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  • Adjusting Option Trades With Bill Ladd by John Sarkett

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Adjusting Option Trades With Bill Ladd by John Sarkett Bill Ladd, a full-time, independent option trader, spent 20-some years in the pharmaceutical industry (Burroughs Wellcome, which became Glaxo Smith/Kline) as a certified internal auditor and a certi

  • Combine MACD And Relative Strength To Time Trades

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Relative strength is a powerful trading tool, but its signals can be difficult to interpret. Applying indicators to relative strength can help.

  • Cooking Up Trades With Adam Grimes

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Adam Grimes has two decades of experience in the industry as a trader, analyst and system developer. Grimes started trading in agricultural commodities and futures. He then moved to currency futures, stock index futures, and individual stocks. His tradin

  • Entering Trades At Pullbacks by Candy Schaap

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Entering Trades At Pullbacks by Candy Schaap When opportunities knock, tell them to come in! Here's how pullbacks in trends offer opportunity. Anybody who has ever bought an asset, whether it's bonds, stocks, mutual funds, or real estate, knows that pr

Evaluating Forex Trades by Brian Twomey

  • Event Driven Trades

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that can cause diseases in animals, including humans, and birds. Common human coronaviruses usually cause illnesses like the common cold, which most people would have had at some point in their lives. Sometimes, a st

  • Failure Patterns Can Lead To Great Trades

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Allegheny Technologies is currently trading at nose-bleed levels above $65. How it got there (in part) contains an interesting trading lesson.

  • Filtering Trades With A Moving Average Slope by Adam White

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Filtering Trades With A Moving Average Slope by Adam White Moving averages are attractive because they simply and reliably execute the ""cut your losses and let your profits run"" strategy. Moving averages also have drawbacks, however, in that they disc

Forex Focus: Do You Analyze Your Trades? by P. S. Nouvion

  • Hang Seng Trades Down To Key Support

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Hang Seng is consolidating at support with the long-term uptrend hanging in the balance.

  • How To Enter Trades With Gaps And Laps

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the unexpected happens, you need a backup plan so you don't miss a runaway move.

  • Identifying Trades With The Option Premium Ratio by Christopher Cadbury

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Identifying Trades With The Option Premium Ratio by Christopher Cadbury What is the option premium ratio? Simply, the option premium ratio is the ratio of price premiums on puts relative to price premiums on calls. It covers all listed equity options.

  • Long-Term Commodity Trades by Andre Zupans

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using Paper And Pencil, For Cotton Long-Term Commodity Trades by Andre Zupans Large commodity firms, commercial producers, and mature speculators know that capturing huge moves in commodity markets may take years. HereÕs that technique, demonstrated n

  • Low-Risk Trades Using Cup-With-Handle by Dale Glaspie

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Low-Risk Trades Using Cup-With-Handle by Dale Glaspie Here's how a popular pattern can present trading opportunities in a bear market. The year 2008 marked the beginning of one of the worst economic crises of our country's history. But just like all ot

  • Manage Your Trades With Elliott Wave

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The easy part of investing in stocks is getting into a trade. You study the chart, understand the company's business and fundamentals, find your buy point, and then dive in with big expectations. But what's next? How do you know when to take your

  • Managing Breakout Trades

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Your order has been filled and your trade is breaking out in your favor. How do you manage the trade to maximize profits? Here are a few techniques you can apply that are safer and less risky than not actively managing your position

  • Moving Averages And Volume Reveal Strong Trades In Cotton

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Cotton is ginning up some serious profits in its current bull run, and using both volume and simple moving averages can show you when to enter and profit if you know how.

  • One-Day Wonder Trades

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is there such a thing as a conservative one-day options trade that gives you an edge? Yes there is, and here is how professional options traders put it into action

  • Pinning Trades With Huzefa Hamid

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Huzefa Hamid began trading in 2000 with UK & US equities and equity options. He gravitated toward technical trading, building his own trading rules and systems. In 2012, Huzefa was appointed senior analyst at His published articles presen

  • Price Projection Swing Trades

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Finding technical breakout entries using the patterns we covered in earlier columns can be helpful. It is equally important, if not more so, to know your exits by identifying likely technical targets when you are managing your trades. Using box trading r

  • Scaling In To Swing Trades

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Position sizing is an important concept in trading. Here is a look at using multiple entry points to reduce the risk of any one entry point

  • Scaling Into Swing Trades

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a favorite decision-support strategy for swing trading that uses a unique visual pattern

  • Scanning for Swing Trades

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This month, we present a breakout strategy for finding swing trade entries based on characteristics of trend, volume, and 15-day price range. This professional trader explains what to look for

  • Seasonal Stock Index Trades by James Greenwood

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here are different seasonal strategies for trading the Value Line Index compared with the New York Stock Exchange Composite Index and the Standard and Poor's 500. Most stock market traders are familiar with the January effect, which is the tendency for

  • Seasonal Trades And The Channel Breakout System by John L.Momsen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Seasonal Trades And The Channel Breakout System by John L.Momsen Many seasonal trades have been consistently profitable over many years, but using them can be tricky because you never know if this will be the year that events won't follow the establish

  • Set Up Your Trades With The Swing Indicator by Teresa Lo

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...V. 22:9 (46-56): Set Up Your Trades With The Swing Indicator by Teresa Lo Knowing when and where classic chart patterns tend to form is as important as identifying the patterns themselves. Here's how one trader uses a combination of indicators and simpl

  • Spotting Super-Momentum Stock Trades

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The ability to pick a winning momentum stock or an emerging stock leader is often built upon hours of tireless searching through stock charts, but there is an easier way.

  • Swinging Trades With Steven Place

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Steven Place is a professional trader specializing in swing trading equity options. He focuses on structuring trades to exploit quantitative models and technical analysis while minimizing risk through portfolio hedging. He has been profitable in both bul

  • Top Three Indicators For Your 2016 Trades (And Beyond)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You'll have more confidence in the trades you place if you use the right combination of confirming indicators. Need a good set to get started with? Here are three you can use to help get your trading geared up for the new year

  • Using Price To Filter Seasonal Trades

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Combining seasonality with price action can be a useful addition to the trader's arsenal of trading systems.

  • Using The News To Find Trades

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Earnings releases and the biggest movers lists can highlight stocks ready to move.

  • WAD trades ABX by Joseph Barics

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...WAD trades ABX by Joseph Barics Williams' on-balance volume, or ""WAD,"" takes each day's W, where W = [Close - Yesterday's Close/ High - low] Volume, and adds it to a cumulative total. (Note: when available, open replaces yesterday's close.) Therefore,

  • With Man Or Machine, Which Trades More Effectively?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While it's tempting to call significant market turns all by yourself, in many cases a well-developed mechanical trading system can do the job with more reliability and consistency than any human can.

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