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  • A Bear Flag For ManPower

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A weak rally over the last few weeks for a bear flag for ManPower and weak volume flows point to a downside break.

  • A Bear Trap For The Russell 2000

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Russell 2000 broke support on Monday but quickly sprang back to lay the foundations of a bear trap.

  • A Bear Trap For The Swiss Franc

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Swiss franc appeared to break support in November, but a robust recovery and a gap puts the ball back in the bullish court.

  • Designing A System To Survive A Bear Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Designing a winning trading system, one that can survive a bear market as well as thrive during a bull market, takes a great deal of planning, testing, and self-examination.

  • Even In A Bear Market, Opportunity Abounds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Think it's difficult to make money in a bear market? Turn that frown upside down -- use the dips like rallies with put options.

  • Finding Buys In A Bear Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As markets continue to plummet and volatility increases, stocks in tight trading ranges can offer safety and potential upside.

Forex Focus: Hedging Against A Bear Market by Matthew Caruso

  • Hammering Out A Bear Market Bottom

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What a shooting star took away from the 10-year Treasury note yield, a hammer threatens to bring back.

  • Is This a Bear Market?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The recent decline in stock prices was deep, leading to the inevitable question of whether or not we're in a bear market. The answer depends upon the index and the time frame.

  • S&P 500 Turns Into A Bear

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Statistical analysis is used to show that the S&P 500 has reversed its intermediate-term trend from a bullish trend to a bearish trend.

  • So What's A Bear Market Again?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In Elliott wave theory, a bear market is usually described as an A-B-C correction.

  • Still A Bear Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Much commentary of late suggests that we are now in a new bull market. However, the basics of technical analysis says otherwise.

  • Surviving A Bear Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here are some strategies you can implement to withstand a bear market.

  • Was That A Bear Market?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Almost every stock decline of 5% leads to the question about whether a new bear market is under way. The steep drop in August prompts that question once again.

  • Why I Am Not A Bear

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...All you hear and read nowadays is that the market is in a bear correction and it will test the low reached in March 2009, if not fall even lower. Here's why I believe otherwise.

Working Money: Even In A Bear Market, Opportunity Abounds by Austin Passamonte

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