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  • Playing The Commodities Rebound With Options

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan's dramatic decline appears to be over. Here's an interesting option play on this agriculture sector giant.

  • Playing The Dividend Game

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Below is a trading strategy I learned in the 1980s. Applying it to Annaly can be profitable.

  • Playing The Dividend Game

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Andarko Petroleum has declared a dividend. Is it worth a buy?

  • Playing The Forex Game

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS..."The forecaster is like an entrepreneur..."

  • Playing The Gold Bug Swings

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Amex Gold Bugs Index has been range-bound the last 12 months, but the swings within this range offer a way to play and anticipate a bigger breakout.

  • Playing The Gold Game

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After years of relative obscurity as an investment and trading vehicle, gold has made a dramatic comeback. Here's what you should watch out for when trading gold or gold stocks.

  • Playing The Index Market by Tom Gentile

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:9 (68-71): Playing The Index Market by Tom Gentile Sometimes, it helps to look beyond the market averages and at specific sectors or industry groups instead. Quiet and trendless markets often leave index traders sidelined. Wi

  • Playing The Pauses In The Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Great musicians, like great traders, play the pauses between the notes, or price action, for runaway moves in the stock market.

  • Playing The Presidential Cycle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Incumbent presidents have shown an incredible propensity for shamelessly pumping up the economy in election years. Knowing when is the essential first step to profiting from it.

  • Playing The Range With Qualcomm

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Qualcomm has been stuck in a trading range since August 2006, and another oversold reading from a key momentum oscillator points to a bounce.

  • Playing The Yield Curve by Jay Kaeppel

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:6 (32-36): Playing The Yield Curve by Jay Kaeppel So what is the yield curve, and how can you use it in your trading? Find out here. Most investors are at least vaguely aware of something known in financial circles as the "yi

  • Playing the "somewhats" by Len Yate

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Playing the ""somewhats"" by Len Yates Tired of waiting for the market to do something significant and you want to steer clear of naked writing? This article describes a way to play what I call the ""somewhats"" -- times when you expect the market to go

  • Playing the Range On Sun Microsystems

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sun Microsystems has been range bound for almost two years and recently moved into a reversal zone.

  • Playing the Waiting Game

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Nowhere is it more important to cultivate patience and discipline than in trading. Entering a trade too early will often result in a stagnant trade and/or dispiriting losses which will often cause the trader to exit the trade early and miss the big break

  • Playing the opening range breakout Part 1 by Toby Crabel

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Playing the opening range breakout Part 1 by Toby Crabel Opening range breakout is one of the most important indicators of daily market direction that a trader can utilize. An opening range breakout (ORB) is a trade taken at a predetermined amount abov

Working Money: Playing The Gold Game by Matt Blackman

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