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  • A Rectangle & Fan Lines Show Alcoa Running Out of Steam

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Over the past two years most publicly traded companies have seen their equity price drop substantially. On the other hand Alcoa (AA) has survived and even thrived in hard times.

  • Between The Lines Of Rectangle Patterns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It’s an area of indecision -- are the bulls in control or bears?

  • Channel Lines

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Channel Lines

  • Descending Triangle and Fan Lines: Hewlett-Packard Reboots

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even a less-than-perfect symmetrical triangle can be an indication of downward movement for Hewlett-Packard.

  • Fan lines

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Fan lines

  • Gann Lines and Angles by Robert Pardo

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gann Lines and Angles by Robert Pardo ""Integrated use of Gann Lines and Angles... appreciably enhances the accuracy of the identification and verification of potential turning points."" INTRODUCTION Gann Lines and Gann Angles are technical charting m

  • Linear Regression Lines and US Treasury Bonds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A linear regression line is a useful tool for determining the general direction of a trend.

  • Market entry with action/reaction lines by Ron Jaenisch

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Market entry with action/reaction lines by Ron Jaenisch Action/Reaction lines are a charting technique developed in the early 1900s by Roger Babson, who founded the Babson Business Institute in Massachusetts and believed Newton's laws of gravity affecte

  • Reading between the lines by John Navarte

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Reading between the lines by John Navarte Charting oscillators is one of the most powerful technical analysis tools available for the private and professional investor. In this article, we will consider two standard oscillator constructions. The first h

  • Rectangles and Fan Lines: Is Dell Computer in Trouble?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Although Dell Computer weathered the downturn in the technology industry better than most, the short-term outlook still looks weak.

  • Speed Resistance Lines by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Speed Resistance Lines by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan Need to determine support and resistance? Try this. It is not unusual to come across situations in which you see a market trending and think it may be too late to get in. To check, you wait for a pullb

  • Support And Resistance Lines Define Market Trends

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Support and resistance lines not only help traders in identifying areas of support and resistance, but they can be used to determine the trend of the market.

  • Symmetrical Triangle & Fan Lines: What happened to Citigroup?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The best investment advice you will receive -- if a certain Prince is interested in buying long then you should be selling out your long position or shorting the equity!

  • The Andrews Pitchfork Vs. Speed Resistance Lines

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can you ever have too much support?

  • The Four Lines Trading System by Viktor Likhovidov

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Four Lines Trading System by Viktor Likhovidov Here's a simple, reliable, universal system for trading the markets. The creation of a personal trading system requires a personal understanding of the nature of the markets and the peculiarities of ma

  • The S&P 500 And Its Lines

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Support and resistance levels on a chart can be excellent areas to place buy or sell signals. They should not be confused with trendlines that connect the lows or highs of a trending range. Here is a chart of the S&P 500 Daily Index and various &quo

  • Trading Andrews Lines by John W. Chandler

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading Andrews Lines by John W. Chandler If you've ever wanted to know how to use the Andrews pitchfork technique, movement to movement, this should help you. About 20 years ago, I first learned about the work of Alan Andrews and his pitchfork chartin

  • Trading with Gann lines by David Lamarr

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading with Gann lines by David Lamarr Gann lines, although only a small part of W. D. Gann's methods, provide an effective, straightforward way of determining support and resistance areas and times when to expect a change in trend. They can be thought

  • Triangles and Fan Lines in Network Appliance Inc. (NTAP)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Network Appliance Incorporated (NTAP) is ready to drop again.

  • Triangles and Fan Lines: Are All the Box Makers Heading Lower?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A look at Gateway Inc. and Apple Computer Corporation brings up the question, is a weak sector getting weaker?

  • Triangles, a Pennant and Fan Lines, Realnetworks is Ready to Play

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Amid a montage of chart patterns comes a breakout for Realnetworks.

  • USD/CHF: Positive Divergences And Hammer Candlestick Lines

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS..."I'm not dead yet!" cried the greenback, as divergences and reversal patterns hint at a bottom.

  • Using Gann Lines

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking for a system to use for investment purposes can always be a challenge.

  • With Abercrombie & Fitch, Keeping It Between The Lines

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a look at an attractive short option strangle setup now taking shape on Abercrombie & Fitch's weekly chart.

  • Working Money: The Andrews Pitchfork Vs. Speed Resistance Lines by S. Yamanaka

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Working Money: The Andrews Pitchfork Vs. Speed Resistance Lines by S. Yamanaka Can you ever have too much support? One of the pitfalls of using technical analysis to gauge stock movement is that it often depends on whether a stock is trending. In the e

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