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  • 2K Market Deja Vu - Good News, Bad Action

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...How markets interpret news tells much about underlying investor sentiment. Bull markets ignore bad news. Bear markets ignore good news. It appears that of late, we may have fallen back into the latter category once again. For those in the bull camp, this

  • A trader's tale: Post-crash profits with fast action by Patrick D. Bosold

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A trader's tale: Post-crash profits with fast action by Patrick D. Bosold For most people, commodity trading means getting on an adrenalin high at the start of the trading day, scrutinizing the markets intensely, making bold buy or sell decisions under

  • AU: Bullish Cycle Action Into 2015

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Anglogold Ashanti are basing/reversing as a major weekly cycle low finishes bottoming.

  • Analysis in Action: Tushar Chande by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Tushar S. Chande is a familiar name to regular Stocks & Commodities readers, as he's contributed any number of solid, well-researched and thoughtful technical articles over the years and has been a Contributing Editor for the past few. His background, li

  • Analyzing Price Action In The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...What will the market do the next day? Short-term traders look for some hints that suggest which way prices will move. Here's one approach you can use to help determine what the next trading day's bias will be

  • Categorizing Stocks By Price And Volume Action

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...By analyzing certain strengths and weaknesses, you can get a better handle on how stocks trade.

  • How To Use Price Action To Trade Successfully

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Price action is the cornerstone to all trading systems and methods, but most traders lack an understanding of what it is and how to use it. Learning these core concepts can help you use price as an effective tool to profit in the market.

  • Is Force Protection A Textbook Short Squeeze In Action?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...This is a clear example of how shorts, both legal and naked, can decimate the value of a stock. It is also an example of the explosive short squeeze rally that a heavily shorted stock can experience when positive news is combined with compelling technica

  • June, 1984 Gold: Studies in Price Action by Jesse H. Thompson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...June, 1984 Gold: Studies in Price Action by Jesse H. Thompson The recent March trend reversal, as represented by the activity of the June 1984 Gold contract, is an excellent study of the interaction of price with natural resistance levels, as well as il

  • Looking Forward With Yesterday's Action by Anthony Trongone, PhD, CTA, CFP

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can you determine how prices will move after looking at yesterday's price action? This analysis measures price movement on the S&P 500 Sp d r exchange traded fund for the next three days.

Moving Averages: Long On Talk, Short On Action by Anthony Trongone, Ph.D.

  • Perspective, Strategy, Price Action

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Price action is one of the least-understood functions of the market as well as the most taken for granted, yet knowing these two core factors can help you profit consistently.

  • Price Action Analysis Using Candlesticks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Yes, it is possible to analyze price charts without using any indicators. Here's the raw deal

  • Price Action And The Basics Of Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The great Green Bay Packers coach, Vince Lombardi, was a big believer in the drilling of basics to his players. For traders, a solid foundation in trading fundamentals is just as invaluable.

  • Price Action And Volume Correlations

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The market always brings us something we can at least eke out a little profit from, but we often miss those signals. This is why it's necessary for traders to continuously search for opportunities, whether it be patterns that keep repeating themselves, p

  • Price Action Expansion And Contraction

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...To master price action, to give yourself a solid edge in the markets, there are two things you need to master.

  • Price Action With Fibonacci Part 2

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Combining price action with Fibonacci levels is simple but powerful. Here's how to unleash the potential of these levels

  • Price, Action and Resistance by Jesse H. Thompson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Price, Action and Resistance by Jesse H. Thompson Origin, History and Recent Price Action We can not obtain a full account of the ""present position"" (price potential), of any given stock or commodity without a review of its recent price origins, pric

  • Recognizing Price Action

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's a look at the anatomy of one trader's winning trade

  • The State Of Price Action In The Market

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In trading, knowing the difference between being an interpreter and a predictor can translate into huge results when looking for profitable trades.

  • Three Tips For Removing The Noise From Price Action

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Take your chart-reading skills to the next level with these three tips

  • Trade Using Pure Price Action

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking at charts without indicators can make them look naked. But the charts could actually be more reliable and profitable viewed this way. Here's why

  • Where Price Action Meets Momentum Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Often, traders blindly place trades based on expected price moves derived from specific price patterns. But we know too well that price patterns can fail. How do you know when a price pattern will respect the price action rules? Find out here

  • Wyckoff in action (part 2) by David Weis

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Wyckoff in action (part 2) by David Weis In Part 1 of this article (S&C, June 1986), we recognized at point #12 (Figure 1) that large operators were accumulating bonds prior to an upswing. The conservative point-and-figure count AB (Figure 2) indicated

  • Wyckoff in action by David H. Weis

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Wyckoff in action by David H. Weis In 1908, Richard D. Wyckoff began publishing The Ticker, a monthly magazine designed to educate the public on how to understand and profit from the stock market. The early popularity of this magazine can be attributed

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