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  • BP: Near Major Multicycle Lows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When three significant price cycles bottom simultaneously, a tradable bullish reversal may soon appear.

  • BPZ: Panic Selling Near All-Time Lows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The wholesale dumping of BPZ Resources, Inc. shares may be setting the stage for a tradable bullish reversal.

  • Back To The August Lows?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Failing new year-to-date highs in the Industrials, the next Dow theory event could well be a test of the August lows.

  • Bearish Signals Point To New Lows For AIG

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a very short oversold bounce, a host of short-term bearish indications surfaced on the AIG chart, and the stock looks like it is headed for new lows.

  • Buying 52-Week Lows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the S&P 500 hitting a new 52-week low, bears have the upper hand in market action.

  • Buying The Lows, Selling The Highs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There are tools to help you handle the temptations of top and bottom picking.

  • Counting Off The Lows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With a minute wave "iv" low in late March, could higher prices in April be ahead?

  • Eyeballing The September Lows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Having bounced away from the August lows, the Dow Jones averages find themselves falling back toward the lows of September.

  • Higher Highs & Lower Lows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Spotting emerging trends, defining correction periods, and anticipating reversals can benefit your trading in many ways. Here's a look at a trading system that uses momentum indicators to define trend direction

  • How To Identify Higher Highs And Higher Lows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Like an ocean wave, price ebbs and flows in a pattern that reveals the trend if you know where to look.

  • JNPR Heading Toward New 2011 Lows?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Down by more than 17% since early March, shares of Juniper Networks look primed for even more declines as the broad market tanks.

  • Nasdaq New Highs and Lows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...New 52-week highs and lows is a useful indicator to time market entries and exits.

  • Nasdaq New Highs and Lows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Fifty two week new highs and new lows are a traditional breadth indicator to determine when a market has reached a new bottom or top.

  • New Highs and New Lows by Tim Hayes

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...INDICATORS New Highs And New Lows The number of new highs and new lows is a classic stock market indicator, and here are ways that this market statistic can be modified to build a number of market indicators. By Tim Hayes, CMT Market breadth and the

  • New Lows Approaching?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Where in support should the Dow Jones 30 break the November 2008 lows?

  • New highs/new lows by Arthur A. Merrill, C. M. T.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...New highs/new lows by Arthur A. Merrill, C. M. T. Each day the number of stocks making new highs and the number making new lows are reported in the financial press. Are these statistics useful? To find out whether they were, I constructed an index of ne

  • Retesting The Lows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Assuming the market doesn't crash in the last week of May and first week of June, the NYSE is setting up for an ideal test of the recent lows.

  • Spinnaker Exploration Set to Hit New Lows?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Spinnaker Exploration has been in a long-term downtrend since May of last year. Elliott Wave theory indicates a potential decline to new lows before this trend reverses.

  • Spinnaker Exploration Still Looks Poised For New Lows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Spinnaker Exploration (SKE) continues to be stuck in a long-term downtrend. Given the recent break of support at the $20.00 level and weakening technicals, the stock is still on course to hit new lows.

  • Technical Tools For Day Traders, Part 4: The Use of Prior Day Highs and Lows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Each of the intraday trading techniques discussed in Parts 1 through 3 have relied on reference levels arrived at by means of mathematical calculations. In contrast, the technique discussed in this section will deal with a set of support and resistance l

  • Texas Instruments Retests Recent Lows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock is attempting a rebound after a long downtrend.

  • The Greenback Lows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a 10-month correction, could the US dollar's fortunes be on the verge of improvement?

  • The Highs And Lows Of Trading by Edward Robert Florez

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Highs And Lows Of Trading by Edward Robert Florez Here's a war story that illustrates some mistakes that all traders have made at one time or another -- and should keep in mind.. The best-laid plans and analysis can become catastrophically skewed w

  • Transports Test October Lows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With all attention on the sagging blue chips, the Dow Transports are staging an important test of the October lows.

Working Money: Buying The Lows, Selling The Highs by David Penn

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