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  • $NYA Returns On Bullish Track?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The NYSE Composite Index completed its black crow formation. What's next?

  • Better Returns With Single-Stock Futures by Jeffrey P. Seyler

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Better Returns With Single-Stock Futures by Jeffrey P. Seyler What exactly are they, and how can we use them to our advantage? Launched on November 8, 2002, security futures products have been watched by many but traded by few. The reasons for this var

  • Biogen Returns To The Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After breaking resistance with a gap and a surge in April, Biogen Idec returned to the scene of the crime. This level should offer support.

  • Computing Expected Returns On Options Strategies

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the many strategies you can trade, computing expected returns can be tedious. Using one strategy as an example, we look at how calculating maximum profit and loss plus factoring in the probability of profit can identify profitable statistical arbitr

  • Downside Protection With Double-Digit Returns by John Manley

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Downside Protection With Double-Digit Returns by John Manley This strategy has potential for double-digit returns with a large built-in hedge. Current market conditions have set up a unique opportunity to build a conservative portfolio that will profit

  • Enhanced Returns With Mutual Funds by Norman J. Brown

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Enhanced Returns With Mutual Funds by Norman J. Brown Is buy and hold the best strategy when it comes to mutual funds? Here's a mutual fund switching technique that uses multiple-fund ranking to improve returns. In my earlier articles, I showed it was

  • Halliburton Returns To Its Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Was the late January rally a "don't look back" breakout?

  • High-Dividend-Paying ETFs Offer Concentrated Returns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are you looking to capture higher-than-normal dividends while still enjoying a solid total return? If so, then here are six ETFs to consider that focus on high dividend payments, and they all have billions of dollars in assets

  • Historical Highs, Unemployment, Evergreen Returns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Profiling the right stock is vital for you as a trader if you ever want to make stellar returns. Here's one stock that could be an "evergreen" stock.

  • IBM Returns To Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...IBM broke resistance with a surge in March, and a return to this breakout offers a second chance to partake in the new uptrend.

  • In Search of Fossil Free Returns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...2019 will be remembered as the year that climate awareness moved to front of mind amid calls to reduce our collective carbon foot prints.

  • Inflation-Adjusted Market Returns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Often, we forget to take inflation into account when calculating long-term returns. Here's how you can include this necessary variable and get a more realistic picture of your returns.

  • Inflation-Adjusted Market Returns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Does inflation explain why markets are higher in dollar value and why they seem to be worth less in purchasing value? Here's a detailed look.

  • Intel Returns To Dullsville

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Contracting volatility in Intel should put traders on alert for a big move. But which way?

  • Interest Rates and Stock Returns by Marck C. Snead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...INTERMARKET ANALYSIS Interest Rates And Stock Returns by Mark C. Snead Stocks perform best when interest rates are declining, but rate levels can make a difference. Here's how. Interest rates can be a dependable component of a stock market forecasti

  • Little Steps = Big Returns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Increase your profits by investing in specific sectors of the market.

  • Long Term Returns: What's Realistic And What's Not?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is a 10% annual return possible year after year? Maybe not every year. Definitely not every fund. But you'll be surprised at what you can get.

  • Nikkei Returns To Broken Trendline

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here is the Nikkei with trendline break and triple resistance threat.

  • Parameters Affecting Stock Returns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When it comes to trading equities, it is believed that to increase returns you need to take on more risk. But is that really true? This statistical study will show you what really affects returns.

  • Petsmart Returns To The Scene Of The Crime

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Petsmart confirmed a major reversal pattern and returned to this support break, which now marks an important resistance level.

Product Review: Options Spreads: Generating Exceptional Returns... by David Penn

  • Pulte Returns To Neckline Break

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Pulte Homes rallied over the last six months, but resistance from a neckline support break is close at hand, and the advance looks corrective.

  • QualComm Returns To The Scene Of The Crime

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...QualComm (QCOM) broke double-top support with a big gap, and this broken support area has now turned into resistance.

  • RIG Returns To Resistance Break

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Transocean (RIG), a world leader in offshore drilling, broke major resistance in January and the current pullback looks like a classic throwback.

  • Reversals In Weekly Stock Returns by A. Tezel, PhD, and R. Sharma, PhD

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Reversals In Weekly Stock Returns by A. Tezel, PhD, and R. Sharma, PhD Nasdaq stocks provide the highest net returns from a long strategy after a week of declining returns and declining highs and lows. Stock prices with strong momentum during the prio

  • Rowan Returns To Resistance Breakout

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite a sharp decline over the last two months, the decline in Rowan Cos. looks like a normal correction.


    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...MEASURING ASSOCIATION BETWEEN RETURNS ON TWO ASSETS The covariance between the total returns on two assets X and Y is defined as the average over the entire period of the products consisting of asset X's return in a given subperiod less its average retu


    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...T-TEST RETURNS For each of the 10 trading strategies, Article Figure 2 presents the mean quarterly net returns, the standard deviation of these returns, the results of the t-test, the autocorrelation coefficient (the column titled Auto contains the esti

  • TDW Returns To Broken Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The recent decline in Tidewater looks like a correction back to the resistance breakout.

  • The Effect Of Elections On Stock Market Returns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do elections influence the stock market? Is there a pattern that investors can take advantage of? This author's statistical research suggests that there is one pattern that produced more than 60% average returns during the election periods in countries a

  • Volatility Of Returns by John Sweeney

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Volatility Of Returns by John Sweeney Designing a profitable trading system is key, but the way that profits and losses vary can have an impact on your long-term success. Here's why looking at how the returns deviate can help you design your own system.

  • Working Money: Little Steps = Big Returns by Paul Merriman

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Working Money: Little Steps = Big Returns by Paul Merriman Increase your profits by investing in specific sectors of the market. Don't put all your eggs in one basket" is frequently given advice. In the investment world, this adage is about the risk of

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