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  • Analyzing A Stock With Fundamentals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What do the fundamentals say about stocks?

  • Analyzing A Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A trend may be interrupted and move sideways for a time before continuing its previous direction.

  • Analyzing Aberdeen Asia Pacific Prime Income Fund Inc.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The policy of this Fund is to provide investors with a stable monthly distribution out of current income, supplemented by realized capital gains and, to the extent necessary, paid-in capital. The Board intends to maintain a monthly distribution of US 3.5

  • Analyzing Bombardier

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This is the way I analyze a share for a possible future purchase.

  • Analyzing Cash

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An exchange traded fund can be used to spot trends in cash and offer insight into investor sentiment.

  • Analyzing Crude Oil

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...We'll combine RSI, the rate of change indicator, and Bollinger bands in a different way to see if crude oil is likely to move up or down.

  • Analyzing Price Action In The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What will the market do the next day? Short-term traders look for some hints that suggest which way prices will move. Here's one approach you can use to help determine what the next trading day's bias will be

  • Analyzing Risk/Reward Tradeoffs by Fred S. Gehm

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Analyzing Risk/Reward Tradeoffs by Fred S. Gehm These days, more and more potential traders are avoiding the day-to-day problems of commodity trading by committing their funds to professional money managers. For many, perhaps most, this is a reasonable

  • Analyzing Sirius Satellite Radio

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You receive a buy signal on a stock. Do you analyze some more or just go ahead and buy?

  • Analyzing Starpoint Energy Trust

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In Canada, income trusts offer one of the highest sources of sustainable recurring cash yield in equity and fixed-income markets and are therefore the preferred structure for many retirees.

  • Analyzing Stocks In Strong ETFs

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The 13-week relative strength of major ETFs versus the broad stock indexes reveals some interesting dynamics at work.

  • Analyzing The S&P 500 Index Using Gann

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Hurricanes, hurricanes, hurricanes. As if the US economy doesn't have enough problems.

  • Analyzing Trends In Momentum by Martin J. Pring

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Quo Vadis? Analyzing Trends In Momentum Momentum pure and simple is fine, but how about the trend of momentum? Here's what it can tell you. by Martin J. Pring Momentum is a generic term that applies to all oscillators, and the principles of momentum in

  • Analyzing Volume For Consolidations And Reversals by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Analyzing Volume For Consolidations And Reversals by Thom Hartle Markets move from one price level to another as trends. Once a trend has been established, technicians tend to continually analyze the market searching for clues about the current status o

  • Analyzing indicators with the cells method by David R. Aronson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Analyzing indicators with the cells method by David R. Aronson Does a given technical indicator have predictive value or not? This fundamental question must be answered before using it to forecast market trends or as input to trading decisions. An intui

  • Analyzing the Market for a Winner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A strategy to find a winner in the market using price and volume.

  • Basic Techniques for Analyzing Systems by Mike DeAmicis-Roberts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...V.13:08 (348-351): Basic Techniques for Analyzing Systems by Mike DeAmicis-Roberts What should you consider when you're designing or testing a trading system? Here are some hints that may help you. Trading is all about fear and greed,"" a trader once

  • Statistically Analyzing Volume by William M. Goodman, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistically Analyzing Volume by William M. Goodman, Ph.D. Is an increase in the activity of a stock a meaningful indication of the direction of price? To answer this question, you can use statistical methods and most any spreadsheet to analyze the rel

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