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  • A Bottom And A Bounce In Bonds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do divergences mean that the bond market's long nightmare has finally ended?

  • Buy & Sell Pressure And A Faster RSI

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Most of you are familiar with the relative strength index (RSI), but are you taking full advantage of it? Here, we deconstruct the RSI to lead to a more intuitive and symmetrical gauge of buying and selling pressure and a more responsive indicator

  • Combining A/D Indicators And Volume Patterns by V. Kalitowski and A. von Stuermer

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 23:12 (18-27): Combining A/D Indicators And Volume Patterns by V. Kalitowski and A. von Stuermer Here's a novel approach to market timing that can forecast mid-term runs on the S&P 500. There are certain critical advance and dec

  • Constellation Energy Group And A Low Risk In A Volatile Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the market having lost nearly 10% in recent weeks, safety should be a consideration for all investors.

  • DFS And A Reversal Of Fortunes?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some market reversal situations inspire more confidence than others, and this just may be one of them.

  • Dundee Precious Metals And A Play In Gold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The price of gold has become a US dollar play, and with the US dollar expected to drop a further 16%, gold should rise. Here's a stock worth looking at.

  • Fibonacci, Trading Ranges, And A Semiconductor Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Where will the falling Philadelphia Semiconductor Index find support?

  • Mutated Variables Volatility And A New Market Paradigm by Walter T. Downs, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Mutated Variables Volatility And A New Market Paradigm by Walter T. Downs, Ph.D. Markets move through phases during which volatility fluctuates. Here's how to measure the shifts in volatility and then use that data as a filter for a trading system. Ma

  • Netflix Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...More often than not, the refusal of price to do what the technicals suggests leads to significant moves in the opposite direction. So is Netflix's refusal to go down a sign of strength, and thus an early indication of an eventual bullish breakout?

  • Quanta Services And A Bearish Breakaway Gap

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Breakaway gaps are high-profile events that can help a trader determine the likelihood of a confirmed, sustained trend move in any given stock or commodity.

  • Silver And A Swing Trading View

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even in the hottest commodity markets, swing trading systems can and do go flat -- for a little while, that is.

  • Soaring Silver And A Systematic Plan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Not many markets are as hot as the silver market is right now, but regardless of a given market's temperature, you still need a logical, systematic way to trade it.

  • Spread Analysis And A Look At Unknown Fundamentals by Darin Newsom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:12 (42-46): Spread Analysis And A Look At Unknown Fundamentals by Darin Newsom How do you know what the underlying fundamental situation is when the supply and demand factors remain unknown? Basically, commodity market analys

  • Tech Stocks And A Distribution Phase

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The money flow and the on-balance volume indicate that investors are cautious about investing in tech stocks after the selloff at the end of February.

  • Technical Analysis Adapts and Thrives by M. Carr and A. Hestla

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Professions are built on a body of knowledge and an underlying rationale that explains the reasons behind the knowledge. Technical analysis is a professional undertaking, but little has been written about its foundational principles.

  • Technicals, Fundamentals, And A Discount To Value Make BCF A Buy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Closed-end funds are an often-overlooked trading vehicle, despite the wealth of available fundamental data that can be used to lower risk.

  • The Dow And A Key Reversal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On November 13, the Dow Jones Industrial Average started the day by testing the low of October 10. It then reversed upward, strongly forming a key reversal. Does this signify the completion of wave C?

  • The Histogram And A Hollow Red Candlestick Heighten Volatility

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the VIX, a contrarian indicator of the stock market, turns bullish, that implies that volatility in stock market is on the rise. A bullish P-p-P on the VIX's MACD histogram and a hollow red candlestick could cause more nail-biting among those w

The Market Instrument Function by A. Ershov and A. Gerasimov

  • The SPX And A Jump Out The Window

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The SPX looks like it could reverse at any point, and the decline could fall as hard as jumping out of a window.

  • Three Peaks And A Domed House

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Predicting and timing the tops of bull markets -- both cyclical and secular -- can be accomplished using this well-known pattern developed by George Lindsay.

  • Walgreen's And A Fresh Sell Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With a fresh sell signal and weak relative strength, shares of Walgreen apparently need a new prescription to stave off further selling.

  • Wide-Ranging Days And A Map Of The Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This one-day pattern indicates that new money has entered the market.

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