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  • Are We Finally at a Bottom? SPY Buy Setup

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The DeMark sequential is set up to provide a potential buy signal in the SPY.

  • Are We Seeing a Bottom Hammer?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since peaking in the mid-twenties, this stock has been free falling to multi-year lows. Now it is trying to hold its previous low -- a candlestick "bottom hammer" -- but will it stick ?

  • Are We There Yet?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Those readers who have children, and have been on a car trip with the kids sitting in the back seat, know the answer to this question. Unfortunately, it appears that most investors do not.

  • FANG Stocks are Faltering - Should we be worried?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Four stocks have effectively powered the Nasdaq Composite higher since this rally began. They have struggled of late. Is the rally finally over?

  • Help! Where Are We?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Elliott wave theory offers a signpost in the wilderness.

  • Hewlett-Packard: Are We There Yet?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Down by more than 76% over the past 31 months, shares of HPQ may soon test a major support level.

  • Houston, We Have A Technical Problem

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A long-term technical view of the S&P 500.

  • How We Began

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Before this magazine came together in the 1980s, trading and technical analysis were in a very different place in the financial industry than they are today.

  • Inverted Head & Shoulders. Should We Be Jumping For Joy?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Wherever I look, I see this pattern on shares. Is it a pattern that can be ignored?

  • So Are We Seeing A Correction Soon?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bears haven't given up, even as the market is moving to new highs every day. But what lies around the corner?

  • The Treasury Yield Curve Inverted Again - Should We Be Worried?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since the 1960s, recessions have followed every time 10-year Treasury yields have dropped below 3-month yields and stayed there. This ratio turned negative in May. In this article we explore how to track this indicator using free, publicly available data

  • Treasury Yield Curve Warning. Should We Pay Attention?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the yield curve, defined by short-term rates dropping below long term, inverts, it generally indicates economic weakness. It has now been inverted for the most part since May.

  • We Want To Be In Financials

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bernanke: Fed intends to maintain highly accommodative policy for the foreseeable future.

  • What A Golden Web We Weave

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking at a chart of the Dow divided by the price of gold can present an argument against a possible Dow collapse.

  • What Can We Learn From Warren Buffett?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders can take cues from investors. Here's a look at mimicking what legendary investor Warren Buffett is doing

  • What Trading Lessons Can We Draw From Facebook?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What's next for Facebook, and what lessons can we learn after its rebound from the 200-day moving average?

  • Where Do We Go From Here?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are we hurtling toward a crash or a bubble?

Working Money: Houston, We Have A Technical Problem by Nick Porcella

Working Money: Where Can We Invest? by Michael Porter

Working Money: Where Do We Go From Here? by Thomas Maskell

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