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  • Aastrom Biosciences, Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This stock was worth watching in September 2004. The price then was $0.92. Had you bought...

  • Alpha-beta trend-following revisited by Anthony W. Warren, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Alpha-beta trend-following revisited by Anthony W. Warren, Ph.D. In the June and December 1985 issues of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine, I presented a new method for trend-following based on the use of alpha-beta filtering for trade

  • American Tower Corp. Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...I wrote about American Tower Corp on March 7, 2003, when the price was in the region of $5.00 per share.

  • Benguet revisited by Richard Maturi

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Benguet revisited by Richard Maturi The November/December 1983 issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities carried an article of mine entitled ""Gold Stocks"" which addressed the following question: ""Can the average investor successfully par

  • Big MO's 2B Double Bottom Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Nearly 10 points higher from our last look at Altria Group, the stock formerly known as Philip Morris moves into a triangular consolidation and threatens to move higher.

  • Bond Market Timing Revisited by Jay Kaeppel

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bond Market Timing Revisited by Jay Kaeppel Here's an update of this author's article from August 1994 on trading bond funds using Barron's Gold Mining Index as an indicator. In addition, take a look at a new version of that model, as well as informatio

  • Coolbrands Revisited.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On April 18, 2003 I submitted an article on Coolbrands (Is Coolbrands Cooling Down) I concluded 'I would suggest buying on any pullback...' Was I correct in my analysis?

Directional Ratio Revisited by John Jay Norris

  • Double Bottoms Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Chart patterns are often thought of as subjective, but there are ways to look at them objectively. Here, we evaluate the double-bottom pattern to see how reliable it is

  • Dow Theory Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow Industrials closed above its prior high (8522) earlier this month to finally confirm the Dow Transports. However, another new high by the Dow Transports leaves more questions unanswered and, more importantly, a larger non-confirmation lingering.

  • Finding reliable trading strategies (revisited) by Thomas P. Drinka

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Finding reliable trading strategies (revisited) by Thomas P. Drinka With the proliferation of microcomputers and analytical software, speculators and commercial traders routinely conduct research to evaluate the potential performance of trading strategi

  • GOLD SWINGS REVISITED by Jesse H. Thompson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...GOLD SWINGS REVISITED by Jesse H. Thompson Review In the March 83 issue of TA, in an article entitled ""Gold: Bull or Bear Market?"", a simple yet very effective trend tool, the swing chart, was used to analyze the greater trend of gold. The monthly sw

  • Gann, Elliott And The Dow Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Popular for their predictive power/capacity, Gann and Elliott wave methods reach similar conclusions in their forecasts for the spring of 2004.

  • Gold Cycle Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On June 18, 2003 I presented a daily chart of the London PM Gold cycle with observations. Has gold stuck to that cycle?

  • KST Revisited by Christopher Narcouzi

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...KST Revisited by Christopher Narcouzi You know there's a trend out there -- but is it too late to get in on it? Here's a look at Martin J. Pring's KST indicator, which can give valuable trading insight into trend maturity. Bull and bear markets go throu

  • Martha Stewart Living Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Had you bought Martha the last time I wrote about Martha Stewart Omnimedia, you would have laughed all the way to the bank.

  • Mean-Reversion Daytrading, Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Take it a step further with a second look at this common scenario in daytrading

  • Microsoft Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On June 24th, I submitted an article, Microsoft: Is It Worth Buying? I decided to revisit the stock price to see if it is still worth buying.

  • Nortel Networks Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Once more in the news, with one analyst shouting SELL and another shouting BUY, what is the correct way to go with Nortel?

  • Paget Cycles Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In 1982, at a conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, I met a man named Roger Paget. He taught me two cycle strategies I still use today.

  • Price/Dividends Ratio Revisited by Arthur A. Merrill, C.M.T.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Price/Dividends Ratio Revisited by Arthur A. Merrill, C.M.T. In 1988 Merrill showed that the price/dividends ratio was useful in calling the 1987 crash. What's the outlook today? In the October 1988 issue of STOCKS & COMMODITIES, I described the useful

  • Swing Prediction Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A new tool makes the analysis of future pivot peaks or valleys easier.

  • Tactical Trading Revisited by Roger Altman, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Tactical Trading Revisited by Roger Altman, Ph.D. How would the Martingale trading technique work with a trading system that does not assume that the market is a random walk but instead relies on its own system parameters to determine stop-loss points,

The 4% Indicator Revisited by Michael J. Collins

  • The Commodity Channel Index Revisited by Jeanette Schwarz Young

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Commodity Channel Index Revisited by Jeanette Schwarz Young Traders use technical tools in different ways at different times. Here, then, is one trader's idea on how to use this technical tool to identify major market trends. Technical tools continue t

  • The Dow Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...At the end of 2004, I wrote: "Hopefully, 2005 will follow tradition and be a very bullish year..."

  • The Dow Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Yes, I do watch the Dow like a hawk, simply because top analysts preach the bear on CNBC.

  • The Gann Quarterly Revisited by David C. Reif

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Gann Quarterly Revisited by David C. Reif The Gann quarterly chart, a trend-following indicator like other range breakout techniques, was previously described by Jerry Favors in the January STOCKS & COMMODITIES. Most trend-following indicators give

  • The Kondratieff Wave Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Given the recent market volatility, is the decade-long bull market over? And if we did enter a bear market, in what year might the market bottom and a new bull market begin? Here's a market outlook based on an updated look at K-waves and Elliott waves

  • The MACD Indicator Revisited by John F. Ehlers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The MACD Indicator Revisited by John F. Ehlers The moving average convergence-divergence (or MACD, as it is familiarly known), one of the more popular technical indicators, was invented by technician Gerald Appel to trade the 26-week and 13-week cycles

  • The Standard & Poor's 500 Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Those who are not technicians are looking at a triple top.

  • The US Long Wave Revisited

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Want a long-term cyclical outlook for the US stock market? Here's one way to do it

  • Threshold Trading Revisited by Rudy Teseo

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Threshold Trading Revisited by Rudy Teseo An introduction for newcomers or a refresher for old-timers: Here are a couple of tools we sometimes forget to use. In trading jargon, the "threshold" refers to the presignal area of overbought/oversold indicat

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