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After-Hours Trading with Victoria Wang

  • Are you piloting your trading with safety? by Ana Maria Wilson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are you piloting your trading with safety? by Ana Maria Wilson As a full-time trader of highly speculative stock and commodity options armed with a basically sound system, I'm always looking for ways to strengthen the weakest link in my trading program:

  • Better Trading With Risk Control by Daryl Guppy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Better Trading With Risk Control by Daryl Guppy How do you improve your trading results? Risk management, of course. Understanding how the tools of technical analysis work and how they are applied makes a big difference to your initial trading results.

  • Day Trading With Stochastics by John F. Kepka

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Day Trading With Stochastics by John F. Kepka I have been using the Stochastics oscillator ""K"" and ""%D"" for well over a year (RE: May and Sep 1984 issues of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine). I use Stochastics, (in conjunction wit

  • End Of Day Trading With Double Bottoms

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On February 19, published my article on the trading strategy "Buying At The Bottom." Below is a chart showing how to trade both long and short using this strategy.

  • Forex Trading With ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A limited number of ETFs offer new opportunities to stock traders.

  • High-Frequency Trading With Sang Lee

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sang Lee is a cofounder of Aite Group and serves as managing partner. Lee, whose expertise lies in the securities and investments vertical growth, has advised global financial institutions, software/hardware vendors, and professional services firms in se

  • Interview: Better Trading With Rob Hoffman

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Rob Hoffman is founder and CEO of Hoffman has participated in numerous international and domestic trading competitions with 19 wins and is a frequent speaker at brokerage firms and financial exchanges. He is an educator and a pas

  • Interview: Classic Swing Trading With Linda Bradford Raschke by J. Gopalakrishnan and B. R. Faber

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Interview: Classic Swing Trading With Linda Bradford Raschke by J. Gopalakrishnan and B. R. Faber Hers is a name that you've probably heard or read any number of times if you've been interested in or involved in technical analysis for very long. Linda B

  • Interview: The Psychology Of Trading With Claudio Demb

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Claudio Demb, MD, is a psychiatrist and has been an individual trader and investor since the 1990s. He is a frequent contributor to this magazine on the topic of trading psychology. Along with his professional practice, he has an academic appointment as

  • Interview: The Way Of Trading With Ian Murphy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ian Murphy trades his own account using trend-following, swing trading, and daytrading strategies. He studied under experienced traders such as Alexander Elder and Kerry Lovvorn. Working in metal recycling early in his career led him to precious metals a

  • Intraday Trading With 100 Shares

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since the birth of the American stock market, one pattern has always recurred: Major booms follow sharp crashes. The best-known example began on Black Thursday, October 24, 1929, the day when the market started to plummet. During the following th

  • Long-Term Trading With Swiss Francs by Andre Zupans

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using Paper And Pencil (Hey, It Still Works!) Long-Term Trading With Swiss Francs Didn't you love that little cotton trade we showed you back in May 2000? Want to try again with Swiss francs? Here's your chance. by Andre Zupans In the May 2000 STOCKS

  • Market Types, Sideways Markets, And Trading With Bollinger Bands

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You can increase your odds of adapting your strategy to the market type in effect.

  • Pair Trading With A Twist

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading stock pairs may be something that you may not think about much. But if market conditions are such that no trading methodology of yours is going to work, it's best to keep your options open. Here, we look at pair trading to find which approach wor

  • Pair Trading With Spreadsheets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Build a spreadsheet to aid in revealing profitable opportunities in pair trades.

Quick Scan: Trading With Bollinger Bands

Quick-Scans: Trading with the Elliott Principle

  • Short-Term Trading With SVAPO by Sylvain Vervoort

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Short-Term Trading With SVAPO by Sylavain Vervoort The trading rules I will discuss here are based on an eight-bar shortterm volume and price oscillator (SVAPO) period with a 1/1,000 minimum price change and with an upper standard deviation channel at 1

  • Swing Trading With Engulfing Patterns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Candlesticks can help you pick low-risk trade setups, especially when using other indicators as filters.

  • Swing Trading With Momentum On Your Side

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Seeing a simple breakout may convince you to place a trade, but how do you know if a breakout is really a breakout? Here's one way you can jump into a trade and not get caught off-guard.

Swing Trading With Swing Charts by Teresa Lo

  • Swing Trading With Sylvain Vervoort

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sylvain Vervoort was involved with computers and software since the early days of microcomputing. He has always been fascinated by computer hardware, computer programming, and later on, technical analysis of the stock market. Many of his S&C articles ove

  • Swing Trading With Three Indicators

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You've heard it time and time again: You need to have a trading plan. But how do you create one? You have to start somewhere, and here's one system that can lift you into the world of system traders.

  • Swing Trading With Three Indicators

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You have to start somewhere.

  • Swing Trading With Trendlines

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...All trends, whatever they are, last only so long.

  • Technical Trading With Heiken-Ashi

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using a little known method of trend identification can tell you when to enter the market and when to sit on the sidelines.

  • The Joy Of Trading with Statistics by Ben Warwick

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Joy Of Trading with Statistics by Ben Warwick For many of you who have traded in the past, the title of this article may take you by surprise. How can trading be work of joy? Only when you are winning, obviously, but there's more to it than that. Sy

  • The V-Trade Part 10: Trading With Leverage

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Parts 1 through 9 of this series covered the building blocks for a complete trading strategy, including the technical analysis used and the trading rules. The series continues here with some practical information on getting started and setting up a tradi

  • Trading With ARIMA Forecasts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Commodity Trading Risks by Allen D. Hanson Few traders fully realize the risks that they are taking when they make a commitment in the futures market. They have learned all about charts, cycles, fundamentals, and basic trading theory, but when it comes

  • Trading With An Adaptive Price Zone by Lee Leibfarth

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:9 (28-31): Trading With An Adaptive Price Zone by Lee Leibfarth When the markets are moving sideways, it is difficult to identify the turning points. Here's one indicator that can help you do that. Traders are always looking

  • Trading With Emotions

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This past few weeks saw tremendous market fluctuation because of Michael Flynn, and also because of a vote in the American Senate on a tax bill.

  • Trading With Fibonacci

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Though the mathematician known as "Fibonacci" composed his major work back in the 13th century, his concepts are a popular component of chart reading today. Find out how you could be using Fibonacci tools on your charts and in your trading to help take s

  • Trading With Open Interest by John Boere

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading With Open Interest by John Boere Analyzing the open interest of equities can provide insight into the direction of the market. Find out why the expiration price is being manipulated, how it can be calculated, and how you can trade it. Open inte

  • Trading With Price-Action Pivots

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Pivot points have long been used by traders to identify entry & exit signals. Here's an effective technique that integrates classic candlestick pivot patterns with other indicators

  • Trading With Stochastic RSI

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There are many indicators out there and finding one that suits you can be not that easy.

  • Trading With The ADX

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Markets do not always trend. Sometimes they are range bound and as a result the tools which will be most suitable for analysis in these types of market differ from those that are useful in a trending market. A popular tool that is helpful in determining

  • Trading With The Directional Ratio by John Jay Norris

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading With The Directional Ratio by John "Jay" Norris Whether you trade long term, short term, or intermediate term, you need to know the direction of the trend. Here's a simple way to find out. If you are an active trader, or if you manage traders,

Trading With The Heikin-Ashi Candlestick Oscillator by Sylvain Vervoort

  • Trading With The Major Players

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If you want to profit big in the market, then make sure that you are trading along with the major players.

  • Trading With The True Strength Index by William Blau

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading With The True Strength Index by William Blau The true strength index, which was introduced late last year in these pages, may be considered to be a cross between a relative strength indicator and a moving average convergence/divergence indicator

  • Trading With Trendlines

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Confused about market direction? Try a trendline to help you see things as they really are.

Trading With Volume Profile by Sam Whitehill

  • Trading with ARIMA and stochastics

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A modification of Wilder's directional movement system by Thomas P. Drinka and Steven L. Kille In his New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems (Copyright 1978) J. Welles Wilder Jr. introduced his directional movement system with the following: ""Direc

  • Trading with Elliott Wave and Gann by David Lamarr

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading with Elliott Wave and Gann by David Lamarr Wave confusion. This is the best way to describe my introduction to the Elliott Wave Principle more than four years ago. I read the books, started keeping an hourly chart updated by hand and had reasona

  • Trading with Gann lines by David Lamarr

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading with Gann lines by David Lamarr Gann lines, although only a small part of W. D. Gann's methods, provide an effective, straightforward way of determining support and resistance areas and times when to expect a change in trend. They can be thought

  • Trading with Steidlmayer by Ellen C. Williams

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading with Steidlmayer by Ellen C. Williams Talking with J. Peter Steidlmayer about the commodities markets is different than talking with any other trader in the game. Bonds, soybeans, grains and currencies are metaphors that define Steidlmayer's wa

  • Trading with a Variable Position Size by Tom O'Malley

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading With A Variable Position Size by Tom O'Malley Once a position has been put on, some traders will hold it at a constant size throughout the life of the trade, while other traders will vary the size. Which is better? Once a trade has been initiat

  • Trading with the Cup-with-Handle by Gregory Kuhn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...V.13:07 (292-297): Trading with the Cup-with-Handle by Gregory Kuhn Here are some more nuances for trading stocks based on the charting pattern called the cup-with-handle pattern introduced by William O'Neil. How much would you pay for a trading syst

  • Trend Trading With Flag Patterns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trade with the trend during breakouts without suffering false starts or volatile price swings with bullish flag patterns.

Working Money: Trading With Trendlines by David Penn

WorkingMoney: Swing Trading With Trendlines by Phillip S. Duke, Ph.D.

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