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  • Trading Range Bounce for Symantec Corp. [SYMC]

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Use support and resistance zones to define possible trading ranges. Once identified, these ranges can be very helpful when trading any type of equity....

  • Intel Corporation's (INTC) Upside Triangle Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...In the last three months, the narrowing price range on this security has been penetrated with a semi-significant price movement upwards while the daily volume has almost doubled....

  • An Interview With Fund Manager Louis Navellier

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...With more than 15 years of experience behind him, Louis Navellier, founder and president of Navellier & Associates, Navellier Management, and editor of MPT Review is a well-known figure in the investment world. He makes frequent appearances on Wall $treet Week, The Nightly Business Report, and CNBC and is frequently quoted in financial journals and periodicals such as Investor's Business Daily, Barron's, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal.Navellier offers highly regarded investment letters such as Mutual Funds, Blue Chip Growth Letter, and MPT Review. Most of his mutual funds ha...

  • RISK: How Much Is Too Much?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Every investor seeks a desirable return on his investment, but don't forget to take into account the risk involved, which can take its toll not only on the return figures but the investor as well. Here's how to build a portfolio by reducing risks and maximizing returns....

  • Scott Cooley Of Morningstar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Financial professionals rely on Morningstar for independent investment information and services. Scott Cooley is a senior analyst for Morningstar Mutual Funds, a division of the company that evaluates and rates more than 1,700 funds. Their mission is to provide the quality information that individual and professional investors need to make sound financial decisions. Cooley primarily covers financial and domestic-equity funds, specializing in the American Century, Fidelity, Vanguard, and Oakmark fund families. He writes columns, book reviews, and other analysis for and has been ...

  • Fritz Meyer Of Invesco

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Fritz Meyer, the lead manager for the Growth and Income fund (IVGIX), joined Invesco Funds Group in February 1996. The Growth and Income fund seeks high total return from capital appreciation and current income by focusing on large-capitalization stocks, a focus that allows the fund to pursue stable dividend income as well as longer-term appreciation of capital based on an earnings-growth orientation. Meyer began his investment career in 1979. Prior to joining INVESCO Funds, he was an executive vice president and portfolio manager with Nelson, Benson & Zellmer in Denver, CO. How does Meyer...

  • Great Selling Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Investors were knocked down on day two of a summation week for Wall Street. It is do or die time. Is it time to get busy buying or start that selling spree?...

  • Another 35% Dip On The Horizon?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Watch out below! Markets took a dive early on Monday, May 22, 2000 following a week of selling due to interest rate woes created by the Federal Reserve Bank. Hold on tight- this could be a bumpy ride....

25-Day Plurality Index

  • Adaptive Moving Average

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Here's an indicator that adapts the speed of a moving average to catch the quick-moving markets, yet slows down in sideways-trending markets to reduce whipsaws....

  • Breakaway Gap

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...A breakaway gap usually occurs at the beginning of a significant price pattern. You can expect to find them when a security is breaking out of a trading range or when it is breaking a trendline....

  • Ascending Triangles

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...The triangle bottom is signaled by an ascending triangle in which a flat upper trendline and ascending lower trendline meet and compel prices within the two lines....

  • The Accumulative Swing Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Rather than using the closing prices alone to determine market trends, the accumulative swing index incorporates the relationship between the open, close, high, and low of each day's trading to give a more complete picture of market activity....

  • Using Moving Average Crossovers To Decrease Trading Risks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...A crossover of two moving averages presents a possible trading opportunity....

  • Triangle Formations

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...A downward trend followed by progressively higher lows had produced a triangle formation for SYMC. Then stock prices broke out below the lower support line....

  • Minimize Risk By Trading Within A Range

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Looking at 60-minute data for Apple Computer, Inc. (AAPL) shows that the past month and a half have been a volatile period. Exhaustive selling during the middle of April created short-term support at $109 per share. By looking at these past support areas, a trader can pick entry points into the market while minimizing risk....

  • How To Profit From Trading Ranges, Example 5

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Compaq Computer Corp. has been in a $24-$30 trading range over the last five months....

  • How To Profit From Trading Ranges, Example 4

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Apple Computer has been in a $110-$130 trading range over the last eight months....

  • How To Profit From Trading Ranges, Example 3

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Ebay, Inc. has been in a $130-$170 trading spanning the last eight months....

  • How To Profit From Trading Ranges, Example 2

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Symantec Corporation has been in a $48-$70 trading range over the last four months....

  • How To Profit From Trading Ranges

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...The stock market has experienced a short-term downswing for more than one month. This downswing has cost investors a quick 35% on their investments. During the shakeout of this high volitility period an investor can take a small amount of risk by trading between support and resistance levels using stop loss orders....

  • Approximate Your Risk Before You Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Use a risk-reward ratio to narrow down your investment decisions....

  • Quantify Your Reward Before You Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Plan out your investment before you make it. Make sure the end result is worth both the risk and time you put into it....

  • What Type Of Investor Are You?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Time frame, capital, patience, assertiveness, rule following, and temperament are all large parts of investment success. In order to make the most of our individual inherent abilities to perform well at certain functions you must ask yourself some very easy questions to determine what type of investments will work best for you....

  • The MACD And False Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Using a single indicator to trade is not a wise decision. Here is an example of a possible false signal for Ebay Corporation (EBAY)....

  • Bollinger Bands

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Bollinger Bands can give you the advantage of having a statistical perspective on trading....

  • Using The Moving Average Convergence/ Divergence (MACD) Indicator

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Look at the chart for International Business Machines(IBM) There seems to be a buy signal created by using the MACD crossover....

  • Boeing Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Boeing Company (BA) opened above resistance territory on 6/28/2000. This fact followed by a nice steady upward trend should give traders something to consider....

  • Chaikin Oscillator

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Here are the Excel formulas for the Chaikin indicators using daily price data for Paramount....

  • Identifying A Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Drawing key resistance and support levels on charts gives you entry and exit levels when trading....

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