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  • A Cocoa Pop? Positive Divergence And Seasonal Trends

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A positive divergence in the MACDH anticipates the seasonal "September rally" in cocoa futures.

  • A Seasonal Strategy With Leveraged ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Halloween indicator, also known as ""Sell in May and go away,"" is a well-known seasonal strategy that investors apply to the financial markets. But it comes with its share of risk. Here is how you can use this seasonal strategy with a twist using le

  • A Seasonal System For Soybean Futures by Markos Katsanos

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A Seasonal System For Soybean Futures by Markos Katsanos Here's a system that exploits historical seasonal patterns to trade soybean futures. Some markets are affected by certain fundamental factors that are seasonal in nature. These tend to recur at

  • Buy Retailers For A Seasonal Bounce

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Thanksgiving and Christmas seasonal trades are well known. But this same idea can be applied to sectors, and we find a surprising seasonal strategy for January.

  • Crude Oil Seasonal Bottoms

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See why late 2020 could be an opportunity to go long Crude Oil.

  • Does The S&P 500 Have A Seasonal Shot At 1220?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock market is truly independent with no real agenda to push, and very hard to get a straight answer from at times. But it may be tipping its hand, offering traders a fairly low-risk long setup.

  • Guided By Seasonal Indexes by Darin Newsom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Guided By Seasonal Indexes by Darin Newsom Seasonal indexes can offer insight into possible price targets. Here's how. We've all done it. Whether you are a banker, lawyer, trader, or analyst, we have all caught ourselves staring wistfully out the offic

  • Interview: David Stendahl On Seasonal Patterns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With over 25 years of experience in trading and designing pattern and momentum-style trading systems, David Stendahl understands risk management. Stendahl is founder and president of Signal Trading Group ( and focuses on trading th

  • Natural Gas Seasonal Low In Place?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For the past 20 years, the seasonal pattern in natural gas futures confirms that this energy commodity usually trades at its lowest price of the year sometime between mid-July and late August. Will the pattern hold this year?

  • Option Writing And Seasonal Tendencies In Nat(ural) Gas

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The inexact but powerful tool of seasonal price forecasting really comes into its own when paired with the strategy of option selling. Here's a perfect example

  • Seasonal Adjustment Of Time Series Data by George R. Arrington, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Seasonal Adjustment Of Time Series Data by George R. Arrington, Ph.D. While time series data is the heart of most technical trading systems, some have a tendency to reflect seasonal patterns; for example, agricultural commodities tend to follow harves

  • Seasonal Patterns In The Markets by Robert Steelman

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:2 (72-77): Seasonal Patterns In The Markets by Robert Steelman We are creatures of habit, and that affects how we approach the markets. There are many popular beliefs about how to make money in the financial markets, some pop

  • Seasonal Play In Crude Brings Cheer

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While OPEC deals are all the talk, the real fundamentals moving crude prices are often predictably cyclical. Here is how to capitalize as we start 2017

  • Seasonal Stock Index Trades by James Greenwood

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here are different seasonal strategies for trading the Value Line Index compared with the New York Stock Exchange Composite Index and the Standard and Poor's 500. Most stock market traders are familiar with the January effect, which is the tendency for

  • Seasonal Surprises And March Machinations

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...February, the typical seasonal weak link, is on a tear as the SPX goes higher, but March may be the month that tells us whether the market catches fire, or fizzles out.

  • Seasonal Tendencies For Range Expansion by K.D. Angle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Seasonal Tendencies For Range Expansion by K.D. Angle This STOCKS & COMMODITIES contributor identifies the seasonal tendency of the commodity markets on a monthly basis and then compares the commodity market performance to a commodity fund manager's per

  • Seasonal Trade: Diageo

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Market seasonals point to a promising trade in this beverage company.

  • Seasonal Trades And The Channel Breakout System by John L.Momsen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Seasonal Trades And The Channel Breakout System by John L.Momsen Many seasonal trades have been consistently profitable over many years, but using them can be tricky because you never know if this will be the year that events won't follow the establish

  • Seasonal Trading Strategy: Buy STZ

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This stock has gone up more than 70% of the time in June, and it is a potential winner in the month ahead.

  • Seasonal Trends - Good or Bad?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a look at a few futures contracts that have historic trends in the month of February.

  • Seasonal Variations In A Semiconductor Stock by Jack Karczewski

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Seasonal Variations In A Semiconductor Stock by Jack Karczewski Do seasonal variations exist in the heavily traded and researched stock market? Recently, a securities analyst was quoted as saying that semiconductor stocks declined an average of 40% from

  • Seasonal Weakness Creates Shorting Opportunities

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Lately, the market has been experiencing massive distribution, which is creating shorting opportunities in the stock market.

  • Stock Market Seasonal Patterns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See what factors could make November 2018 a bullish month.

  • The S&P 500 Seasonal Day Trade by William Brower, C.T.A.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The S&P 500 Seasonal Day Trade by William Brower, C.T.A. Is there a particular day of the week within a month that offers the most opportunity? Here's a trading system based on the best days of the week for trading Standard & Poor's 500 futures. Much

  • The Seasonal Cycle by Hans Hannula, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Seasonal Cycle by Hans Hannula, Ph.D. I use natural cycles to help me trade stocks and commodities profitably. One of the most obvious and powerful of nature's cycles is the cycle of the seasons. Its effect is obvious not only in commodities, but in

  • Using Price To Filter Seasonal Trades

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Combining seasonality with price action can be a useful addition to the trader's arsenal of trading systems.

  • Weekly And Monthly Seasonal Cycles

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...These two short-term seasonal cycles can give traders an edge.

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