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  • 10 Selling Tips

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do you spend as much time deciding to sell as deciding to buy? Here are 10 tips to make deciding when to sell easier

  • A Selling Climax For MMC

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A high-volume selling day at support could signal a bottom for Marsh & McLennan.

  • BPZ: Panic Selling Near All-Time Lows

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The wholesale dumping of BPZ Resources, Inc. shares may be setting the stage for a tradable bullish reversal.

  • Breakaway Gaps At The Top: Selling Plays

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using candlestick patterns and indicator divergences can help traders reinforce their assessment when trying to identify breakaway gaps.

  • Buying The Lows, Selling The Highs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There are tools to help you handle the temptations of top and bottom picking.

  • Buying When Everyone Else Is Selling

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Tax loss selling can lead to good buying opportunities, especially if the stock is faring poorly while the company thrives.

  • Cisco Opens Fresh Selling Opportunities

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Cisco has breached a head & shoulders neckline support. The stock has turned significantly weak as a result, and no bullish efforts can sustain.

  • Double Bottom Pattern: Selling Earlier?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When you enter a trade based on a chart pattern such as the double bottom, sometimes you may exit too early or sit on it for too long. Here's a look at different exit scenarios using the double bottom pattern

  • ExxonMobil: Is The Selling Overdone?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Down by 10% during the past month, shares of ExxonMobil are getting close to a key support zone.

  • Great Selling Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Investors were knocked down on day two of a summation week for Wall Street. It is do or die time. Is it time to get busy buying or start that selling spree?

  • Insider Selling Remains Brisk

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After hitting a peak of 415 shares sold or planned to be sold for every one purchased in September, insider sales reentered the atmosphere. But the ratio remains high.

  • Interview: Put Option Selling With Lee Lowell

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With 26 years of options trading under his belt, including trading crude oil and natural gas contracts on the floor of the NYMEX, Lee Lowell has figured out a way to conservatively trade options so traders can earn a steady income. You can find more abou

  • Is The Selling Over For First Solar?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a long and trying selloff, shares of First Solar appear to be at or near a major turning point.

  • Large Specs Selling To Commercials

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Several futures markets show a similar pattern of speculator selling being met by commercial buying.

  • Member and public short selling by Arthur A. Merrill

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Member and public short selling by Arthur A. Merrill Total short sales figures, published by the New York and American stock exchanges, are a useful set of figures for gauging market moods. Total short sales figures are reported in The Wall Street Journ

  • More Selling Due For RSG After Plunge?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The recent shock selloff in shares of Republic Services managed to take out two important uptrend lines after leaving a giant open gap for technicians to analyze.

  • New Wave Of Selling On The Way For LLY?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a stock gaps sharply lower after a substantial gain, the party may be over.

  • Panic Selling

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Global stock markets decline sharply. Does that mean it is time to buy?

  • Public/member short selling by Arthur Merrill

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Public/member short selling by Arthur Merrill The statistics on shorting by professionals and by the public can be combined into revealing and successful indicators. The basic figures are published, two weeks late, in Barron's and The Wall Street Journa

Quick Scan: The Art of Short Selling

  • Relative Strength As A Selling Tool

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Relative strength is well known as a screening tool and a valuable component when it comes to making a buy decision. But what about using it for your sell decision?

  • Scale-down buying and scale-up selling by Jerry Kopf

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Scale-down buying and scale-up selling by Jerry Kopf Professional traders, like the average retail speculator, are often right and often early. Good option traders promptly jump on a developing trend. But the cost of buying a wasting asset too early sad

  • Selling Climax For Lockheed Martin

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Extensive selling pressure in Lockheed Martin (LMT) over the last few weeks smacks of capitulation, but the long-term trend is clearly down with a head and shoulders pattern looming.

  • Selling Naked Options

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is there a way for the average trader to trade options the way the professionals do?

  • Selling Stock With Investor Relations by Carolyn Kott Washburne

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Selling Stock With Investor Relations by Carolyn Kott Washburne A veteran stock broker took aside a new trainee to give him some advice. ""There is an old saying in this business,"" said the veteran. ""When the president of a company wants to buy you lu

  • Selling The 10-Bagger

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The key to selling is a narrative. It's a story, composed of fundamentals, speculative foreshadowing, and technical twists and turns.

  • Selling Vertical Credit Spreads by Jay Kaeppel

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The options trader has available many different strategies, virtually to suit every need and intent. Here's how to use the credit spread strategy. by Jay Kaeppel Most of the money made in options trading is made by those who write options rather than b

  • Short Selling JKHY

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the current turbulent global financial markets, traders may find attractive selling opportunities. Here is one stock that could be a good guideline.

  • Ten-Year Rates May Show Effect Of PIMCO's Selling

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When one of the world's largest holders of an asset sells, there are bound to be signs in the market.

  • Three Signals For Selling A Stock

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Selling begets more selling in today's financial markets, and it is vital for you to know when to sell a position before the market moves against you. If you know these three signals for selling a stock, you can avoid getting caught flat-footed by a

  • WTI Weekly: Selling Activity Near Key Resistance Targeted Key Statistical Support Below

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the selloff from key resistance in Tuesday, December 1, 2020. Market structure and order flow provide insight into the actual transa

Working Money: Buying The Lows, Selling The Highs by David Penn

Working Money: Relative Strength As A Selling Tool by Michael J. Carr, CMT

Working Money: Selling Naked Options

Working Money: Selling The 10-Bagger by Thomas Maskell

  • Wyckoff: Buying And Selling Tests by Craig F. Schroeder

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Wyckoff: Buying And Selling Tests by Craig F. Schroeder In the Richard D. Wyckoff method on stock market science and techniques, the fourth step of his approach is explained thus: Determine each stock's readiness to move, then analyze the vertical line

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