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  • A Portrait of General Electric as a 2B Test of Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A favorite technique for spotting potential market tops and bottoms appears as shares of General Electric test their June highs.

  • Bottoming Tailbar As A Classic Reversal Pattern

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Why the bottoming tailbar is such a powerful reversal signal.

  • Buying The Loonie As A Stock Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using ETFs, stock traders can take advantage of currency trends.

  • Candlesticks As A Leading Indicator by Gary S. Wagner and Bradley L. Matheny

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Candlesticks As A Leading Indicator by Gary S. Wagner and Bradley L. Matheny Most technical indicators are coincident with the market - that is, the indicators do not forecast market turns but only turn if the market turns. Certain candlestick formation

  • Commitments of Traders as a sentiment indicator By Stephen E. Briese

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Commitments of Traders as a sentiment indicator By Stephen E. Briese In the past, conventional market sentiment indicators have been criticized for deficiencies such as the delay involved in reading market letters, weighing their content, estimating the

  • Correlation As A Cycle Indicator

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As traders know, markets have trend modes and cyclic (mean-reversion) modes. Last month, we introduced a new indicator--the trend correlation indicator--for trend trading, based on a straightforward yet novel concept. This month, we follow up with a seco

  • Correlation As A Trend Indicator

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here, we introduce a new indicator: the correlation trend indicator. It could help you to identify the onset of a trend. It could also help you to detect the failure of a trend--thereby giving you an indication that a cyclic mode may be beginning

  • Form And Pattern As A Trading Tool by Robert Miner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Form And Pattern As A Trading Tool by Robert Miner Pattern recognition has been the topic of much technical literature. From the Elliott wave theory to Edwards and Magee, traders have been told that some fairly well-defined chart patterns indicate the m

Fractal Dimension As A Market Mode Sensor

  • Interview: Trading Success As A Point Of Reference: Ari Kiev, M.D. by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading Success As A Point Of Reference: Ari Kiev, M.D. Ari Kiev started out working with suicidal patients before going on to work with athletes and now as a trader's coach. He is a management consult-ant to several trading firms and is the author of n

  • LFUS As A Movie-Star Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Strong stocks tend to stay strong; using a proven timing system can help minimize the risk of latching onto a stock that has already skyrocketed over the past year. LFUS is such an example.

  • Lumber As A Trader's Dream

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders need volatility to make money, and lumber has been offering large price moves in short time frames.

  • Manulife Financial As A Ray Of Light In The Darkness?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How good is Manulife Financial?

  • Normalized Slope As A Measure Of Trend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here is a sophisticated tool you can use to not only identify trends but also to help measure their significance. Formulas and functions that you can use in Excel to calculate it are provided for easy implementation

Options as a Strategic Investment

  • Price As A Trading Tool by Robert Miner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Price As A Trading Tool by Robert Miner A complete approach to trading requires the trader to analyze the market from all perspectives. The three important dimensions of market activity are time, price and pattern. If a trader does not include all three

  • Put Options As A Hedge Against The Bear

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Many traders buy put options to hedge their positions against declining prices. Unlike short sellers, buyers of put options can limit losses more effectively, insofar as the put option buyer risks only the premium, the price of the option contract.

  • Relative Strength As A Selling Tool

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Relative strength is well known as a screening tool and a valuable component when it comes to making a buy decision. But what about using it for your sell decision?

  • Scalping As A Trading Style by Vadym Graifer

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 23:10 (76-78): Scalping As A Trading Style by Vadym Graifer Scalping got a bad name during the 1998?2000 market boom, mostly thanks to the media. Does scalping really deserve the bashing? Scalpers inhabit an area of fairly small

  • Spread Prices As A Leading Indicator by Curtis McKallip Jr.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Spread Prices As A Leading Indicator by Curtis McKallip Jr. Commodities that are deliverable today trade at a different price than the very same commodity to be delivered in the future. This price differential is called a spread. Spreads exist because

  • The Hourly Liquidity Data Bank As A Tool For Day Traders by Donald L. Jones & C. Young

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Hourly Liquidity Data Bank As A Tool For Day Traders by Donald L. Jones & C. Young How hourly data from the Chicago Board of Trade's Liquidity Data Bank can help day traders manage their positions. A typical day trader takes a position and then wa

  • The Volatility Index As A Forecasting Tool

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can the volatility index be used to predict market direction?

  • Time As A Trading Tool by Robert Miner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Time As A Trading Tool by Robert Miner As a rule, most trading methodologies, or ""systems,"" simply approach market activity from a price perspective. But such an approach is incomplete; such an analysis of market activity is one-dimensional without th

  • Trading As A Business

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Get a different perspective by following these six principles.

  • Trendlines as a Technical Tool by Joe Luisi

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...NOVICE TRADER Trendlines As A Technical Tool Applying trendlines to charts is a classic form of analysis. Here are some of the basics of using this tool. by Joe Luisi Trendlines, which are one of the most basic techniques in chart analysis, are line

  • Using A Trailing Stop As A Buy-Sell Signal

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using a trailing stop as a buy signal can prove highly profitable.

  • V.14:6 (262-264) Employment As A Bond Market Forecast by Alex Saitta

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How good a barometer is the monthly US employment report for the bond market? One analyst decided to find out. By Alex Saitta The US employment report that the federal government releases on a monthly basis contains an assortment of data on many differe

  • Volatility As A Stock Bellwether

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In his last article, 'Is Trading That Simple?' Dan Zanger discussed some signature chart patterns and stocks that have been big winners. This time, he delves deeper into his composite approach to finding the right stocks at the right time.

  • Volume as a proxy for time by Robert Pisani

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Volume as a proxy for time There are numerous ways to display the market information contained in Market Structure charts. The standard format consists of three parts (Figure 1): the Market Structure Histogram on the left side of the chart, volume at ea

Working Money: Relative Strength As A Selling Tool by Michael J. Carr, CMT

Working Money:Volatility As A Stock Bellwether by Dan Zanger and Matt Blackman

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