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  • A Seasonal Strategy With Leveraged ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Halloween indicator, also known as ""Sell in May and go away,"" is a well-known seasonal strategy that investors apply to the financial markets. But it comes with its share of risk. Here is how you can use this seasonal strategy with a twist using le

  • Adding ETFs To Your Portfolio

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is it time to consider adding exchange traded funds to your portfolio?

  • Aerospace & Defense ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US government provides high-level funding to aerospace and defense to expand its communication satellite networks, to continue building the US air defense, and to examine the far reaches of outer space. Investors may want to consider a small portfoli

  • Analyzing Stocks In Strong ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The 13-week relative strength of major ETFs versus the broad stock indexes reveals some interesting dynamics at work.

  • Applying Relative Strength To ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using a nontraditional approach to relative strength, we find that QQQQ is a buy.

  • Are Leveraged Sector ETFs For You? by L.A. Little

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are Leveraged Sector ETFs For You? by L.A. Little Find out if you can include these products in your list of tradables. IN 1992, the American Stock Exchange (Amex) petitioned the Securities and Exchange Commission (Sec) to create a standalone index-ba

  • Artificial Intelligence ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...AI-related companies and AI-focused ETFs have sprung to life with some ETFs having one-year gains ranging from 54% to 89%. AI will be a driving force in many future advancements, making it a trail blazer in this next advanced industrial revolution. Inves

  • Basic Materials ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The materials sector has had market-beating performance over the past year, especially those funds or securities with a metals and mining component. "Materials" is one of the S&P's 11 sectors, and investors and traders might take a look at this critical

  • Basic Materials, Agriculture ETFs Outperform Broad Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Based on a 12-month weighted ranking system, many of the top performing exchange traded funds hail from the metals, emerging market, and agricultural industry groups.

  • Biotech ETFs: A Slice Of Medical Science

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are you interested in learning more about using exchange traded funds (ETFs) in your trading? Leslie N. Masonson, an active ETF trader, is president of Cash Management Resources, a financial consulting firm that focuses on ETF strategies. He is the autho

  • Checking Out Horizon BetaPro ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Horizon BetaPro exchange traded funds are used by traders in Canada to trade the indexes because they are geared.

  • Commodity-Linked ETFs Nearing Chart Pattern Completion

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An equal-weight ETF index composed of agricultural commodities, gold miners, oil/gas producers, and steel makers is very close to a major support test of a large daily based head & shoulders pattern.

  • Commodity-Linked ETFs Still Outperforming Broad Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Compared to most other stock industry groups, commodity-linked ETFs are still standing tall. Are good trading opportunities still available here?

  • Commodity/Leveraged ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This exchange traded fund (ETF) tracks changes in the level of the Deutsche Bank Liquid Commodity Index Ð Optimum Yield Diversified Excess Return, plus interest income from US Treasuries that the ETF holds.

  • ETFs vs. Mutual Funds: Which Way To Go?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even short-term traders will have some investments they hold for the longer term. But even those longer-term investments need some monitoring from time to time. Here's how you can apply a momentum strategy using technical analysis tools to help select mu

  • Emerging Market ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Emerging market stocks and ETFs appear to finally be coming out of a multiyear decline. Historically, such a rise has typically been followed by a multiyear advance. Given that historical pattern, six broad-based emerging market ETFs are reviewed here to

  • Evaluation Of Stocks, ETFs, And Funds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In times of price volatility and diverging political and financial theories on world markets, how will independent traders survive? Find out how one trader navigates the markets with a daily evaluation method.

  • Following The Money: ETFs And Your Portfolio

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Exchange traded funds can be the best way to add exposure to your portfolio.

  • Forex Trading With ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A limited number of ETFs offer new opportunities to stock traders.

  • Gain International Exposure Through ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are you interested in learning more about using exchange traded funds (ETFs) in your trading? Leslie N. Masonson, an active ETF trader, is president of Cash Management Resources, a financial consulting firm that focuses on ETF strategies. He is the autho

  • Going For ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On CNBC some time ago, Suze Orman advised investors to invest in ETFs for the dividend. "Buy them, enjoy the dividend, and don't watch them," she said.

  • Gold And Silver Stocks Outperforming Metals ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold prices are about 28% higher than they were one year ago, but even that rise pales in comparison with the gains made by many precious metal mining stocks.

  • Hedging The S&P 500 Index Using Low-Correlation ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here is a way you can improve your buy & hold returns and ease drawdowns by hedging with ETFs

  • High-Dividend-Paying ETFs Offer Concentrated Returns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are you looking to capture higher-than-normal dividends while still enjoying a solid total return? If so, then here are six ETFs to consider that focus on high dividend payments, and they all have billions of dollars in assets

  • High-Yield Bond ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...According to the March 11, 2012, Financial Times article ""Warning On High-Yield ETF Returns,"" high-yield exchange traded funds (ETFs), which mostly consist of junk bonds, have seen net inflows of $6.6 billion so far (and at that time, we were not even

  • Homebuilder ETFs: Building Homes To Meet Demand

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The homebuilding industry is tied to the health of the economy, employment, interest rates, and supply & demand for housing of all types. During difficult financial times, homebuilders and their stocks suffer. However, during strong parts of the economic

  • Leveraged ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If you’re into short-term index strategies, a leveraged Efont size="-1"TF could be just what you need.

  • Low-Volatility ETFs Outperform

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are you looking for a less-risky approach to ETF investing that still captures the return of the S&P 500 index or better? Then consider low-volatility ETFs, which have performed better than expected. A number of high-quality, low-volatility ETFs have bee

  • Outperform The Market With Sector ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a long-term strategy that is similar to the dogs of the Dow strategy, except that it uses Select Sector ETFs. Find out how this strategy can be used to outperform the S&P 500.

  • Playing With i-Shares And ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...I hate i-Shares and ETFs because they are used by hedge funds to play the market. Hedge funds are not as tightly restricted as brokerage houses... yet.

  • Profiting From Inverse ETFs In Bear Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the market heads down, there are still ways to profit that don't require taking an outright short position. Here's a look at some of the inverse ETFs available, how they have performed, and what risks are involved

  • Renewable Energy ETFs: Saving the World

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Renewable energy ETFs have become a popular investment category in the past year with returns greater than those of the S&P 500 index. And during the coronavirus market plunge, these ETFs held up well. Investors have a choice of very concentrated ETFs or

  • Retail ETFs Are A Mixed Bag

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are you interested in learning more about using exchange traded funds (ETFs) in your trading? Leslie N. Masonson, an active ETF trader, is president of Cash Management Resources, a financial consulting firm that focuses on ETF strategies. He is the autho

  • Roller-Coaster Thrills With Triple-Leveraged Small-Cap ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If you can handle the volatility, consider taking the Direxion Small Cap Bull 3x Shares ETF for a ride through the small-cap markets.

  • SLV Outperforming Among ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The iShares Silver Trust has been very strong since early November, easily outperforming most other exchange traded funds (ETFs) in the past four weeks.

  • Sector-Rotation ETFs Underperform

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Rotating into leading sectors while switching to a defensive position in downturns is an ideal tactic if it can be implemented successfully, but can it? Are there any ETFs that have succeeded with it? If there are, they could save you the work of impleme

  • Single-Currency ETFs & Equity Options Open Interest Profile (CME)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's an analysis of ETFs and an exchange mentioned in this issue.

  • Small-Cap Growth ETFs In The Spotlight

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are you interested in learning more about using exchange traded funds (ETFs) in your trading? Leslie N. Masonson, an active ETF trader, is president of Cash Management Resources, a financial consulting firm that focuses on ETF strategies. He is the autho

  • Stocks & Commodities V. 26:6 (20-24) Profit With ETFs by Gerald Gardner and Trent Gardner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Profit With ETFs by Gerald Gardner and Trent Gardner Here's a timing method you can use to trade exchange traded funds. Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are ideal candidates with which to explore the timing of investments. More than 400 ETFs are tradable a

  • Studying ETFs Online With R

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here is an example of using an open-source language, R, to code indicators, which the authors then used to create their own app that can compare ETFs. Here is how they did it

  • The EZ Guide `To Selecting ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Decisions, decisions, decisionsÉ the best ones are based on knowledge.

  • Three Rules, One Easy Way To Trade ETFs by Larry Conners and David Penn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Three Rules, One Easy Way To Trade ETFs by Larry Conners and David Penn Here's a short-term trading strategy to trade exchange traded funds. A famous trader once remarked that he could publish the secrets to his winning trading strategy in the newspape

  • Time To Buy ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The financial markets of the world are in a recession. What are the best stocks to buy?

  • Timing Consumer Staples & Discretionary ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How do you know when to switch from an offensive to a defensive sector? This look at two ETF sectors, consumer staples and discretionary, could provide some clues

Traders' Resource: Mutual Funds And ETFs by Technical Analysis, Inc.

Traders' Resource: Mutual Funds and ETFs by Technical Analysis, Inc.

  • Trading High-Yield Bonds Using ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In the high-risk arena of high-yield bonds, it's a good idea to use a trading system that avoids large drawdowns. Try applying a simple moving average.

  • Trend Switching With ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Given the volatility in the markets, you need to know when to get into a trade and when to get out. The use of ETFs has made this easier. Find out how.

  • Utility ETFs: Power Up With Dividend Payers?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Investing in our infrastructure power is critical to our daily lives. Without adequate energy, our country would grind to a halt. Conservative investors may want to invest a portion of their funds in this defensive sector for capital appreciation and div

  • Video Gaming And eSports ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The gaming and esports industry is a very big, lucrative, and growing behemoth in the United States and overseas. The Covid-19 situation has resulted in unexpected revenue surges, skyrocketing stock prices, and possible antitrust investigations. Here's a

  • Water ETFs: Go With The Flow Or Not?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Water is a lifesaver around the world and will always be an essential and critical element of our lives and the planet's survival. Some investors may wish to consider adding a small position of one of these ETFs to their portfolio Since two of these ETFs

Working Money: Adding ETFs To Your Portfolio by John Devcic

Working Money: Following The Money: ETFs And Your Portfolio by Jim Ulland

Working Money: Leveraged ETFs

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