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  • Copper Approaches 200-Day EMA

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...No doubt, the copper futures market is in the midst of a substantial trend reversal, one that commenced four weeks ago. Might we get a tradable bounce higher in copper regardless?

  • EMA Ratio Extremes Reversal Warnings

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sometimes, you stumble across a technical analysis technique that almost seems too good to be true. Here's a look at a simple (but true) technique that savvy traders may be able to use to their advantage.

  • Examining the EMA by Tim Treloar

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Examining the EMA by Tim Treloar You know how to apply the exponential moving average, but what do you know about its development and behavior? Here's a deeper look at the popular moving average. The popular exponential moving average (EMA) depends on

  • For CECE, The 200-Day EMA Assaults Keep Coming

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...All across the broad US markets, a variety of stocks are making bullish moves toward their 200-day exponential moving averages. Here's a look at an interesting trade setup in a fast-rising small-cap in the pollution control industry group.

  • For STZ, 200-Day EMA Offering Temporary Support?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When a steady, long-term uptrend ends in a shocking selloff, don't expect a strong rebound right away.

  • R2K On The Way To 200-Day EMA?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Every market finds an enduring bottom at some point. Here's one way to help identify the start of a new bull market.

  • R2K Ripe For A 21-Day EMA Retest

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Based on current internal strength readings and other technical criteria, the Russell 2000 index appears to be at or very near the start of a corrective move lower.

  • SIDEBAR: 2/20-Day EMA Breakout System by Jeremy G. Konstenius

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sidebar: 2/20-Day EMA Breakout System Defined Most trading systems fall into two categories. One, the most popular, is the trend-following method, where the signals are oriented toward putting the trader on board long-term trends. The profits acquired d

  • SIDEBAR: Averaging Lag and the EMA Constant

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...AVERAGING LAG AND THE EMA CONSTANT The equation to compute an exponential moving average (EMA) is: ... Picture a function that increases by 1 for each new day. Then, on the generalized i th day the function will have a value of I . Assume the EMA lag

  • Silver Miners Approach 200-Day EMA

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Similar to the gold mining industry group, the silver miners are also approaching a key technical and cyclical area.

  • Silver Wheaton Breaks Above 200-Day EMA

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The precious metals sector has been holding its own lately; one of the key stocks to watch here is Silver Wheaton, which has just completed a very convincing bullish breakout.

  • The 2/20-Day EMA Breakout System by David S. Landry

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The 2/20-Day EMA Breakout System by David S. Landry Moving average systems seek to capture meaningful trends. Here's a modified exponential moving average system that uses pattern recognition as a filter for entry rules. Technical approaches to tradin

  • The R2K And The EMA

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Some people are so rich that the gyrations of the financial markets don't mean a thing to them. But for mere mortals possessed of ordinary financial means, whenever a stock or stock index closes below its all- important 200-day EMA, traders and inve

  • The Reverse EMA Indicator

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The exponential moving average is a popular indicator among technical analysts. But it has its shortcomings. Here's a look at how the indicator can be used so it results in minimum lag and provides crisper trading signals

  • URRE Big-Volume Break Above 200-Day EMA

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Once one of the uranium mining industry's high-flying stocks, Uranium Resources may be staging a convincing turnaround.

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