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  • Book Profit With Addax Petroleum

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Addax Petroleum failed to establish support at 52-week highs. Profit booking might be a wise decision at this point.

  • CMG Ready To Hit Profit Target

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Chipotle Mexican Grill has been on a roller coaster ride in recent years but is poised to hit a big profit target.

  • Can You Profit From The Energy Crisis?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...From telecommunications to electric power, deregulation in the utilities industry is opening up a wealth of opportunities - and challenges - for retail investors.

  • Fibonacci Analysis For Fun And Profit (It's True!)

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's been a useful concept not only in modern market analysis but also throughout modern mathematics--and it can explain a lot. Here's a primer on Fibonacci analysis, coupled with a market outlook for 2020 that incorporates Fibonacci analysis

  • Fibonacci profit objectives by Joe DiNapoli

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Fibonacci profit objectives by Joe DiNapoli Anyone who has been involved in the market for long has probably heard about Fibonacci numbers and ratios. We know they somehow mysteriously affect the market; however, most of us resist trying to understand h

  • How To Profit From A Deep Stock Decline

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Learn how to tell whether a stock will resume its trend after a decline and how to enter early on with low risk.

  • How To Profit From Trading Ranges

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock market has experienced a short-term downswing for more than one month. This downswing has cost investors a quick 35% on their investments. During the shakeout of this high volitility period an investor can take a small amount of risk by trading

  • How To Profit From Trading Ranges, Example 2

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Symantec Corporation has been in a $48-$70 trading range over the last four months.

  • How To Profit From Trading Ranges, Example 3

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ebay, Inc. has been in a $130-$170 trading spanning the last eight months.

  • How To Profit From Trading Ranges, Example 4

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Apple Computer has been in a $110-$130 trading range over the last eight months.

  • How To Profit From Trading Ranges, Example 5

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Compaq Computer Corp. has been in a $24-$30 trading range over the last five months.

  • How To Profit In The Short Term

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bull run is still climbing, and you can use this unique pattern in the short term to help you pile up the profits.

  • How to be wrong and still profit by David L. Caplan

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How to be wrong and still profit by David L. Caplan Why bother learning and using professional option strategies? Why spend the time and energy to learn how and when to use options and option strategies when, in trading futures, all you have to do is us

  • Monster Profit, Monster Slip

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...SpikeTrade is a group of 20 professional and semipro traders engaged in a weekly competition. Each member submits his or her pick on Sunday, along with the entry, target, and stop. The picks are submitted in private, and then all is revealed on Sunday af

  • Pay More, Profit More by Vikram Murarka

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Pay More, Profit More by Vikram Murarka Paying a higher premium may mean an opportunity for greater profits. Look at this example of the GBP/USD trade. It is an open secret that every corporate hedger wants to pay zero for an option that he buys. Banks

Product Review: BioComp Profit

Product Review: Profit Trader 7.0 by Barbara Star, Ph.D.

Product Review:BioComp Profit 2000 Professional

  • Product review: Candle Profit System

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Review of MetaStock add-on for finding candlestick patterns based on Steve Bigalow's work

  • Product review: Candle Profit System 2.0

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Candle Profit System (CPS), a MetaStock add-on, contains the patterns and indicators that Stephen Bigalow uses as part of his trading method

  • Profit Leader From Health Care

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Reform in health care is coming, and one company is at the forefront from profiting from it.

Profit Locking And The Relative Price Channel by Leon Wilson

Profit Stalker II by Hans Hannula

  • Profit With Dual Oscillators & Bands

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Channels make excellent tools for identifying trends, breakouts, and retracements. Here's one way to combine channels with indicators to better identify the direction of price and the strength of that movement.

  • Profit With High Relative Strength Mutual Funds by Gerald Gardner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Profit With High Relative Strength Mutual Funds by Gerald Gardner This timing method will maximize profit and reduce drawdown. Correlation of equity funds phenomena manifests itself in many stock data series. For this study, I explored the correlation

  • Profit mapping by John Ehlers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Profit mapping by John Ehlers Optimization has been attacked by many technicians -- and rightfully so -- because peaking profit is virtually the same as curve fitting to back data. Used in this fashion, optimization can produce startling track records and

  • Profit taking with Mendelsohn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Profit taking with Mendelsohn Over the years, Lou Mendelsohn has been not only a persistent presence among trading system vendors, he's also stood out as one of the few who advocated complete disclosure of the systems being sold. Not content to disclose

  • Reducing Risk While Finding Profit

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Use this tool to examine the relative price movement of a pair of stocks or exchange traded funds. It makes you look at the bigger picture and prevents you from making ill-considered decisions.

  • Reducing profit variability from technical trading systems by Milton S. Boyd and B. Wade Brorsen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Reducing profit variability from technical trading systems by Milton S. Boyd and B. Wade Brorsen Some technical traders spend a sizable portion of their time searching for the perfect trading system or the ""optimal"" parameters, hoping the newly discov

  • SIDEBAR: Profit Objectives and Sequential System

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sidebar: Profit Objectives and Sequential System The classic form of chart analysis incorporates a method to project profit objectives after a trendline is penetrated. Along those lines, Tom DeMark developed three methods to identify profit objectives a

  • Stockpickers Can Profit In Commodities Too

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The proliferation of exchange traded funds gives traders a chance to profit from moves in commodities without the risk of leveraged futures contracts.

  • Stocks & Commodities V. 26:6 (20-24) Profit With ETFs by Gerald Gardner and Trent Gardner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Profit With ETFs by Gerald Gardner and Trent Gardner Here's a timing method you can use to trade exchange traded funds. Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are ideal candidates with which to explore the timing of investments. More than 400 ETFs are tradable a

  • The MACD Profit Alert by Barbara Star, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The moving average convergence/divergence (MACD) is a momentum indicator, and here, it's combined with pattern recognition to help you identify exit points for your system. It takes more than a good entry strategy to trade profitably. Many traders have

  • The New Normal & How To Profit From It

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is there such a thing as a "normal" market environment anymore? From the looks of it, probably not, but that may not be a bad thing. There are still opportunities to make a lot of money. We'll explore them he

  • The Profit Triangle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How to discover and profit from a very reliable Elliott wave pattern.

  • What Happened To My Profit?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The effects of implied volatility are underestimated by many option traders. It can vary greatly and unpredictably over an option's life and have a negative impact on the profitability of an option position.

Working Money: Monster Profit, Monster Slip by Alexander Elder, MD

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