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Article Archive For Keyword: Breakouts

  • 45ˇ Angle Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One of the strongest swing trading breakout patterns is the 45ˇ angle multi-week uptrend. Here's what to look for and how you can trade it

  • ADX & 50SMA Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The more technical signals that line up in your favor, the better the odds of making a successful trade. Here's an example of how to confirm a technical signal with another signal

  • ADX Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Breakouts are a popular method to trade with, but how do you differentiate between strong and weak breakouts? This professional daytrader demonstrates one method of identifying breakouts that could make a difference

  • Acceleration Ramp Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The acceleration ramp is a pattern that points to stocks that are building strong demand over the course of several weeks. Here's how to look for this pattern

  • Advance Breakdowns And Breakouts In Oscillators by Martin J. Pring

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Advance Breakdowns And Breakouts In Oscillators by Martin J. Pring Oscillators have always been a popular tool for traders. Here are some guidelines from a leading market analyst on various ways to apply this widely used technique. I think of momentum

  • Ascending Triangle Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This month in our Trading On Momentum column, this professional trader introduces you to the ascending triangle pattern that you can use to help spot buying pressure as it builds

  • Avoiding False Breakouts: "No 9

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This month, the breakout strategy discussed isn't so much about what to do as what not to do

  • BIIB: Warning Signs, False Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Biogen Idec Inc. (BIIB) has a lot of things working for it to be a potential homerun, but here is why you should avoid this stock.

  • Big Breakouts In Little Triangles

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One tenet of swing trading suggests taking big gains as soon as you get them. The recent action in Rf Microdevices, Inc. (RFMD) is one example why.

  • Boeing's Beautiful BOSO Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Being overbought has its benefits for Boeing in 2006.

  • Bollinger Band MA Crossover Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This monthly column written by a professional daytrader and educator covers the general topic of breakout trading techniques. This month, he explains how you can use a particular combination of signals to help avoid false breakouts while gaining earlier,

  • Bottoms, Breakouts, And Bear Patterns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Divergences, stars, engulfing patterns, and BOSO plays abound in three and a half months of price action in September lumber.

  • Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Catching a stock that is breaking out of its trading range during the early stage can result in a profitable trade.

  • Breakouts And Breaking Points

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the current market, price trades near its annual highs and while it may look like a potential breakout to newer highs, the nagging question is whether the market could be at its breaking point.

  • Breakouts, Directional Movement, And The DJIA

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A shift in positive directional movement accompanies a breakout in the Dow Jones industrials.

  • Breakouts, Pullbacks, And Gaming The 2B

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Another mild post-breakout pullback for the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index provides an opportunity to see 2B tops in action as short-term countertrend plays.

  • Bull Flag Swing Trading Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Missed your entry on a big breakout? A trend continuation could give you a second chance. Here's how to spot a pattern that gives you the opening you need

  • Buying Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Buying stocks that hit new highs is a technique commonly employed by traders to catch the next big winner. Relative strength can be used to avoid buying overbought stocks likely to consolidate or decline in the short term.

  • CTL: Evaluation Of Channel Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Certain channel breakout setups are more desirable than others; here's a quick tutorial to help you spot the higher probability opportunities.

  • Channel Breakouts In Kinross Gold Corp.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Now that the projected cost of the "New Deal, Part II" is rising by the day, some analysts expect the entire precious metals (PM) complex to soar. Here's a potential channel breakout setup in Kinross Gold Corp.

  • Closing Range Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Learn to identify a closing range breakout entry using a two-day chart

  • Conditional OTO Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using one-triggers-the-other (OTO) conditional orders is ideal for breakout trading. Here's why

  • Consolidation Channel Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When price trends between two parallel trendlines it is said to form a channel, and a consolidation channel is a sideways action where price is in a trading range. This month, this professional trader describes what to look for to have the best chances o

  • Daytrading ADX Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Would you like to know about a technical indicator that provides a consistent way to spot volatile breakouts in a timely manner? This tool may be sitting right in front of you. If you aren't already using the ADX, here's how to use it to determine whethe

  • Daytrading Cup Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Entering and exiting intraday trades using precision technical trading signals has been popular with both retail and institutional traders, since it limits overnight risk exposure. The primary elements of professional daytrading include scanning

  • Daytrading Price Volatility Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's how to recognize specific patterns that can be incorporated into a successful trading strategy.

  • Daytrading Tall-Candle Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Tall green candles are easy to spot on a chart, and entering above a tall candle's high can set you up for a profitable breakout trade. Here's how to do it

  • Daytrading VWMA Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Adding in a volume component to your moving average calculation can help you know when momentum may be slowing, which may improve your trade timing. Here's how

  • Detecting Breakouts From Flags & Pennants by Markos Katsanos

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 23:5 (48-57): Detecting Breakouts From Flags & Pennants by Markos Katsanos Here's a system to identify and trade flag and pennant formations. In my previous article, I wrote about the measuring implications, duration, and identi

  • Detecting Breakouts In Intraday Charts by Markos Katsanos

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Detecting Breakouts In Intraday Charts by Markos Katsanos Here's an important enhancement to the finite volume elements indicator that's especially useful with intraday minute charts. In the April 2003 STOCKS & COMMODITIES, I introduced the finite volu

  • Detecting Breakouts by Markos Katsanos

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Detecting Breakouts by Markos Katsanos The finite volume elements (FVE) indicator is yet another money flow indicator -- but it takes into account both intra- and interday price action. Most technical analysts underestimate volume indicators in favor of

  • Donchian Breakouts by David Penn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Donchian Breakouts by David Penn Buy strength and sell weakness with this simple yet effective breakout trading strategy. There may be as many different forms of the Donchian breakout as there are moving average crossover or pattern recognition strateg

  • Dual-Candle Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Simply buying into an uptrend in isolation often leads to false breakouts. Instead, you may find more success if you scan for dual-candle breakout patterns. Here's how to find them

  • Dual-Candle Momentum Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Green candles in this scenario can be a sign of momentum. Here's how to incorporate them into your breakout trading

  • Fakeouts And Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A 1-2-3 trend reversal becomes a bear trap as positive divergences power the $SPX toward new, year-to-date highs.

  • Filtering Breakouts by Adam White

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Filtering Breakouts by Adam White Which is more effective as a signal filter, the average directional movement index (A DX), the indicator developed by J. Welles Wilder to measure market trend intensity, or the unsmoothed version, the directional index

  • Gap Continuation Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The objective of all traders is to find a market-beating strategy. The challenge is to find ones that are consistent

  • Gaps & Bullish Cup Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This monthly column written by a professional daytrader and educator covers the general topic of breakout trading techniques. This month, he explains how you can improve your chances for success in gap trading by combining gap trades with easy-to-see cup

  • Golden Cross & Cup Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using multiple entry points to scale into winning trades can increase your odds for a successful outcome. Here's an example of one way you can do that by combining signals from a golden cross and a bullish cup breakout

  • Golden Cross Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A "golden cross" on a chart is typically defined as when the 50-day moving average crosses above the 200-day moving average, seen as a bullish sign. In this monthly column on trading breakouts, this professional trader shows how you can use this pattern

  • High-Volume Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this final article in a series we've been presenting on breakout trading strategies from this professional daytrader and educator, we look at the role that volume and price-action breakout patterns play in confirming entry signals

  • High-Volume Close Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As with many trading techniques, looking for confirmation before taking action is smart. Here's one way you can do that

  • How To Detect Early Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...False breakouts are common, but not if you learn how to detect them early with a simple indicator.

  • How To Use Pocket Pivots To Catch Early Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Breakout trading can turn into "fakeout trading" as floor traders manipulate the market, but if you know this effective entry method developed by two trading legends, you can beat them to the punch for large gains.

  • Identifying Powerful Breakouts Early by Tushar S. Chande

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...TRADING TECHNIQUES Identifying Powerful Breakouts Early by Tushar S. Chande High-powered breakouts occur with a strong surge of momentum in the direction of the price change. Such breakouts may be short-lived, however, occurring toward the latter stages

  • Inside-Range Gap Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...They may not be your traditional gaps, but they can end up with breakouts that are just as big as or bigger than some of the more popular type of gaps. Discover how to use these gaps in your trading

  • Intraday DLB Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An excellent example of the "Don't Look Back" breakout develops in a five-minute chart of the emini S&P.

  • Inverse ETF Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Find out how this trader applies breakout trading techniques in a falling market

  • Manufacturing Breakouts And The Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Manufacturing stocks are breaking out, revealing the potential to lead the market higher and offering bankable trades if you know what to look for.

  • Moving Average Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Welcome to a new column on techniques for active traders. Each month, this daytrader and founder of will cover topics such as momentum trading, breakout trading, and other technical analysisĐbased techniques. This month, you'll learn an

  • Multiday Sequential Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this monthly column covering the topic of breakout trading techniques, this professional daytrader and educator explains how looking for a multiday pattern where volume and price continue upward can simplify your trade scanning

  • Multiple-Gap Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This month, we present a breakout strategy for finding swing trade entries based on a series of upward gaps in an uptrend. This professional trader explains what to look for

  • Price Projection Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this regular column covering the topic of breakout trading techniques, this professional daytrader and educator explains how looking for prior trading ranges can help you manage new breakout entries by helping you determine how far a new swing trading

  • Spotting Breakouts From Price Channels

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Explosive breakouts can occur from price channels if you understand how to spot them and use them.

  • Swing Trading 10-Point Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some numbers have an important psychology attached to them. Find out how you can use this to your advantage in swing trading

  • Swing Trading Four-Day Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When trading breakouts, one challenge is to find charts that will continue to move in your favor. Here's one pattern that could help you identify those strong moves

  • Tape Reading Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The time & sales window can reveal valuable information about the strength of a trend. Learn more about how trading professionals use it and how you too can use it to your advantage

  • Trade Breakouts And Retracements With TMV

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Making good trading decisions involves finding indicators that cut through the market noise. But how do you do it without collapsing under the weight of information?

  • Trading Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Discovering the optimum time to short a bottom or buy a top.

  • Trading First-Hour Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It is well known that as soon as the markets open, there's a significant amount of trading activity, much of which is strong breakout patterns. How do you identify which of these patterns are strong enough to continue and generate successful trades? Find

  • Trading Flat Base Breakouts by Bill Pritchard

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:1 (46-49): Trading Flat Base Breakouts by Bill Pritchard Here's a look at a simple stock-trading strategy that combines fundamentals and technicals. The flat base breakout pattern (FBB) is a stock market classic, a time-teste

  • Trend Channels: Breakouts And Breakdowns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do two short-term moves in opposite directions end up supporting the prevailing trend?

  • Two Gold Stocks, Two Breakouts, And Two 52-Week Highs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold stocks have shown good strength over the last few weeks and months, but two in particular stand out from the crowd.

  • Two-Day-High Cup Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bullish cup patterns often continue upward. Here are two technical entry signals to look for

  • Volume-Weighted Moving Average Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a moving average crossover technique to help spot strong breakout trading patterns in volatile markets

  • Waiting For Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Good, old-fashioned breakouts from consolidations may be the technician's equivalent of a waist-high fastball. But traders who wait for the hanging change-up might find themselves with an even better pitch to hit.

  • Watching DJIA Breakouts by Mark Vakkur, M.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Catching DJIA Breakouts by Mark Vakkur, M.D. Buying breakouts in the Dow Jones Industrial Average works well - but there are caveats. If the trend is your friend, the simplest way to use that idea is to buy only those markets that are breaking out to n

  • Wide-Range Chart Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Skip the narrow, choppy trading ranges and look for a chart with enough range to have some momentum behind it

Working Money: Bottoms, Breakouts, And Bear Patterns by David Penn

Working Money: Breakouts, Pullbacks, And Gaming The 2B by David Penn

Working Money: Waiting For Breakouts by David Penn

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