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  • A Call To Verizon

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...So... is the stock a buy?

Adjusting A Long Call With The Synthetic Straddle by Chris Tyler

  • Avoiding The Margin Call

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's tempting to trade on margin, but there are a few facts you need to know before opening a margin account.

  • Bull Call vs. Bull Put Spread (CME#9)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is a credit spread a better strategy than a debit spread just by reason of the credit?

  • Call The S&P 500 With Gann And Elliott

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When W.D. Gann passed away, he left a study full of papers containing reams of research. He earnestly believed that man's emotions were ruled by planetary and mathematical influences; the planetary research is pooh-poohed by many today as crazy, bu

  • Covered Call Opportunity In Freeport-McMoran

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Covered call strategies aren't glamorous, but if you're patient and choose your strikes wisely, a low-risk methodology can be within reach of the average trader.

  • Covered Call Writing by Steven Schinke, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...DERIVATIVES Covered Call Writing Here's a primer on writing options to boost return on investment. by Steven P. Schinke, Ph.D. Options derivatives for stocks and commodities come in two types: One is bought and sold in transactions between two parti

  • Do The Indexes Call For A Correction?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...We know that a correction is on the cards. But what do the daily indexes tell us?

  • Does Consecutive Covered Call Writing Beat... by Gunter Meissner and Sandra Wu

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:5 (22-26): Does Consecutive Covered Call Writing Beat Buy & Hold? by Gunter Meissner and Sandra Wu One of the most popular option strategies meets one of the most popular investing methods -- which will win? One of the most po

  • FCG's Simple Covered Call Play

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sometimes, traders are blessed with a major trend-following move. At other times, they need to settle for slow but steady gains, as the outcome of this trade demonstrates.

  • Gannett High-Yield Covered Call Op

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bull market keeps hanging in there. Instead of trying to call the exact top, why not just try to make the most of the stocks that are still moving higher?

  • Investment VS Trading In Covered Call Writing by Jay Kaeppel

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the investment approach, shares of stock are viewed as rental property and calls are written to generate additional income from what is expected to be a longer-term stock investment. The trading approach involves executing buy/writes based o

  • Micron Technology: An Attractive Covered Call Play

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Micron Technology's bullish breakout appears to have plenty of money flow fuel in its tank to travel to higher price levels.

  • Possible Covered Call For Sunoco

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The broad US stock indexes apparently just don't know when to stop rising. Until rationality returns, why not make the most of whatever bullish sentiment is left?

Product Review: Enhancing Portfolio Value with Covered Call Options

  • Southwestern Energy June Call Sales

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Southwestern Energy shares have been weakening for about four months now, with the daily and weekly charts presenting aggressive traders with a modest-risk call option play.

  • Survivorship Bias - A Wake-Up Call

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There's more to trading systems than developing buy and sell signals. Here's one aspect you may not have been aware of that could make a difference to your backtesting results

  • TNA Resistance Zone Invites Call Sales

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Now that the anticipated B wave higher has drawn new buyers into the broad market fray, selling out-of-the-money calls might be just the ticket.

  • The 21st-Century Covered Call

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are you tired of writing covered calls only to see your stock get called away as it heads into the stratosphere? Here is a strategy that professional traders use to kill two birds with one option

  • The Call Me "Mini E" by Afshin Taghechian

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...V. 22:9 (92-95): The Call Me "Mini E" by Afshin Taghechian Well, actually, it's e-mini, and this article has nothing to do with Dr. Evil. You might find it informative anyway, especially if you're looking for a new instrument to trade. Since March 2000

  • The Nasdaq: A Tough Call

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS..."Further, of bearish importance is that the Nasdaq has itself failed for the second time at a level below the previous top, while making new and lower lows. Bull markets make higher highs and higher lows; bear markets do the opposite."

  • The Siren Call of Optimized Trading Systems by Dennis Meyers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Siren Call Of Optimized Trading Systems by Dennis Meyers, Ph.D. Today's software for trading systems can take you down some dangerous paths. Here's how to avoid one mistake. With the advent of today's high-performance desktop computers and software

  • Timing And Covered Call Writing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...By using the right approach with covered call writing you can earn predictable returns and end up owning the stock at no cost if you play it correctly.

  • Too Close to Call

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a look at the US presidential election and how it can affect the stock market.

  • With CISG, Sell A Call, Ensure A Trade?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...CNinsure, Inc., a growing force in China's property/casualty and life insurance industry group, has been performing well in recent months. Savvy traders may be able to squeeze even more profits, now that the stock has cleared a recent weekly swing h

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