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  • Chevron: Selloff Completed, Rally In Effect

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Chevron Corp. (CVX) are being pulled higher by a strong short-covering rally after a major price pattern completes.

  • Effect Of Evening Doji Star

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An interesting reversal candlestick pattern was formed on the weekly chart of Microsoft, plunging the stock back to its lows.

  • Has Coke Overcome Its Divergence Effect?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Coca-Cola Enterprises rallied upward on strong negative divergence. Will any buying opportunities be introduced by reducing divergence?

  • Moving Averages And The Slingshot Effect by Bo Yoder

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Moving Averages And The Slingshot Effect by Bo Yoder Watch the bulls and bears battle for supremacy to determine market direction. Moving averages (MAs) are among the simplest and most effective tools in any trader's arsenal. They offer moving areas of

  • Ten-Year Rates May Show Effect Of PIMCO's Selling

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When one of the world's largest holders of an asset sells, there are bound to be signs in the market.

  • The Disposition Effect

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The psychology behind our tendency to sell winners and keep losers.

  • The Effect Of Elections On Stock Market Returns

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do elections influence the stock market? Is there a pattern that investors can take advantage of? This author's statistical research suggests that there is one pattern that produced more than 60% average returns during the election periods in countries a

  • The Effect Of Tilt On Mutual Fund Investing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Overcome invisible limits and find your own positive tilt.

  • The End-Of-The-Month Effect by Ben Warwick

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The End-Of-The-Month Effect by Ben Warwick Back-testing has radically changed the way traders view the markets. Although no one has yet found the Holy Grail of trading, the ultimate goal remains the same: to create a system that consistently yields prof

  • The Endowment Effect

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The endowment effect is a bias which accounts for why traders and investors will sometimes allow themselves to get married to a position.

  • The January Effect

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The year 2011 is rapidly coming to a close, but a phenomenon that always outperforms during a weak market may be setting up for an explosive move some time until mid-February 2012.

  • The January Effect

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The October massacre paid its regularly scheduled unwelcome visit to the markets in 2000. Considering how the markets suffered from the sharp market correction in April, many market participants felt the October massacre would be mild in contrast. Was it

  • The January Effect

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is there some predictability to what will happen in January based on what happens in December?

  • The January Effect

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You've probably heard of the Santa Claus rally. What about this one?

  • The Microsoft Effect

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The charts for Microsoft (MSFT) and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) are at critical junctures and deserve a closer look.

  • The Pernicious Effect Of The Loss Of Opportunity

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Oh, the money you could have made if you had stayed in the trade longer! We all know that feeling, and here are some steps you can take to overcome that pain

  • The Rubber Band Effect

    ARTICLE is a group of 20 professional and semiprofessional traders involved in a weekly competition. Each member submits his or her pick along with the entry, target, and stop. The picks are submitted in private, and then all is revealed on Sunday

The Rubber Band Effect by Alexander Elder, MD

  • Two Patterns At Play With The January Effect And The Presidential Cycle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Two patterns at play could take the market higher despite current shifts under way if you know what they are.

VIX and the Lemming Effect by John Zachary

Working Money: The January Effect by John Devcic

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