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  • A Low-Risk, High-Potential Return Option Strategy by Jean-Olivier Fraisse, C.F.A.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A Low-Risk, High-Potential Return Option Strategy by Jean-Olivier Fraisse, C.F.A. Can call options be used as a substitute for purchasing stocks? Covered calls -- selling a call on stock being held -- is one low-risk strategy, but profits can be limited o

  • Boosting Rates Of Return With Noncorrelated Systems by Richard L. Weissman

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Boosting Rates Of Return With Noncorrelated Systems by Richard L. Weissman Here's how adding noncorrelated assets within a trading system and combining noncorrelated systems can help your trading. Mechanical trading systems offer traders and risk manag

  • Brookfield Infrastructure Partners - Safety And Return.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking for a company that has good appreciation and portfolio defensive potential?

  • Increasing Return With Covered Calls by Joe Demkovich and Eugene Theriot

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Increasing Return With Covered Calls by Joe Demkovich and Eugene Theriot Worried about how exposed you are to price fluctuation in your options position? Don't be. Here's how you can retain flexibility by using covered-call options. One of the most co

  • Inherent Return In Futures Markets by Charles R. Lightner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Inherent Return In Futures Markets There has been a long-running controversy about the source of returns to futures market investors. With that in mind, consider new data in support of the theory that there is an inherent return to the noncommercial inv

  • Is That Positive Rate Of Return Pie-In-The-Sky?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Don't let overly positive rates of return obscure the real picture. Try a rule of thumb to estimate time value of money.

  • Return Of The Son Of Another Rate Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An old support level turned resistance suggests that prices for 10-year notes are likely to continue lower before moving higher.

  • Return Of The Son Of Denying The Divergence

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A double negative divergence signaled a market top in June. Will another double negative divergence signal another top in August?

  • Return To The 50-50 Strategy

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Once again, the 50-day moving average helps traders out.

  • Return of the Diamond

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Remember the two-year diamond top hovering over the Dow Jones Industrial Average that peaked in November 1999? The bears do.

  • Risk-Adjusted Return by MH Pee

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:9 (62-66): Risk-Adjusted Return by MH Pee Comparing two different trading strategies can be a challenge. Here's a technique that does it. How do you compare stock trading without using leverage and trading something like futu


    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...MODIFYING RISK AND RETURN WITH S&P 500 FUTURES Stock index futures modify risk by altering the portfolio beta and portfolio return by affecting cash balances. Take an example. A $10 million portfolio currently has a beta of 1.2. The manager wants to inc

  • The Overnight Return Study

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Anomalies in the markets appear on occasion and challenge the efficient market hypothesis. Here's a look at the overnight return anomaly, with some findings that may surprise you.

  • The Return Of High Momentum

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There's no right or wrong way to look at the market. The reality is that with so many choices, you can get creative with your analysis techniques. Here's a look at how to combine two related indexes and use opposite strategies for each

  • The Return Of How The Dollar Gets Its Groove Back

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will a positive stochastic divergence in September result in a rally in U.S. dollar futures?

  • The Return Of Tempting Triangles

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The last tempting triangle prepared Dow investors for a 386-point ride. Now an ascending triangle in the weekly S&P 500 suggests more upside.

  • The Return Of The Count Right Now

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With a close above the 1215 level, the S&P 500 closes in on a 100% retracement of the spring declines.

  • The Return Of The Son Of The Bearish Confirmations

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's all about the March 2004 lows for the Dow Transports and Industrials.

  • The Return of Copper Tops

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bearish in February, bullish in May, is it time to get bearish again on copper futures?

Working Money: Return To The 50-50 Strategy by Charles Bradshaw Schaap

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