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  • Calculating Interest With the Rule of 72 by Raymond Rothschild

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Calculating Interest With the Rule of 72 by Raymond Rothschild Despite the convenience these days of computers, business calculators and the like, it is often desirable to perform some calculations either mentally or using pencil and paper. After all, o

  • Charting The Market: Swing Rule by David Penn

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:4 (10-15): Charting The Market: Swing Rule by David Penn What do the measuring rule for double bottoms, head & shoulders tops and bottoms, cups with handles, double tops, rectangle bottoms and tops, ascending and descending tr

  • Daytrading Rule 1: No Overnights

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Having the discipline to follow your rules of daytrading will limit your losses and maximize your gains. Find out how one rule can make a world of difference.

  • Gann's 50% Rule

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gain useful insight by implementing a straightforward rule.

  • Hagopian's Rule

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Alan Hall Andrews was made famous by his invention of the Andrews pitchfork. However, there were many other technical analysis tools that he developed and used in his own trading. One tool that worked so well that he added it to his own arsenal of techn

  • How Does Rule 431 Affect Daytraders? by Paul Carlson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How Does Rule 431 Affect Daytraders? by Paul Carlson Like me, many of you may have been concerned when you received letters from your brokers describing the new minimum margin requirements of $25,000 for pattern daytraders. In those letters, your broker

  • Improve Your System With The Profitability Rule by Michael Harris

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Improve Your System With The Profitability Rule by Michael Harris What are the capabilities and limitations of your trading system or investment strategy? You can ensure your system or strategy has a high probability of meeting your profit objectives by

  • Is Visa Following The Basic Rule?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The basic rule is to buy at double or triple bottoms, but what happens at a quadruple bottom?


    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...DERIVATION OF THE RULE OF 72 The mathematics behind the rule of 72, stating that if an amount is invested at a compound interest rate until it doubles in value, then the product of the number of years (or periods) and the interest rate is approximately

  • SIDEBAR: RULE PROCESS GENERATION by Technical Analysis, Inc.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...RULE PROCESS GENERATION by Technical Analysis, Inc. To illustrate how this process of rule generation works, suppose that the exponential moving average, taken together with the computed direction of the market and today's Standard & Poor's, represents


  • The 28% Rule by Arthur A. Merrill, C.M.T.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The 28% Rule by Arthur A. Merrill, C.M.T. A bear market is interrupted by rallies, which cheer the spirits but are then followed by a resumption of the bear market. Finally, one of the rallies turns out to be the first upswing of a new bull market, and

  • The Elliott Wave Rule

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ralph Elliott had rules to follow when preparing an Elliott Wave.

  • The Extreme Point Rule Triggers The Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The directional movement indicator recently flashed a sell signal on the S&P 500. Savvy traders can use the extreme point rule to find the precise entry point to act upon.

  • The First Rule

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The first rule of Elliott wave analysis is "The chart must look right."

  • The Folding Rule by Viktor Likhovidov

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Folding Rule by Viktor Likhovidov How about a simple charting technique to ride the wave and get off in a timely manner? Here's a reversal pattern I frequently observe on hourly charts of currencies and sometimes use in trading. I call it the foldi

The Four-Month Rule

  • The Four-Month Rule

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What is good for General Motors (GM) is good for America, or so the old saying goes. There is even an indicator that uses GM as an early warning of market changes. Here's a look at the "Big Three" US automakers and what they could be try

  • The January 5-Day Trading Rule

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Predictions are plentiful at the beginning of 2014, but could lead you to disaster unless you use this relatively unknown pattern.

  • The Measure Rule For Price Prediction

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You stare at a chart to try and figure out where prices will go. Will they go up or down? Here's one way to make a prediction using the height of common chart patterns, and the nice thing is, you can do it with a high degree of probability

  • The Rule of Eight

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Markets have moved to decimals. Is W.D.Gann's Rule of Eight still effective?

  • The Swing Rule

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a technique that looks for a particular pattern of price swings to project a price target as the exit

Working Money: Gann's 50% Rule by Dennis Peterson

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