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  • A Sentiment Indicator For Trading The Euro

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The traditional put/call ratio is used as a contrarian indicator. Here, we add a twist to enhance the ratio and use it as a coinciding indicator

  • Day Trading The Averages by JOHN F. KEPKA

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Day Trading The Averages by JOHN F. KEPKA When Stock Index Futures trading with the Value Line contract was initiated at the Kansas City Board of Trade, futures traders suddenly gained the opportunity to trade the entire stock market. Large profitable m

  • Interview: Trading The Currency Market With Cornelius Luca by J. Gopalakrishnan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Interview: Trading The Currency Market With Cornelius Luca by J. Gopalakrishnan Cornelius Luca is an author and international consultant in foreign exchange and technical analysis. Luca has spent his entire professional life in international finance, an

  • Interview: Trading The Headlines With Kathy Lien

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Kathy Lien is managing director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management and cofounder of She has more than 19 years of experience in the financial markets with a specific focus on G20 currencies. Her resume includes JPMorgan Chase, FXCM (she

  • Left brain/right brain, reality and trading the markets by R.E. McMaster, Jr.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Left brain/right brain, reality and trading the markets by R.E. McMaster, Jr. The starting point for success in trading the markets profitably is to perceive market reality accurately. While this may sound obvious enough, most traders enter the marketpl

  • Mobile Trading: The M-Commerce Revolution

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You don't have to be stuck at your desk to trade online. Take advantage of the m-commerce revolution!

  • Natural Gas: Trading The June Top With The 8-wave Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A basic 8-wave pattern, along with the Fibonacci ratios and a few other indicators, can be used to trade a market top. In this example, I will use the NYMEX August 2003 futures contract to show how the June 6 market top could have been traded.

  • Night trading: the impact on technical charts by Heidi Schmidt

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Night trading: the impact on technical charts by Heidi Schmidt The new night trading session at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) is causing worry among technical chartists. Should technical analysts adopt the new child at first sight and incorporate th

  • Position Trading The S&P by Clifton Mitchell, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Position Trading The S&P by Clifton Mitchell, Ph.D. Use linear regression to predict short-term trend changes of the Standard & Poor's 500. Psychologically speaking, bar chart lows represent the lowest price that sellers are willing to take for a secur

Product Review: Trading The Pristine Method Course by D. D. Peterson

Product Review: Trading The Pristine Method Course by Dennis D. Peterson

Quick Scan: Hit and Run Trading, The Short Term Traders' Bible

Quick Scans: Trading the Rebound Gap

  • Spread trading the CRB Index by John J. Murphy and David J. Hirschfeld

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Spread trading the CRB Index by John J. Murphy and David J. Hirschfeld This article really has two aspects. The first is to introduce the concept of relative strength analysis to commodity markets utilizing CRB Index futures. The second aspect is to sho

  • Technically Trading The Yen With Money Management by Timothy L. Krehbiel, Thomas P. Drinka, and Gise

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Technically Trading The Yen With Money Management By Timothy L. Krebiel, Thomas P. Drinka, Gisele F. Hamm Any good trading methodology includes selecting the best indicators for a tradeable and applying money management techniques to hold on to profits.

  • Technically trading the ¥en by Thomas P. Drinka, Timothy L. Krehbiel, Stephen Ptasienski

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Technically trading the ¥en by Thomas P. Drinka, Timothy L. Krehbiel, Stephen Ptasienski Speculators and commercial hedgers who trade currency futures often use technical analysis to determine trading signals. We statistically tested 34 of these indicat

  • Trading The 10-Bagger

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this, the latest installment of the 10-bagger series, we look at the phenomenon from the viewpoint of the trader.

  • Trading The Aussie by Markos Katsanos

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading The Aussie by Markos Katsanos This system exploits the traditionally strong correlation between the Australian dollar and commodities. The Australian dollar, along with the Canadian dollar, the New Zealand dollar, and the South African rand, is

  • Trading The Cup & Handle by Larry Swing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading The Cup & Handle by Larry Swing Guidelines For A New Classic...Cup & handle patterns may be tricky to identify. But if you follow these guidelines you will be able to identify them more easily and accurately. Although it didn't come from the tr

  • Trading The Deutschemark's Gaps by John Sweeney

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading The Deutschemark's Gaps by John Sweeney Talk about humiliation! Looking at a Deutschemark chart, I figured I'd trade with the direction of any gap for short small gains. The evidence showed I was 180 degrees wrong! I asked my computer to look at

  • Trading The E-Mini by Dennis Meyers, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading The E-Mini by Dennis Meyers, Ph.D. Here's a technique you can use to trade the e-mini futures intraday. In my April 1999 article, "The Discrete Fourier Transform Illusion," I demonstrated the misuses of the mathematical technique called the Fou

  • Trading The ETF Horizon S&P TSX 60

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Horizon BetaPro S&P/TSX 60 Bull ETF offers a daily investment equal to 200% the daily performance of the S&P/TSX60 Index before fees and expenses. Good deal?

  • Trading The Eclipse Cycle by Hans Hannula, Ph.D., C.T.A.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading The Eclipse Cycle by Hans Hannula, Ph.D., C.T.A. The ancients saw eclipses of the sun and moon as something mysterious and magical. The high priest of the day controlled the masses by telling them: ""Look out, there is an eclipse coming. Do as I

Trading The Electronic Futures Market by Charles M. Steiner

  • Trading The Elliott Wave

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Elliott Wave Tutorial: Part IV -- Setting up Elliott wave projections on a spreadsheet can help you make your trading decisions.

  • Trading The Elliott Wave by Rudy Teseo

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading The Elliott Wave by Rudy Teseo Setting up Elliott wave projections on a spreadsheet can help you make your trading decisions. So far we have covered wave theory (part I), wave patterns (part II), and channels (part III). It will be helpful to h

  • Trading The Equity Curve

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A trading system that brings in consistent profits is a keeper. But if it stops giving you the results you want, is it best to stop using it? We take a look.

  • Trading The Equity Curve by Joe Luisi

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading The Equity Curve by Joe Luisi Technical analysis is typically applied to prices to determine the trend and changes in the trend. Now consider applying the same concept to analyzing your equity curve to determine those times when your equity may

  • Trading The Failure Of Candle Patterns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As all traders know, chart and candle patterns may or may not follow through in an ideal fashion. But not all is lost when they don't. Sometimes, you can observe quite a lot about market action and market participants even with failed patterns. Here, we

  • Trading The Failure Of Candle Patterns: Shooting Star

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What should you do when a candle pattern does not behave as expected? Here's a closer look at the shooting star.

  • Trading The Failure Of Technical Patterns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Yes, you can potentially trade patterns profitably even when they fail. Here's how to spot and take advantage of these types of opportunities

  • Trading The Fakeout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can you profit from fakeouts? Here's one trader's take on how to identify these patterns and trade them profitably

  • Trading The False Break Effectively

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A false breakout - or a fakeout - is when price momentarily moves above a previous high or below a previous low, but then goes back within the existing range. This happens when there isn't enough demand above the old high, or enough supply beneath t

  • Trading The Forex Wave by Raghee Horner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:9 (19-24): Trading The Forex Wave by Raghee Horner Chart patterns are powerful tools and it is important to identify them by finding their building blocks. Here's how. Only after I embraced market cycles did I truly begin to

  • Trading The Golden Ratio

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The golden ratio to chart analysis is useful, and you should try to incorporate it within your strategy wherever possible. In this article I want to discuss one simple way of doing this. I will not go into much detail here about the origins of th

  • Trading The Loonie

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a trading system that exploits the strong correlation between the Canadian dollar and crude oil

  • Trading The MACD Histogram, Part 1

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As good as the moving average convergence/ divergence is, adding the histogram might make it even better.

  • Trading The MACD Histogram, Part II

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a look at trading histogram divergences and crosses of the zero line, targeting specific entries, and examining exit strategies.

  • Trading The Moving Average Convergence Divergence

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The moving average convergence divergence (MACD) is a popular indicator found on just about all software trading packages. Even though it is widely used, sometimes it is useful to return to basics, to ensure that we master the core principles to effectiv

  • Trading The News With Adam Button

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Adam Button is the managing editor of ForexLive, a website devoted to foreign exchange news and analysis. He was previously the chief currency strategist at XForex and has also worked with Intermarket Strategy. Button believes there's an edge in knowing

  • Trading The Nikkei

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's no surprise there is a correlation between the Nikkei 225 index and the Japanese yen. Find out how you can exploit this correlation using this intermarket divergence system

  • Trading The Open

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The open of any trading day sets the tone for the rest of the trading day. Here's how you can take advantage of volatility at the open and generate profits from it

  • Trading The Opening Gap by Stephane Reverre

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading The Opening Gap by Stephane Reverre Is it possible to profitably trade a gap opening from the previous close? Here's one trader's test of that idea using Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) stocks as the subjects. Profitably buying an openi

  • Trading The Presidential Cycle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's another election year but can we expect the market to perform well?

  • Trading The QQQ

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a vehicle that will allow you to track the Nasdaq 100.

  • Trading The QQQ

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What's keeping you away?

  • Trading The Ratio Of The RSI by Russell Rhoads

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading The Ratio Of The Rsi by Russell Rhoads Here's a method for trading the spread between the Swiss franc and the Deutschemark. The technique involves using the ratio of the relative strength index (RSI) of each currency to identify trading points.

  • Trading The Regression Channel by Gilbert Raff

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading The Regression Channel by Gilbert Raff Every trader has had the experience of selling a stock or commodity too soon during a rapid price reversal, only to realize in retrospect that this was a consolidation within a trend. Or just the opposite:

Trading The Russell 2000 Emini by Austin Passamonte

  • Trading The S&P With A Neural Network by Jeremy G. Konstenius

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading The S&P With A Neural Network by Jeremy G. Konstenius Here's an example of the steps that one trader took to use a neural network to trade the stock market index futures. Today's technical traders have the opportunity to use sophisticated meth

  • Trading The SPX Visually

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some trading systems rely on neural nets or heavy-duty algorithms, but not this one. All that's really needed are your eyes and MetaStock 11.

  • Trading The Santa Claus Rally by Michael D. Sheimo

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading The Santa Claus Rally by Michael D. Sheimo 'Tis the season to be jolly and make a profit. What could be finer? Michael Sheimo explores the whys and wherefores of this seasonal phenomenon. Holiday rallies in the stock market are a fact of life.

  • Trading The Stars

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Morning and evening star patterns in the daily USD/CHF suggest opportunities for candlestick traders in foreign exchange.

  • Trading The Tech Emini With The Leavitt Convolution

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a trading strategy applied to the emini Nasdaq futures that uses analytical tools based on linear regression rather than traditional ones associated with moving averages. The new indicator presented here has some unusual properties. Read on to fin

  • Trading The Trend In An Overbought Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It can be nerve-wracking when looking to enter a long position in an overbought market, but there are key factors to consider to do it successfully.

  • Trading The Trend In Wave 3 by Mircea Dologa, MD

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:6 (56-61): Trading The Trend In Wave 3 by Mircea Dologa, MD Here's a refresher course on techniques you can use to trade wave 3, in part 2 of three. When trading wave 3, any number of methods could be used, so many that it's

  • Trading The Turtle System On Currencies by Guy Brys, Anja Struyf, and Luc Van Hof

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading The Turtle System On Currencies by Guy Brys, Anja Struyf, and Luc Van Hof The system was developed two decades ago on the basis of a bet, but since then, it's been a proven winner. The Turtle system was developed on daily data but it has some pr

  • Trading The Unpredictable Without Indicators

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is it possible to trade using no indicators at all? Here's a five-point plan that you can apply to look for strong entry opportunities in the forex markets.

  • Trading The Upper Half Of The RSI

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As a novice trader, I'm looking for a simple, straightforward indicator to help me make trading decisions. The RSI is just that- simple and straightforward. Here's how I use the RSI to stay on the safer side of the price movement.

  • Trading The Yen by Linda Satterfield

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do you feel frustrated sometimes in your trading and wish you could get a blow-by-blow of what someone else is doing? Well, here's Linda Satterfield to take Stocks & Commodities readers through a series of trades she executed in the September 1994 yen fu

  • Trading The Zone

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Retail Sector Index (RLX) is currently consolidating its most recent advance. So is Autozone (NYSE:AZO). Which way will the wedges break?

  • Trading the Cusp of a New Year

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking to profit from the new year? Learn what opportunities 2017 offers.

  • Trading the Eurodollar by George Panagakis

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading the Eurodollar by George Panagakis Trading methods don't have to be complex; indeed, they can be very simple. Here's one that will help you trade Eurodollars. When I was working in the futures industry, I spent most of my free time analyzing t

  • Trading the Failure of Technical Patterns: Double Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...All is not lost when a reversal chart pattern like a double top fails to materialize.

  • Trading the I-Unit S&P/TSE Gold Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...I-Units are exchange traded funds that are traded like stocks on the Toronto stock exchange. They mirror the underlying index.

  • Trading the MACD by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading The MACD You can trade Gerald Appel's moving average convergence/ divergence profitably in relatively flat markets. Here's how. The moving average convergence/ divergence (MACD) is a momentum oscillator developed by Gerald Appel in the early 19

  • Trading the Nonfarm Employment Report

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading the nonfarm employment report can be dangerous and result in a margin call if you are on the wrong side of the market. Here's a better way to take advantage of high volatility using binary options

  • Trading the Trend by Andrew Abraham

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a volatility indicator, presented with simple trend rules for trading various markets. New traders quickly become familar with two adages: "The trend is your friend," and "Let your profits run and cut your losses." Many of us, however, have lear

  • Trading the Wheat/Corn Spread by Scott W. Barrie

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading The Wheat/Corn Spread: by Scott W. Barrie Here's a seasonally and statistically based intermarket spread trade. Within a short time, every futures trader learns strategies that go beyond the simple long or short position. In riding the learning

Working Money: Trading The 10-Bagger by Thomas Maskell

Working Money: Trading The QQQ by Don Miller

Working Money: Trading The Stars

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