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  • Are Higher Interest Rates On The Horizon?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Lehman 20+ Year Treasury Bond Fund (iShares) is showing signs of breaking down, which could signal higher interest rates down the road.

  • Buffett's Interest

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Warren Buffett is well known to all who invest. In fact, when he speaks, everyone listens.

  • Calculating Interest With the Rule of 72 by Raymond Rothschild

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Calculating Interest With the Rule of 72 by Raymond Rothschild Despite the convenience these days of computers, business calculators and the like, it is often desirable to perform some calculations either mentally or using pencil and paper. After all, o

  • Charting Interest Rates

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Yields on the 10-year Treasury reached a new low and completed a double-bottom pattern on the chart. Projections from the pattern offer both good news and bad news.

  • Extremes Analysis Of Interest Rates And Stock by Mark C. Snead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Extremes Analysis Of Interest Rates And Stock by Mark C. Snead This former investment broker explains the relationship between declining interest rates and the lagged effect on the stock market. Interest rate changes exert a powerful influence on stoc

  • How interest Rates Affect Stock Prices by Mark C. Snead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How lnterest Rates Affect Stock Prices by Mark C. Snead The basic theoretical relationship between changes in long-term interest rates and stock prices is inverse. Falling interest rates signal rising stock prices, while inversely, rising interest rates

  • Interest Rate Advance Suddenly Stalls

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The uptrend in long-term rates remains intact, but a sudden lower high has put it in jeopardy.

  • Interest Rates And The U.S. Dollar by John J. Murphy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Interest Rates And The U.S. Dollar by John J. Murphy Veteran technician and leading proponent of intermarket analysis John Murphy continues to delve into the interrelationships between markets, this time between interest rates and the U.S. dollar. Prev

  • Interest Rates Basing for a Breakout?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See where the next big interest rate rise could begin.

  • Interest Rates Heading Higher?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the Fed signaling that short-term rate cuts may have ended, the market is signaling that long-term rates are ready to rise.

  • Interest Rates and Stock Returns by Marck C. Snead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...INTERMARKET ANALYSIS Interest Rates And Stock Returns by Mark C. Snead Stocks perform best when interest rates are declining, but rate levels can make a difference. Here's how. Interest rates can be a dependable component of a stock market forecasti

  • Looking For Interest? Look At LBS

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the market as volatile as it is at the moment, investors are always looking for interest. Take a look at this stock.

  • Market Symmetry In Interest Rates?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As the bear market unfolded in 2008, interest rates on the 10-year Treasury note fell by about 50% in a little more than six months. A 40% decline in interest rates in 2010 looks similar, despite the different economic factors and vastly different econom

  • Rising Interest Rates, Inflation, And Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What’s the buzz about inflation and interest rates?


    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...SHORT INTEREST AND LEVEL OF PAIN Generally, short interest is a monthly statistic presented on a current-month versus previous-month basis. Viewing one or two months of short interest data is, unfortunately, a tantalizing but less than satisfying experi

  • Short Interest

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Short Interest

  • Short Interest Ratio

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Short Interest Ratio

  • Short Interest by Arthur A. Merrill

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Short Interest by Arthur A. Merrill Short interest ? the sale of borrowed stock ? is one of the most useful tools of the technician. Short sales are made by pessimists, who expect prices to fall. If prices fall, the short seller can buy shares at a lowe

  • Short-Term Interest Rates And The Moon

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An interesting lunar cycle has correctly forecast rate drops 10 out of 12 times in the past year.

  • Single-Currency ETFs & Equity Options Open Interest Profile (CME)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's an analysis of ETFs and an exchange mentioned in this issue.

  • Stock market timing with interest rates by Jay Kaeppel

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stock market timing with interest rates by Jay Kaeppel The level and trend of interest rates has a tremendous influence over what types of investments investors choose to put their money into. Generally, when interest rates are low and/or falling, inves

  • Stocks, Interest Rates And The MACD by Kent Perkers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks, Interest Rates And The MACD by Kent Perkers The notion that markets are interlinked is gaining widespread acceptance. However, the technique of timing trades in one market based on the price direction of another market still requires further fin

  • The Prospect For Higher Interest Rates in 2017

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See why interest rates could rise in the new year.

  • The Prospect for Higher Interest Rates and Inflation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How to prepare for a trend change that could continue for decades.

  • Trading With Open Interest by John Boere

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading With Open Interest by John Boere Analyzing the open interest of equities can provide insight into the direction of the market. Find out why the expiration price is being manipulated, how it can be calculated, and how you can trade it. Open inte

  • Trend-Following And The Interest Carry Trade by Russell Sands

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trend-Following And The Interest Carry Trade by Russell Sands Here's a look at how the Turtle system can be combined with forex trading. Forex trading has been around quite a while, and so has the Turtle system. But it has only been in the last year or

  • Volume & Open Interest

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...They may be the most overlooked metrics in a trader's toolbox, but understanding them can give you an insight into the psychological makeup of the market. Here's how

  • WTI Weekly: Overnight Flush To Key Statistical Support Finds Buying Interest.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the rotation between resistance and support in Monday, April 6, 2020's auction. Market structure and order flow provide insight

  • What Do Interest Rate Cuts Mean?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...To you they mean plenty.

  • When Interest Rates Rise

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Jerome Powell, the new Federal Reserve Chairman of America told Congress on Tuesday, February 27, that the US economy "remains strong."

Working Money: Rising Interest, Inflation, And Stocks

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