood of a downside test coming soon.

  • Monthly Dow Shows Early Signs Of Trend Change

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Normally longer term trend changes are announced by a series of higher lows and higher highs on a monthly chart and the Dow finally shows this.

  • Opening range breakout: early entry Part 2 by Toby Crabel

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Opening range breakout: early entry Part 2 by Toby Crabel Early entry is defined as a large price movement in one direction within the first five minutes after the open of the daily session. A study of early entry is essentially a study of price action,

  • Plan Early for your Taxes

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...OK so April 15th is months away. Why worry about taxes now? Unfortunately if you are a mutual fund holder or have sold securities during the course of the year, you may have to end up paying a hefty check to Uncle Sam. To better prepare yourself for t

  • Rails Taking The Early Lead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One of the top performers thus far in 2007, the Dow Jones Railroad Index caught fire over the last two weeks.

  • The Early Chartists: Schabacker, Edwards, Magee

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a look at some of the earliest technical analysts.

  • Traders' Tips - Identifying Cup Formations Early

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For this month's Traders' Tips, the focus is Giorgos Siligardos' article in this issue, "Identifying Cup Formations Early." One additional Traders' Tip is contributed for Peter Konner's article in the January 2011 issue of S&C, "Combining Rsi with R

  • Two Step Strategy To Getting In Early

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The most difficult part of trading is knowing when to get in early and when to stay out but there is a simple two step strategy to help you get into winning stocks earlier than the crowd.

  • Using Dawn's Early Light To Spot Early Trend Reversals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Dawn's early light is the Sanskrit name that Tuschar Chande gave to an indicator he developed in 1995. The Aroon indicator consists of two separate lines; the Aroon-Up and the Aroon-Down. We will use the chart of Intuit, Inc. (INTU) to study how thi

  • Using Dawn's Early Light To Spot Early Trend Reversals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Dawn's early light is the Sanskrit name that Tuschar Chande gave to an indicator he developed in 1995. The Aroon indicator consists of two separate lines; the Aroon-Up and the Aroon-Down. We will use the chart of Intuit, Inc. (INTU) to study how thi

Working Money: The Early Chartists: Schabacker, Edwards, Magee by James Maccaro

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