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  • A Mutual Fund Switch System by Nelson Freeburg

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A Mutual Fund Switch System by Nelson Freeburg Testing indicators to confirm viability is always important, and here, two indicators that stand up to historical testing are presented and then used to develop a simple mutual fund switch system. Many su

  • A Mutual Fund Trading Method by Norman J. Brown

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A Mutual Fund Trading Method by Norman J. Brown Get better profits and reduce your risks by using the one-rank method to select mutual funds to trade. There are many techniques and tools you can use to define turning points that generate trading signal

  • An Interview With Fund Manager Louis Navellier

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With more than 15 years of experience behind him, Louis Navellier, founder and president of Navellier & Associates, Navellier Management, and editor of MPT Review is a well-known figure in the investment world. He makes frequent appearances on Wall $

  • Analyzing Aberdeen Asia Pacific Prime Income Fund Inc.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The policy of this Fund is to provide investors with a stable monthly distribution out of current income, supplemented by realized capital gains and, to the extent necessary, paid-in capital. The Board intends to maintain a monthly distribution of US 3.5

  • Avoiding Risk: Jerry Wagner, Fund Timer by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Avoiding Risk: Jerry Wagner, Fund Timer by Thom Hartle Jerry Wagner, president of Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd., of Bloomfield Hills, MI, currently has approximately $200 million under management. His firm was the top-ranked market timer for the last

  • Be Your Own Hedge Fund

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Think being your own hedge fund is out of reach? Maybe it's time to rethink it. It could be a lot simpler than you expected

  • Better Than The Exchange Traded Fund

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Exchange traded funds are designed to follow the indexes. Here is a product that could be an ETF, but performs better.

  • Boston Pizza Income Fund A Tasty Investment

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When times are tough, traders turns to interest and dividends.

  • Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Receiving a distribution when you hold a share is always welcome, but receiving the distribution and having a capital gain is even more welcome.

  • Canoe Income Fund

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On April 4, 2014 Canoe EIT Income Fund announced a warrant offering.

  • Enerplus Resources Fund: Three Chances to Gain, Modest Risk

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For those still bullish on the North American oil and gas sector, Enerplus offers a chance to profit in three ways.

  • Enhanced Fund Switching by Jack Singer

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Enhanced Fund Switching by Jack Singer Jay Kaeppel published a highly successful fund switching strategy in July 1999. Here 's how to make it even juicier. In March 1999, I lost a client to a stockbroker because I was too conservative in my investing s

  • Fidelity Energy Services Top Fund Relative Strength

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even the most hard-hit market sectors can recover given enough time. Here's a technical take on one of these "worst to first" market situations.

  • Fidelity Select Gold A Lagging Fund?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While the price of gold has been hanging on to the majority of the gains made during its massive decade-long run, the values of gold stocks have already begun a significant corrective process.

  • Finding The Perfect Mutual Fund Portfolio

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What works best for you? Here's how to diversify your portfolio and still sleep at night.

  • Fund Of Funds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's one way to diversify your investments and preserve your capital.

  • Fund managers' performance by Arthur Merrill, C.M.T.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Fund managers' performance by Arthur Merrill, C.M.T. Should we monitor the actions of mutual fund managers? They are paid a salary to do a better job of investing than the common man. While some managers may not live up to expectations, on the average,

  • How The Small Survive - Laura Granger Of Oppenheimer Emerging Growth Fund

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the going gets tough, do the small get growing? That's how Laura Granger, portfolio manager of OppenheimerFunds' new Emerging Growth Fund, sees it. At the helm of the fund since October 2000, Granger has parlayed her success in turning aro

  • India Fund Breaks Down - Is It Because Of Election Results?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Most people think that the Indian market went through a crash because the government expected to come to power lost their elections, but technical charts show a different picture.

  • Is The Lehman Treasury Fund Finding A Bottom?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Lehman Treasury Fund has bounced off key support levels but are prices ready to rally?

  • Keeping An Eye On The Janus Mutual Fund Family

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Founder and CEO Tom Bailey has always maintained a positive, hands-on approach that focuses on teamwork and camaraderie.

  • Lehman Bond Fund Puts In A Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The short-term downtrend has been broken, but resistance is standing in the way.

  • Lehman Treasury Bond Fund Bumping Up Against Key Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Lehman Treasury Bond Fund has rebounded nicely off of its May low but is the rally over?

  • Lehman Treasury Bond Fund Finally Breaks Down

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Lehman Treasury Bond Fund was recently turned back at a key resistance level, confirming a significant top in prices.

  • Looking At Canada Through i-Shares' MSCI Canada Index Fund

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Canada is in the throes of a political crisis. How is this reflected in the market?

  • Maximizing Bond Fund Profits by Jay Kaeppel

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Maximizing Bond Fund Profits by Jay Kaeppel A new indicator based on Barron's Gold Mining Index is introduced for timing bond mutual funds. The proliferation in bond mutual funds in recent years has created both good news and bad news for investors. T

  • Mutual Fund Timing: Lessons From The Past

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Timing the stock market need not be a complex task. Nor should the market timing of mutual funds.

  • Mutual fund point & figure by Charles Idol

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Mutual fund point & figure by Charles Idol The idea of applying point and figure (P&F) chart analysis to mutual funds causes some conceptual distress to P&F purists. P&F has no theory, but the basic concept says that the chart patterns are caused by the

  • Mutual fund timing by Fay H. Dworkin, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Mutual fund timing by Fay H. Dworkin, Ph.D. It's like a musical instrument: you have to learn to play it,"" says Hubert Cafritz about his trading strategy for managing a portfolio of mutual funds. The system has been used for three years by Cafritz, a

  • Mutual fund trading strategy by Stan Jones

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Mutual fund trading strategy by Stan Jones It has always struck me that the typical technical analysis software package doesn't answer the right question. It plots technical indicators on the same screen with prices so the user can pick the one or the c

  • Paul Merriman On Mutual Fund Timing by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Paul Merriman On Mutual Fund Timing by Thom Hartle Paul Merriman, founder and president of The Merriman Investment Management Company, manages the portfolio of the Merriman Mutual Funds. He also publishes a newsletter and hotline service called ""Fund E

  • SIDEBAR: The K-Ratio Precious Metals Switch Fund

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the July 1996 STOCKS & COMMODITIES, Jay Kaeppel described a technique for evaluating gold stocks using the Barron's Gold Mining Index (GMI) relative to gold bullion. He showed that analysis of the ratio between the GMI and the price of gold bullion co

  • Sector Fund

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sector Fund

  • Sentiment And Trendlines For Bond Fund Trading by Joe Duarte

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sentiment And Trendlines For Bond Fund Trading by Joe Duarte The Hines ratio, a key sentiment indicator, is designed to help traders pinpoint emotional extremes in the bond market. Here, the Hines ratio is combined with Barron's Bond Bullish Consensus,

  • Seven Mutual Fund Traps

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What do you know about mutual funds? There's a lot you may not know. Here are some traps to steer clear of.

  • Shopping For Fund Fees

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There's no free lunch, even with the least expensive of mutual funds. Find out what your service fees are for -- and whether you are paying too much for lackluster returns.

  • The Effect Of Tilt On Mutual Fund Investing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Overcome invisible limits and find your own positive tilt.

  • The Gold and Silver Bond Fund System by Dennis Meyers, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Gold And Silver Bond Fund System by Dennis Meyers, Ph.D. Building on his previous Gmi system article, this Contributing Editor develops a system using the Philadelphia Stock Exchange daily gold and silver stock index to trade a long-term government

  • The Hot New Mutual Fund Tool

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How do exchange traded funds, the newcomer to the investment scene, stack up against index funds? Compare the costs and find out which fund fits your investment strategy.

  • The handbook for no-load fund investors by Bill Dunbar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The handbook for no-load fund investors by Bill Dunbar This book is up-to-date and effective in almost all respects. I'd say it's well worth the money to anyone interested in mutual funds. Also, if there is an investor left among us who still thinks he

  • US Natural Gas Fund ETF Double Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...At the end of a long downtrend, natural gas prices might rebound.

Value Line Fund Analyzer, version 1.1

  • Walk Forward With the Xau Bond Fund System by Dennis Meyers, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Walk Forward With the Xau Bond Fund System by Dennis Meyers, Ph.D. The system developer has various optimization techniques to choose from. Here, Contributing Editor Dennis Meyers updates his previous work using the walk-forward optimization method. P

  • What's Next For The Lehman Treasury Bond Fund?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Lehman Treasury Bond Fund has ignored typical bearish patterns on the chart by continuing to move higher. However, there are some key price levels to watch in determining which direction the fund will move next.

  • When Mutual Fund Managers Move On

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does changing mutual fund management improve performance?

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