US Stocks/Crude Oil Connection 
Mark Rivest -- 07/15/21
See why US stocks and Crude Oil could soon turn down....(more)

Market Cycle Trifecta - What Are The Three Asset Classes Telling Us?
Matt Blackman -- 07/15/21
The business cycle can be a valuable indicator for those who know how and when to use it....(more)

WTI Weekly: Rally Continued To Statistical Resistance Where A Sell Response Developed 
Taylor Ireland -- 07/15/21
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into sell response at key resistance following a rally on Wednesday, June 23, 2021....(more)

Fibonacci Price And Time Relationships
Mark Rivest -- 06/30/21
Could long-term Fibonacci relationships identify a major top for US stocks?...(more)

Buffett's Indicator
Matt Blackman -- 06/24/21
How High Is Too High?...(more)

Pick Strength With TGH 
Billy Williams -- 06/24/21
The damage to the supply chain and doubt about the future should cause you to pick strength over growth, and one stock fits the bill...(more)

Bitcoin Collapse 
Mark Rivest -- 06/10/21
Could the April to May 2021 decline be the start of a larger bear market?...(more)

Gold Stocks On The Move
Matt Blackman -- 06/10/21
Inflation is alive and well, and gold is responding...(more)

SCCO And The Unnoticed, Unloved 
Billy Williams -- 05/20/21
The tectonic plates of the market are shifting, and the once unnoticed and unloved sectors are beginning to emerge with Southern Copper leading the way....(more)

Bubblenomics - A Textbook Example?
Matt Blackman -- 05/20/21
"For as long as markets have existed, bubbles have formed. And whenever one of those bubbles begins to leak, it typically needs years to deflate, causing enormous economic damage as it does." David L...(more)

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