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  • 2K Market Deja Vu - Good News, Bad Action

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How markets interpret news tells much about underlying investor sentiment. Bull markets ignore bad news. Bear markets ignore good news. It appears that of late, we may have fallen back into the latter category once again. For those in the bull camp, this

  • A Big Bad Banking Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A head & shoulders top appears to be a bearish work in progress over the Banking Index.

  • Alltel Forms A Big Bad Bearish Engulfing Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A negative divergence and a bearish engulfing at resistance spell reversal for Alltel.

  • Bad News Bonds?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold slipping, the dollar bouncing ... what do YOU think bonds are likely to do next?

  • Bad News for Bonds?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the 10-year Treasury headed toward historic resistance, is the bond party over?

  • Does Bad News Have Wings? Bears & Crows Eyeing DJIA

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A candlestick warning of three black crows reminds traders of two bearish patterns evolving for the DJIA.

  • Gold's Bad Break

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...News that the greenback surged to new highs against the euro was not good news for gold bulls.

  • Good Stop, Bad Stop: Chandelier Exits

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using chandelier exits gives the trader the discipline to review his or her opportunities in trading a stock.Check and see.

  • How Bad Can It Get?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Black Friday racked up billions of dollars in sales, but the market's price action was a bust, leaving traders to wonder just how bad it can get.

How Great Traders Go Bad by John A. Sarkett

  • Is MGM Resorts International A Bad Bet?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See why this gaming stock could soon have a significant decline.

  • June Is A Bad Month For Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders fear September and October, months known for crashes, but June should also be feared.

  • Netflix - Negative Reaction To Positive Earnings A Bad Sign

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Dark clouds are gathering. My last article about the stock entitled a href="""What's Next For Netflix?"/a, marked the beginning of some bearish action.

  • One For Three Ain't Bad At All

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If you want to trade a system successfully, you need to stay in the game to come out a winner.

  • Reg FD is Bad for the Market and for Technical Traders

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Regulation FD (Fair Disclosure), has leveled the information playing field, but costs are potentially devastating to both large and small traders.

  • Seasonal Trends - Good or Bad?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a look at a few futures contracts that have historic trends in the month of February.

  • Shuffle Master Deals A Bad Hand

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A moving average break and relative weakness spell lower prices for Shuffle Master.

  • Sometimes Bad News Means Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Chattem announced the voluntary recall of a product that gave consumers third degree burns -- and the stock remains strong.

  • That Big Bad Bear Shows Its Face

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...CNBC's Maria Bartiromo interviewed Robert Prechter of Elliott wave fame, and the Dow fell. Coincidence?

  • The Bad, The Good, And The Profitable by John L. Momsen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Bad, The Good, And The Profitable by John L. Momsen Here's why you have to research your trades as thoroughly as possible. In February 2003, I received an intriguing email from one of my friends. He said he had discovered a nearly perfect, 94% prof

  • The Election Cycle: Bad News - Good News Story

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Election Cycle has been called the most powerful short-term stock market cycle and it's saying stocks are headed lower. But there is some light at the end of this tunnel if history is any guide.

  • The True Cost of a Bad Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking at losing trades as learning opportunities is the best way to refine your market skills.

  • Trading On Bad News

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Equifax (EFX) confirmed a data hack affecting over 200,000 of its customers on July 29, 2017. But the full extent of the breach was not revealed until September 2017, when EFX announced that the data breach had exposed the personal information of about 1

  • When Seemingly Good Patterns Go Bad

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With two big moves in as many months, the outlook for the Dow Diamonds went from bear to bull with a classic whipsaw.

  • Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad VIX?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The markets are driven by fear and greed. When have these emotions reached an extreme? The VIX may have the answer.

Working Money: Good Stop, Bad Stop: Chandelier Exits by Sharon Yamanaka

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