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  • A Bullish Pattern For Large-Cap Growth

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The July surge in IVW completed the right shoulder of a bullish continuation pattern, and volume patterns are pointing to a breakout.

  • A Trader's Weapons Of Value & Growth

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For a trader, price and strategy are key components for successful trading when properly combined with both the value model and growth model approach to higher gains.

  • Biotechnology, Forward-Looking Growth, Trends

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There is a strong bull market in effect so it's important to single out the stock leaders who offer a combination of strength and forward-looking growth.

  • Clean Technology Growth And Yield

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As investors increasingly search for sustainable Environmental Social Governance (ESG) companies, here's one that fits the bill, has great growth prospects and pays a dividend.

  • Combining P/E Ratio With Earnings Growth Rates by Pamela H. Brown and William G.S. Brown

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Combining P/E Ratio With Earnings Growth Rates by Pamela H. Brown and William G.S. Brown The price/earnings (P/E) ratio is widely used in fundamental stock analysis. It serves to normalize earnings so that stocks with widely varying earnings may be comp

  • Defining Growth Funds

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Growth funds used to be the high-flying act among mutual funds, but why have they fallen of late?

  • Determining Equity Growth Performance by John F. Ehlers and Mike Barna

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Determining Equity Growth Performance by John F. Ehlers and Mike Barna What are the merits of using technical analysis trading systems? Evaluate them here. Technical analysts have the option of trading with either discretionary or systematic techniques

  • Do Five-Year Growth Rates Mean Anything? by Lewis Carl Mokrasch, Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do Five-Year Growth Rates Mean Anything? by Lewis Carl Mokrasch, Ph.D. The five-year growth rate, usually of earnings, is a common index of a company's well-being. Other factors being the same, you would want to own the stock of a company with a high fi

  • Growth, Value, QE Forever

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Fed chief Ben Bernanke made a surprise announcement that QE3 will go into effect, which can have massive repercussions for you and the market -- are you ready?

  • Healthy Markets Led By Growth Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Relative strength can help spot sustained bullish and bearish moves in stocks.

  • How The Small Survive - Laura Granger Of Oppenheimer Emerging Growth Fund

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When the going gets tough, do the small get growing? That's how Laura Granger, portfolio manager of OppenheimerFunds' new Emerging Growth Fund, sees it. At the helm of the fund since October 2000, Granger has parlayed her success in turning aro

  • LinkedIn And Future Growth

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...LinkedIn sputtered at the opening of its IPO but, now, is building up to take off higher and, possibly, take the market with it.

  • Liquidity And Growth

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Cash on the sidelines and revenue growth are still the primary ingredients for any sustained market rally.

  • Philip Morris Has Safety and Growth Potential

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Where can I safely put my money to work and receive a reasonable rate of return? The answer is in Philip Morris (MO). Naturally, there are some negatives attached to this equity, but it's a very strong chart. If you are able to focus on the medium

Product Review: High Growth Stock Invstor by Leslie N. Masonson


    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...DETERMINING GROWTH RATE One method for determining a growth rate is to fit a regression line using the least-squares method to the data. Figure 1 is a graph of the annual dividends for Merck & Company with a regression line drawn. This straight line is c

  • Seeking Long-Term Growth With The Power Zone/Dead Zone Approach

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's an investing approach that seeks to take advantage of seasonality in the stock market

  • Small Caps: Growing Value And Valuing Growth

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the Nasdaq reeling and the economy teetering on the edge of a recession, why would anyone be interested in small-cap stocks and mutual funds? Growth, for one thing. Value, for another.

  • Small-Cap Growth ETFs In The Spotlight

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are you interested in learning more about using exchange traded funds (ETFs) in your trading? Leslie N. Masonson, an active ETF trader, is president of Cash Management Resources, a financial consulting firm that focuses on ETF strategies. He is the autho

  • Small-Cap Growth Setting Up A Long Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Small-cap growth stocks often lead the way higher after bear market declines.

  • Solid Earnings Growth Driving Gold Miners Higher

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Solid earnings growth and a rising weekly price cycle implies further gains for this group of 11 gold mining stocks.

  • The Power Of Growth Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How can you measure the strength of a growth stock? Can this be quantified? Here's a way to help measure it using concepts from digital signal processing

  • Value vs. Growth 2001

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Value season? Growth season? In 2001, it was hard to tell the difference. Plus: Will gold glitter once again?

Working Money: Liquidity And Growth by David Penn

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