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  • Equity Curve Analysis by Vladimir Stepnov

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Equity Curve Analysis by Vladimir Stepnov What can you expect from your trading system? he random nature of the markets can alter your profit expectations, which is why you must determine how your system will perform in any type of market. When you des

  • Market Diagnostic - The Yield Curve

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...During a rally, short-term interest rates (yields) on three-month bonds tend to remain well below 20-30 year bond yields. But when that relationship gets upended, it usually spells trouble.

  • Nasdaq and the Coppock Curve

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Edwin Sedgewick Coppock devised an indicator that compares past performance to current and may give us an insight into the Nasdaq.

  • Playing The Yield Curve by Jay Kaeppel

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:6 (32-36): Playing The Yield Curve by Jay Kaeppel So what is the yield curve, and how can you use it in your trading? Find out here. Most investors are at least vaguely aware of something known in financial circles as the "yi

  • Recession Watch - Yield Curve Turns Negative Again

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since first inverting in March 2019, the 10-Year minus 3-Month has inverted yet again. What does it mean?

  • SIDEBAR: Calculating the Coppock Curve in SuperCharts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...SIDEBAR: Calculating the Coppock Curve in SuperCharts The Coppock curve in Figure 1 of the article ""The Coppock Curve"" by Elliot Middleton, labeled ""CoppockAnnual"" takes the essence of Coppock's original formulation and puts it in modern mathematics

  • Slow Down: Equity Curve Ahead

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The equity curve judges the success or failure of your system. What makes an equity curve good or bad? What does it take to achieve a good equity curve? We'll take a look.

  • Surfing The Linear Regression Curve . . . by Dennis Meyers, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Surfing The Linear Regression Curve With Bond Futures by Dennis Meyers, Ph.D. Linear regression, a statistical technique that fits a straight line to data points, can also be a proxy for a market trend. Here's a trading system that uses the measured per

  • The Coppock Curve by Elliott Middleton

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Coppock Curve by Elliott Middleton The Coppock formula was introduced in Barron's in 1962, devised by a San Antonio, TX-based technician named Edwin Sedgwick Coppock. Since then, the Coppock oscillator has been adopted and adapted by technicians aro

  • The Inverted Yield Curve by Kathy Lien

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:4 (20-24): The Inverted Yield Curve by Kathy Lien An inverted yield curve has implications in regards to the US dollar and the economy. Will they both suffer? The potential of a yield curve inversion has been a major topic in

  • The Options Risk Curve Part 1

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...If you've tried to make profits out of option decay, you may have found yourself waiting patiently to eek out even a bit of profit. Find out what some pros have to say about this

  • The Options Risk Curve Part 2

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Your beautiful risk curve didn't provide you with the beautiful profits it seemed to promise on day one. Why? We asked the experts. In part 1, we covered nine of those 12 reasons. Here, we look at the next three

  • The Treasury Yield Curve Inverted Again - Should We Be Worried?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since the 1960s, recessions have followed every time 10-year Treasury yields have dropped below 3-month yields and stayed there. This ratio turned negative in May. In this article we explore how to track this indicator using free, publicly available data

  • The Yield Curve

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can the bear market in US interest rates continue?

  • The Yield Curve and What It Can Tell Us About Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In every major correction, rumors surface that a recession is in the wings. These same rumors have been circulating of late. If we are indeed in a true bear market and headed for recession, the yield curve will provide valuable warning.

  • Trading The Equity Curve

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A trading system that brings in consistent profits is a keeper. But if it stops giving you the results you want, is it best to stop using it? We take a look.

  • Trading The Equity Curve by Joe Luisi

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading The Equity Curve by Joe Luisi Technical analysis is typically applied to prices to determine the trend and changes in the trend. Now consider applying the same concept to analyzing your equity curve to determine those times when your equity may

  • Treasury Yield Curve Warning. Should We Pay Attention?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the yield curve, defined by short-term rates dropping below long term, inverts, it generally indicates economic weakness. It has now been inverted for the most part since May.

  • Understanding The Yield Curve, Part 1

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this two-part series, you'll get a comprehensive review of yield curve analysis and how it can be applied to making decisions in the stock market. In this first part, we'll look at basic theory as well as some guidelines for how discretionary investor

  • Understanding The Yield Curve, Part 2

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Last month in part 1, we presented the basics of yield curve analysis. Here, we review its historical performance in various countries through the use of yield spread indicators.

  • Working with the Coppock Curve

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As traders, we want to find signals for fast, profitable entries and exits, but sometimes it pays to take your time to enter a trade correctly, even when doing so means being subjected to a series of whiplash trades. The eventual pay off might make it wo

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